Housing and Rental in Croatia

Housing and Rental in Croatia

To many, Croatia may not be on top of the list of countries to travel to or live in. But, truth be told, expats from different part of the world find their way to the country for so many reasons. When planning a long stay in Croatia, one needs to properly make plans for housing since it would really influence what life in the country would be. A proper choice of a house will keep you rejuvenated and motivated each day. So, as an emphasis, just take your time and shop for a housing offer that meets your own individual needs. It really counts a great deal.

Croatia is a great country for expats

Croatia is home to vibrant turquoise beaches and extremely rich culture. This county has stunning sites to behold. Talk of outstanding sandy coastlines and beautiful Mediterranean climate. Croatia has it all. No wonder many people move into this country and end up falling in love. They end up never leaving. When you move to Croatia, housing should be at the top of your list.

Furthermore, even if you have someone hosting you, it is prudent to find your own house. Once you purpose to find a house you will be surprised at how fast you can get one. You can start by using the internet for quick results. It is wise to invest in internet packages in Croatia for reliable internet during your house search.

Renting in Croatia

There are many ideal places to rent in Croatia. It all depends on your preference and taste. Typically, renting is more cost-effective in Croatia than buying a house. You can start by searching through the internet for the house you want. With the many options, you can go ahead and pick what intrigues you.

In Croatia, rental leases are normally for one year. However, you can terminate the lease by giving a thirty days notice. To make things easier, you can indulge a real estate agent whose specialty is in lettings and leases. This will make everything easier for you.

After getting a house that pleases you, the agent should give you a rental agreement. This document should entail what the landlord is expecting from you as a tenant. Take your time to read the agreement and understand it. You can have a lawyer go through it to be sure that everything therein is on the correct terms.

It is quite surprising that there is no regulation of leasing agents in Croatia. What is even more surprising is you cannot check the authenticity of an agent. The only way to check their integrity is by word of mouth or recommendations from previous tenants. The commission charged by these agents is usually high for foreigners. To prevent extortion from the agents, ensure you agree on the commission fee. Do this before viewing any property.

Buying property in Croatia

When considering purchasing a house in Croatia, take time to search. Don’t be too quick to make a decision. You can start by living in the area you want to purchase the property. In addition, commit yourself to that area and understand the housing market.

Croatia is a beautiful country with stunning sites. It has many breathtaking cities. This makes it a bit difficult to recommend a specific place to purchase the property. But with an exceptional real estate agent this can be a walk in the park. You will receive great advice from the hands of an expert on where to invest your money.

Tenant’s Rights

As a tenant in Croatia, you have access to the property’s common areas. You can also use any part serving the building. That is your right as a tenant. When living in such an apartment, you must take care of it. The landlord should be aware of any alterations you want to make to the apartment.

The landlord should also be aware of any repairs and damages. Do not suffer in silence. The landlord should cover repair costs every time. However, if you are responsible for the damage, you have to incur the cost. The landlord should not be involved.

Housing/rental in Croatia -Payment of Utilities

Interestingly, in Croatia, there is no rule indicating who should take care of utility bills. Either the landlord or tenant can handle that. The two parties can discuss and have a deal on this matter. But in most instances, tenants pay for the utilities.

Remember the cost of utilities will not remain constant. It is the usage that will determine how much you will pay eventually pay. Some companies accept payments using a credit card. That makes it easier for you to manage your bills.

Housing/rental, Renter Rights in Croatia

As a renter in Croatia, you will receive a rental contract from the landlord or agent. Besides the contract, the law outlines some laws meant for your protection. However, respecting these laws seems like a daunting task. Some landlords overlook your rights but if that happens, feel free to seek the intervention of a lawyer. Some of these rights include;


Before moving in into a new house, it should be in top-notch condition. However, getting a good housing in Croatia may be challenging. Furthermore, ensure you evaluate the house thoroughly. Check the condition of the house and if it’s appropriate for living. By doing that you prevent encountering any problems in days to come. If anything breaks down after you start living in the house, contact the landlord. He should be responsible for the maintenance of the house.

Contract Termination

A landlord can terminate your contract if you go against the laid down laws. He can do that without giving you any notice. Besides that, if you don’t pay your rent on time or act inappropriately, termination of the contract applies. Once the landlord terminates the contract, he should give you a written warning. After two warnings, he can kick you out of his property.

Contract Prolongation

In Croatia, landlords can offer short-term contracts. This applies to the tenant and the landlord. Termination of the contract happens when either party notifies the other. Notification happens 30 days prior to the termination date. However, if none of the parties makes any notification, the contract is automatically prolonged.