What it is like dating  in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country of just a paltry 632,275 people and located in Western Europe. Not so many people have an idea about Luxembourg but those who have read about it find a thing or two interesting and worth visiting. As evident, the small population in Luxembourg ordinarily means that one has to be … Read more

Dating in Slovakia

Slovakia is a central Europe country which bears the official name Slovak Republic. So much can be said about Slovakia including being home to great attractions such as over 20 UNESCO sites, hosting the highest number of castles and châteaux just to name but a few. For reasons stretching from job, studies, religious to adventure, … Read more

Dating in the Netherlands

Anybody who has travelled or lived abroad will be honest enough that it’s an experience characterized by loneliness, culture shock, home sickness and many more. The case is not any different for single people moving to the Netherlands. There are moments when one feels the urge to have someone with whom to talk, share experiences … Read more

Dating in Slovenia

For someone coming to Slovenia, dating may be the least of priorities. With a population of just 2.1 million, someone who has done research about this country will almost assume that meeting singles is a walk in the park. Yes, this is a possibility but you can also guess that the fewer the people, the … Read more

Dating in Malta

Those who have visited Malta will confess that they have never wanted to leave save for the fact that overstaying a visa in Malta like anywhere else is illegal.  If it is not for the beautiful sceneries that dot this archipelago in the central Mediterranean, then the amiable, Maltese girls  with a penchant for fun … Read more

Dating in Bulgaria

Visiting Bulgaria or making plans for it, likely the matters of love, dating, relationships don’t make it to the top list. There is this laid back thinking that people always have about issues of love when visiting a new country.  But this soon becomes a great undoing as the descent, religious, and self-respecting Bulgarian single … Read more

Dating in Romania

Dating, love, relationships, hook-ups…name it are some of the topics that people may always shy away from when talking about Romania. This is not to mean that discussing them is anything forbidden or unfashionable, no. In most cases, people just ignore them and assume that somehow, they are less important for an expat coming to … Read more

Dating in Estonia

Talk to any avid travellers about Estonia and they will without a doubt quickly mention the dense woods and charming historic centre of Tallinn. They may deliberately not tell you about the beautiful Estonian damsels, not even a mention of their characteristic blond hair. But do not dismay, we here lift the lid to open … Read more

Dating in the United Kingdom

People coming to the UK for the first time have a sense of anxiety about the goodies that this historical civilisation has to offer. The UK is no small name as most of the good things that people would love to associate with include being a melting pot of culture and civilisation. While still at … Read more