Dating in Croatia

Dating in Croatia

Croatia, a small country in Central and Southeast Europe burst into the limelight after becoming second in the 2018 world cup. Unknown to many, there is just more than football that puts Croatia in the global map-being home to some of the most beautiful damsels and romantic men in Europe. If someone visiting Croatia does not find amusement from its Krka National Park or the Rijeka Carnival, the adventurous singles there will be warm enough to cheer one up. 

The Croatian ladies are not only beautiful to behold but also strong willed, particular and cheerful. Any man who wants to find an amazing match will have it in Croatian damsels. On the other hand, a single lady arriving in Croatia will somehow have a soft spot for the family-oriented and innately loyal Croatian men. So, whether a single lady or man, Croatia will provide an exciting dating scene to remember. As the rule goes, any single person must try all means to be noticed even if rabble-rousing . 

Dating is among things to pay attention to when moving to Croatia

Taking a next step as a single to meet your match in Croatia

Every single man or woman wants to have an intelligent, beautiful and lovely partner. One who to share with interests, ambitions, romance and fantasies if that may. Looking for such a partner in Croatia must be the greatest thing everyone would never want to miss out on. 

Many western men for example love Croatian women for their astounding beauty, loving nature, loyalty, their love for tradition and the ability to keep their homes. What you need to really keep in mind is that these women are not won easily and anyone who succeeds to win them counts themselves very lucky.

Croatian culture is said to be more traditional and conservative and so dating etiquette is slightly different here. People from this country are very friendly and take interest in meeting new people from other countries and cultures. 

You only need to approach possible singles in Croatia with an open mind and not so rigid expectations. You don’t have to tell them much, or even say anything because you will win them. They often experience love and because of that once you approach them and start things up, they take control of everything. 

Setting off the fireworks of love in Croatia, it’s possible

This is a love language almost everyone else talks of. Croatian men are not left out here for they are known for their intensely romantic nature. This comes with the beautiful surroundings coupled with their penchant of taking things slow and savoring every aspect of life. Everybody else expects to be tenderly loved with sweet nothings and gestures but on the same note you are not expected to be consumed by these actions.

The Croatian single men are not like those other men from other countries like Europe  who will bring you flowers every now and again or take you out on coffee dates every evening to show you how much they love you and in case this is what you are looking for then you would rather lower your expectations. 

The Croatian men like to take things slow and their actions and features speak more for them. They are multi-faceted and there is time and place for everything. You can be sure though that things are getting better with him only that you don’t rush him.

Things you must master Before dating a Croatian woman

Dating Croatian women is really a great experience as per say. But casual dating is not something you can expect from dating Croatian ladies. They want a long-term relationship that can eventually lead to marriage. That’s not all you should know. 

5 interesting things to know about single Croatian women open to dating

  1. Croatian women can be so generous 

Croatian women are keen to share whatever little they have with their loved ones. You remember mi casa es tu casa (my house is your house)?  This is what describes Croatian single women or even married ones. Their generosity should therefore be reciprocated as they expect the same from their partners.

  1. Be sure that Croatian women are caring for women. 

Who on earth doesn’t like a caring woman in their lives? Someone who takes care of your feelings and pampers you like a baby when you need it. Looking for such a woman then Croatia is the right place for you to be. They like taking care of their partners in every aspect and they want and expect that too from their beloved ones.

  1. You can expect an average Croatian single woman to be opinionated

What makes dating Croatian women cool is their opinionated nature. They are said to be very clever and smart.

  1. No much guessing,  Croatian women are a Patriotic lot

One thing with Croatian ladies is that they bear their past and present with esteem. They will not play something they are not, try as much as possible to be authentic, save for a few habitual adjustments that any single can do to create a first impression.

To know that a Croatian lady is a good one in authenticity, they love and are proud of where they come from. Their love for football player Luka Modric and their country are a testament to their patriotism.  

Tips for a long-lasting relationship with a Croatian man

Ideally, relationships should be different from flings and one night stands which have become a common trend among youth in their twenties. So, you who are interested in dating a Croatian man for the long haul need to focus on those levers that if pulled over time sustains the relationship. 

Although they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you will need to add history and culture for Croatian men. Once you get through that, you will find that they are typically one of the most sincere and straightforward people you can meet. 

The general vibe of Croatian men is taking your time to know them, don’t rush things and in this sense, you will realize a sense of enjoyment in going through your relationship with a Croatian man.

Notable things to know when dating a Croatian man;

  1. They value Time-off – Learn to respect alone time. Your Croatian man might want to meet up with friends or just to spend alone time. Respect that and use that time for self- care and take time off for yourself too.  It is a real turn off for these men when you want to move around with them every now and again.
  2. Express yourself- Most if not all men hate it when a mate engages in rants or throws tantrums that leads to nothing conclusive. To win his heart, simply express yourself in the most appropriate way that will not keep him guessing what you mean.
  3. BE ON TIME This must be deliberately bold because time management even when dating a croatian man points to how serious you can be. Just never be late when meeting up with a Croatian man because you may end up spoiling everything. It is just a no-no thing. You better be there ten minutes before your date and sit there waiting for him but don’t let him be there before you.

Meeting sites for singles in Croatia

You already know dating in Croatia is self-fulfilling, full of much fun and amazing name it, how then can you meet these men and women in Croatia? Of course, if it is convenient for you, you can make a trip to the country and tour the local places to meet these souls. One on one meeting with singles may not be easy for you specifically due to nature of work. But, do not despair since there are lots of online dating platforms that help you meet these men and women faster. 

Croatia is a small country and we already know that. And when you first realize this, you will marvel at the possibility of finding women in this place. However, your best bet will be to go to the big cities. Most women and men from the rural areas may see a foreigner through the lens of a gold digger and you don’t want that. 

Try dating websites in Croatia

Internet access in Croatia makes it easy for singles to meet online and kick off their dating there. You will meet people with similar expectations and views of life as you, start conversations, express your fears before taking it offline. 

Some dating sites may require you to pay while others are basically free. Fill up your profile and start the hunt for a match in Croatia. It’s adventurous just as it is interesting. 

  • Badoo
  •  iHappy
  • SweetMeet
  • Hinge
  • Bumble
  • Match
  • Tinder.
  • Zoosk.
  • InternationalCupid.
  • eHarmony.

Our Final thoughts about dating in Croatia

A thousand miles begin with one step. Dating is also a journey that begins with small steps and as we all know, marrying a Croatian woman will make you fulfilled, don’t shy off from starting from somewhere. It is not easy to win these souls but don’t just give up.