Internet subscription in Croatia 

Internet subscription in Croatia 

Croatia is a country of many good things that attract honeymooners and backpackers. Probably the first in recent time that Croatia hit the headlines is when the country’s football team made a surprise debut as the runners up in the 2018 world cup. Despite everything you may know about Croatia, it is interesting to learn that the country has a reasonably good level of internet connectivity. In this age of Twitter, Facebook and all manner of social media, internet connectivity stands out to any visitor. 

Ordinarily, when coming to Croatia on vacation or long term residence, having a reliable internet connection is something not to be underrated. You will need to post those fancy pictures visiting the dream places in the country and just make friends envy your experiences. 

Internet connection status in Croatia

For an extremely culturally diversified economy like Croatia,  internet connection must surely be a necessity and not a luxury. Take for  example the many singles who already live in Croatia, they are not only techno savvy but do not mind signing up to mingle with possible matches on dating sites. You will notice that in the current age, the internet keeps the world spinning.      

Croatia is cognisant of the fact that the internet is the way to go today. For this reason, broadband services are common in croatia. For those who are more comfortable when on Wi-Fi connection, there is also no point to worry while in Croatia since Wi-Fi connection is also extremely widespread. Wi-Fi is extensively spread and offered in most places of accommodation, bars, cafes, and hotspots around the cities. 

Croatia has undergone a very high level of development and ensured to maintain the standards of growth incredibly. The unmatched natural beauty and diversity in culture are manifested in such a splendid way that would make you want to stay there forever. In a world where technology has advanced to create room for social media and other platforms, having an internet plan is a necessity for someone living in Croatia.

Internet Packages in Croatia

Internet penetration in Croatia remains to be the highest of all the Balkan countries and in the same level with the Eastern European countries. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media which require stable internet connection are highly used in Croatia. Having an internet plan in Croatia is a necessary good since it comes in handy and very affordable. There are some very enticing options in terms of various internet packages in Croatia.

Customers have the option of choosing an offer of 200MB and 500MB which goes for very affordable prices. The process of activating the date is also simple and only requires an activation code. This is equally the same with the 1G and 2G packages which are the most inviting elements of internet subscriptions that are irresistible. 

Wi-Fi connectivity situation in Croatia

Wi-Fi coverage in Croatia is widely spread to a number of towns which have their own free-to-use hotspots. Accommodation hotels, cafes, and private residentials offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. Most of these places have realised the increase in demand for Wi-Fi and have ensured that most guests coming in have access to unlimited hotspot coverage. But most of these networks are private and so are secure which would require a password.

Data Only SIM Packages in Croatia

In Croatia the data only SIM packages that subscribers enjoy are diverse due to the presence of a competitive market economy. There is the plan dnevna opcija that offers data of 5GB for 24 hours at a price of 10kb. Closely following is the plan tjedna opcija offering a 7 days data plan entitling a customer for a 5GB data at a price of 55kb. 

Subscribers in Croatia needing a 30-day data get subscription to plan mjeseçna opcija. This plan comes with 250MB data at a price of 15kb. However, with any intentions to have up to 1GB of data for 30 days at a price of 50kb, plan mjeseçna m opcija will have you covered. The data plan, mjeseçna l opcija, provides subscribers with the highest data plan. The plan gives 3GB data and the customer is supposed to pay 70kb.

Unlimited Internet packages in Croatia

If you are considering travelling towards Croatia, the best travel option is to subscribe to the unlimited internet and enjoy your stay by staying connected during your trip. There are very many channels for enjoying the unlimited internet with the very common one being renting portable Wi-Fi. 

Portable Wi-Fi is easier to operate and carry along. Actually, it is for this very reason that it is commonly considered a pocket Wi-Fi. For most travellers globally pocket Wi-Fi is the solution for them to stay connected to the unlimited internet access during their stay in Croatia.

Using Your Smartphone to access Internet in Croatia 

The EU in 2017, scrapped the roaming charges and the smartphone users are now enjoying internet access in Croatia using their smartphones without extra charges. This basically means that, an internet subscriber is in a position to enjoy home smartphone internet allowance package for data just like when home. 

To be able to enjoy access to unlimited internet while in Croatia while at the same time socking into a new culture you need to purchase a Croatian data SIM card. While visiting Croatia, customers have a chance of enjoying low costs to access unlimited internet with the BonBon prepaid SIM card. 

Like it is in many other places all over the world, there are very many shops in Croatia that sell smartphones. While on tour or a beginner you should not hesitate to pop into one shop and purchase a data SIM. 

Internet Access for homes for Croatia

As you visit or stay in Croatia or visiting, there are a variety of connections that are in existence. While at the same time enjoying unlimited Wi-Fi coverage, dial-up, DSL,3G mobile and cable are also present in Croatia to aid your internet connection. In various Croatian cities, broadband is largely present but it may not benefit you much if you intend to stay in the countryside.

Broadband in Croatia 

It is advisable that as you peruse through the website to look into broadband as a method of internet connection while in Croatia, your intended location and provider highly matters. So, it is proper that you check coverage levels of your location. This becomes even more important if you intend to enjoy the quiet and less busy terrain in the countryside. T-Com ranks as the best broadband internet provider in Croatia followed by Optima Telekom.

Metronet Telekomunikacije ranks third in line of popularity and performance. There is a chance that while enjoying the accommodative Croatian culture, you will also enjoy the Triple Play packages that offer fixed line for internet. In case there is information that a customer cannot understand on any broadband package, their website will sort out your curiosity. 

Dial-up Connections in Croatia

There are three different payment options for dial-up connections while in Croatia. The provider offers a pay as you go to only cater for the duration one stays connected to the internet. The other one is the partial flat rate and lastly a full flat rate covering any time connection. Any consideration to engage an intense use of the internet should have you taking up a dial-up connection. One has to note that it may be extremely slow and also very expensive.