Important and Insightful snapshot of Croatia

Lovers of football may remember that Croatia grabbed global attention in recent history when it inched closer to winning the 2018 world cup.

Now that you’re reading this, maybe you have a curisiouisty about, want to visit or move to Croatia altogether. You are just about to know more about this country of slightly above 4 million people.

Going by the perfomance at the world cup, you’re surely just about to come to a country of giants in their own right. This blends so well with the country’s  many amazing attractions, culture, cities and more. 

To make your life in Croatia much easier, we navigate with you through some of the critical areas of common interest. When moving to Croatia, you may easily stumble upon bits of information that hazily talk about the country. With much anxiety to move, a couple of things may miss your attention but which later turn on to be so important not to have been ignored. 

We try to save you some trouble of learning croatia by sharing details on eight areas that will intrigue and inform. Let’s get you started about Croatia including; 

  • Credit card
  • Payday loan
  • Insurance(s)
  • Mobile subscription
  • Electricity/heating
  • Internet subscription
  • Housing/rental
  • Dating

Why move to Croatia?

Croatia with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes is not only a great tourist destination but also a popular destination for those who want to settle. You may qualify for and actually get a work permit for Croatia, visit the county on a vacation or for other reasons acceptable to the Croatian and European immigration law. 

Magica view of Dubrovnik, Croatia

You’ll definitely find enough reasons for making a leap of hope and move to or visit Croatia. For inspiration as you plan on your next move to Croatia or want to cement your decision to move, read here.

In case you consider moving to Croatia or a resident already, it is important to understand the country’s financial services to enjoy your stay there. The topics which we cover here help to break down the sometimes complex life and steep learning curve that foreigners have to contend with in Croatia. 

Credit Card in Croatia

Croatia is a great country with fascinating beaches and tourist attraction sites. As an expat or tourist, you can use your credit card while there. This is because credit cards are widely accepted in the country. However, in case you want to pay, and it is not accepted especially in rural areas, you can withdraw cash instead and use that in making payments. The top card providers accepted include American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. 

Get hold of your credit card in Croatia today

Owning a credit card does not mean that you are poor. In fact, some with amazing benefits like emergency assistance, rental car insurance, travel insurance, and loyalty programs. Hence, if you do not have one, please, check the below steps of how to get one. 

Getting a credit card in Croatia 

Before you settle on one credit card issuer, you can compare their offers. The things that you can consider include interest rates, transaction fees, exchange rate fees, and annual fees. It is important that you gather the necessary documents before commencing an application. You can find the required documents on the chosen bank’s website. If not, you may call them to ask. 

After getting the necessary documentation, read the terms and conditions carefully. This is to ensure that you understand what you are being offered. Also, all the necessary fees should be listed so be sure that you understand them. You can then fill in the application and submit your application then wait for your approval. 

Credit Card Providers in Croatia

Some of the credit card providers in Croatia include:

  • Zagrebačka banka (ZABA
  • Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ)
  • Erste Bank 
  • Raiffeisenbank

As an expat or tourist, remember, the security of your credit card starts with you. Always ensure that when putting your pin, you block with your shoulders so that your information is not displayed to other people. If you lose your credit card while in Croatia or abroad, immediately report to your bank. This is to prevent other people from making unauthorized transactions using your card. 

Payday Loan in Croatia

Croatians and other residents, just like other citizens across the globe do face economic fluctuations. Thus, they find it difficult to stay afloat. When faced with financial challenges, the traditional banks are normally rigid and slow, making it difficult to get quick funds. For instance, if your car needs repair, will you wait for 1 month to get approval from the bank to repair it? No, you don’t have to. You can quickly apply for payday loans and resolve your financial challenges. 

As humans, we do face challenges and payday loans in Croatia have proved to be financially beneficial. They help you clean out your mess then make payments later when you get paid. In short, these loans offer some sense of security during uncertain periods. 

The Croatian government is recognizing the fact that the payday loans industry is increasing. Thus, different regulations are put in place. This is to ensure that the borrowers are well protected. The government is trying its best to balance consumer protection with financial innovation. 

Payday loans Providers in Croatia

  • Evo Cash
  • Ferratum Money
  • LiderPress lender
  • Brzi Krediti
  • Brzizajam lenders
  • ZajamInfo

Payday loans are reliable. They can be accessed easily from the comfort of your home. After making an application it may even be approved in 20 minutes or even less. 

In addition, some payday loans providers are not even concerned about your credit card history. As long as you have a source of income, that is proof that you can repay the loan. Your past does not concern the providers. In terms of requirements, payday loans requirements are few as compared to those of other financial institutions such as banks. 

As much as payday loans can be enticing, they should be taken with caution. One of the reasons is because they are so expensive. The interest rates, annual fees, and transaction fees are high. Besides, it can cause you to be in a cycle of debt. 

Insurance in Croatia

Croatia has a highly established insurance sector just like other European nations. The sector offers varied policies in meeting the needs of Croatians. You can get a vehicle, home, or property coverage. The option is yours! To know more about the companies’ offering insurances in Croatia, click here

1. Vehicle Insurance 

This is the mandatory insurance policy in Croatia. As long as you have a vehicle, you need to pay for insurance, specifically the third-party insurance (mandatory).

The car insurance ensures that in case of an accident, the parties involved get covered financially. Thus, promotion of a safe driving environment. 

2. Health Insurance 

Healthcare is free in Croatia. However, having extra health care will be highly beneficial to you as an individual. It gives you extra security. 

With private health insurance, you do not get long waiting time in the hospital, and you can get access to a doctor as soon as possible. You may also get better facilities as well as services. 

3. Property Insurance 

Croatia, considering its location, is at a risk of flooding, earthquakes, extreme heat, and forest fires. Is this not an indication that you should take property insurance?

Taking a comprehensive property insurance policy will cover most of the natural disasters. The insurance will ensure that you do not run out of cash in case of unforeseen events. 

Choosing the Right Insurance in Croatia 

As an expat or a local, choosing the right insurance can be a challenging task. Thus, it is important that you first understand your needs. What do you want? What do you want to cover? Some of the factors that you may consider include insurance provider, its reputation, premiums, and coverage. 

Mobile Subscription in Croatia

The advancements in technology have made Croatia not to be left behind in terms of mobile subscription. With the changes in technology, the consumers also seem to expect more from the providers.

There is a surge in mobile subscriptions as people across different parts of the country have adopted smartphones. This means that they have to rely on mobile connectivity. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Subscription Provider in Croatia

As an expat or even local, choosing a mobile subscription provider in Croatia needs careful considerations. This is to ensure that the chosen plan meets your preferences and needs. One of the key factors is network coverage as well as quality. 

Do you want a connection that is stable or one that maybe you have to go to a certain area so that you can communicate with people? The choice is yours! Thus, consider a provider that offers a quality and reliable network. 

Data usage and plans is another significant factor. The questions that you should ask yourself include, what amount of data will you use in a month? What about calls and messages? Do you prefer browsing or calling? These questions will help you choose the right plan based on your needs. 

Data roaming will ensure that you keep in touch with your family and friends when you travel abroad. Ensure that the provider gives reasonable roaming options. 

You also need to look into the supplier’s customer service reputation. Look at the online reviews when assessing their level of customer service. 

Cost and fees are also important. As a consumer, compare the cost of the plan you have chosen with different providers. Check if the provider charges additional fees for some services. Also, ensure that they are transparent in their pricing so that you are not surprised when the bill comes. 

Mobile subscription providers in Croatia 

  • Hrvatski Telekom (T-Hrvatski Telekom)
  • Tele2 Croatia
  • Optima Telekom
  • A1 Croatia (formerly VIPnet)
  • Tomato (by H1 Telekom)
  • Bonbon

Electricity and Heating in Croatia

Croatia boasts of different sources of generating electricity. It mainly focuses on reducing the impact on the environment and achieving sustainability. The main sources of electricity in Croatia include renewable energy, thermal power, as well as hydroelectric power. 

The energy infrastructure in Croatia continues to evolve in meeting the modern society demands. Hrvatski operator prijenosnog sustava (HOPS) manages the country’s electricity grid. It ensures that electricity is well distributed across the country. 

Croatia’s heating system is mainly fueled by solid fuels, natural gas, and electricity. However, the choice of source of heating highly depends on environmental factors, infrastructure availability, and location. 

Electricity and Heating providers in Croatia 

  • Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP)
  • RWE Hrvatska
  • GEN-I Zagreb
  • E.ON Energie
  • EVN Croatia
  • INA – Industrija nafte
  • Crodux energija

Factors to consider when choosing heating and electricity provider in Croatia

Choosing the right electricity and heating provider ensures that your energy needs are met at affordable prices. Energy sources will dictate your bill. For electricity, consider cost, reliability, and availability. Besides, if environmental sustainability is your worry, then ensure that your provider offers options for renewable energy. 

As a consumer, it is important that you compare the tariffs and prices. This will vary depending on your needs and preferences. Apart from the unit cost, you can consider discounts or additional fees. 

Checking and understanding the provider’s terms and conditions is also important. What are their cancellation policies? Are there any penalties if you terminate your contract early? After responding to these questions, choose the one that suits you. 

Internet Subscription in Croatia

With the modern technology that is dominated by constant connectivity and social media, understanding internet subscription in Croatia is important. It is significant whether you are an expat or even a visitor. The country boasts of good and quality internet infrastructure. The government as well as companies involved know the way connectivity is vital in the current world. In Croatia, internet connection is a need and not even a luxury. It is important to have it in almost every home.

In Eastern Europe, it is Croatia that has high internet connection as compared to other countries. Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook are highly used. Thus, the need for reliable internet connection in the country. 

Top Internet Providers:

  • Hrvatski Telekom
  • A1 Croatia
  • Hrvatski Telekom

Choosing the right Internet Connection 

Although broadband is mainly found in the cities, it can sometimes be available in the rural areas. Therefore, ensure that the provider you have chosen covers your specific location. Apart from broadband, you can get other connection options such as Cable, DSL, and Fiber optic. 

The internet package that you will choose depends on the amount of internet you may use in a month. Choose what fits your needs. You can choose monthly, yearly, or even quarterly plans. 

Housing and rental in Croatia

There are a range of housing options available in Croatia. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Do you like a house near the city, or village? A villa or an apartment? One bedroom or four bedroomed houses? All these depend on your lifestyle preferences. The popular cities in Croatia include Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb. 

Renting in Croatia 

In Croatia, just like in other countries across the globe, the cost of rent varies depending on the location. In the top cities like Zagreb, the cost of rent is high. Averagely, the cost of one-bedroom ranges from 4,000 to 7,000 Croatian Kuna (HRK). However, in the other regions, the cost varies from 2,000 to 5,000 HRK. 

When you decide to rent a house in Croatia, you can always search in the internet to check houses that are available for rent. If you see something that impresses you, then contact the landlord or housing agency. If you decide to move in, sign a rental agreement. Most of the leases are usually one or more. However, if you decide to terminate your lease, give 3 months’ notice. For some landlords it is 30 days. This will help you to avoid paying penalties. Also, know your rights as a tenant

Purchasing a property in Croatia

As a local or expat, if you decide to purchase a property in Croatia, please do due diligence. Before you sign an agreement, ensure you are making the right decision. Maybe you can commence by moving into the area in which you want to purchase property to ensure that it suits your needs. 

Dating in Croatia

Croatia takes pride in its vibrant culture and rich history that offers a unique dating experience. The country is well covered with enticing sandy beaches. While walking along the beaches you experience the amazing love weather. 

Interesting things you should know about Croatians

Before you decide to date a Croatian, it is important to learn a thing or two about them. It costs nothing. First, they have a strong coffee culture. It is part of their social life. Maybe on your first date you can visit a cafe? Or what do you think? Secondly, they have a stunning coastline. They also have a strong passion for football. It is in their bloodline. It is also a source of their national pride. 

Tips for a long-lasting relationship with a Croatian

We are humans and building a relationship with someone irrespective of their country of origin involves a lot of understanding and sacrifice. We need to understand the preferences and differences among individuals for effective communication. In this way, you will all have a strong emotional connection. 

In staying in a long-lasting relationship with a Croatian, you need to respect their culture. The Croatians highly tale pride in their traditions and culture. Don’t mess with them. As a partner, always show genuine respect for their family values, holidays, and even customs. 

When meeting, ensure that you have learned some new words. As much as they know English, say one or two words in their language is a show that you are committed. It is even a good way of sharing your experiences. 

Dating applications in Croatia

The following are some of the dating apps in Croatia. Best of luck!

  • SweetMeet
  • Match
  • iHappy
  • Hinge
  • Zoosk
  • Bumble: Funnily, it only allows the female users to send message first
  • Tinder
  • InternationalCupid 
  • eHarmony


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