Credit cards in Croatia

Credit cards in Croatia

The irresistible and beautiful beaches along the Croatian islands make it a dreamland to many. Endowed with tumbling waterfalls and secret golden shores; it attracts tourists. You have landed in Croatia, as new as you are, loaded in cash in preparation for the new stay. Unfortunately, the unexpected budget dries up your pocket. No relatives and friends to borrow money from can make it quite awkward and inconvenient. Therefore, credit card saves the day in such an unpredicted financial crisis. With credit cards in Croatia, you do not have to worry even when going for a date as most restaurants accept them.

With technological advancement in many European countries, the use of electronic payments is no issue. Croatia is one of the leading countries, with remarkable technological progress in receiving card payments. A credit card is a payment card issued by banks to enable cardholders to borrow money within a pre-approved credit limit.

The cardholder can use the card to make purchase transactions on goods and services. Visas, Master Cards, and diners are widely acceptable in Croatia. However, American Express is unpopular for making transactions in Croatia. With credit cards, life in Croatia has become stress-free. You can make payments on Emergency services, medical, and travel expenses without worries.

The Necessity for Credit Cards in Croatia

With the recommendable technological development in Croatia, there is no doubt about the frequent use of electronic payment. Plastics are widely accepted in the larger cities of Croatia. Many restaurants and tourist agencies frequently use credit cards. However, the rural parts of Croatia do not accept plastics. It is wise to carry some cash besides the credit card. Foreigners should be familiar with the charges made on foreign transactions.

Safety Measures for Consideration When Using Credit Cards in Croatia

Problem-free experience on using the credit card comes with a great price of caution. First, beware of scammers; never use ATMs situated along the streets. Cardholders should always use ATMs in the bank. The reason is that they are more secure.

As a credit cardholder can you share your credit personal pin with strangers?  No. Proper shielding of the pin when dialing is crucial. For instance, using the other free hand, you can block the keypads from hidden cameras and shifty eyes. Besides, you should be watchful of distractive skimmers aiming at stealing your belongings. You should always ensure that you keep the card safe and extends it to the safety of your own life.

Another safety measure is ensuring that you keep your account number private. Please, do not let any person see your credit card number while in the public. Also, be careful of any message that you may receive on your social media, phone, text, or email asking for your personal number. Even if a link is sent, do not click it.

Each month, you should ensure that you check your credit card statement carefully as well as any alert sent to your phone or email address. Ensure that you are the one who authorized transactions as shown in the credit card statement. In case you notice any suspicious transactions, you should let your credit card provider know.

Moreover, ensure that you check your account frequently. This is done by reviewing your recent account activity frequently online or through the bank application. Another option is setting up text alerts or email.

Should You Expect Credit Card Charges in Croatia?

Yes, as a user of credit cards, you should expect some fees. You should not ignore them because if you do so, they can cost some extra coins. Therefore, if you are a foreigner planning a vacation to Croatia should go for cards with no or low fees.

Foreign merchants and banks deduct foreign transaction fees on purchases. The charges normally range from one to three percent. However, American Express and international travel cards do not deduct foreign transaction fees. It is free advice for foreigners to make payments in their local currency to avoid currency conversion fees charges in Croatia.

The other credit card charges that you should expect to include an annual fee. Most of the credit cards in Croatia charge the users annual fees. Another fee charged is interest charges. This is charged when you do not pay off your balance in full every billing cycle. Besides, when you pay your credit card bill late, then you may incur some fees.

Acquiring a Credit Card in Croatia

Both residents and foreigners in Croatia stand a chance to get credit cards. A Croat above 18 years, proven creditworthy, qualify for a credit card. Creditworthiness depends on basis of income and the current debts in individuals’ banks.

Even though the terms and conditions vary from one bank to another; what matters is the capability of the borrower to repay. Besides, documentation of the bank details and procedures to prove creditworthiness depend on the bank. The information mainly revolves around; employment position, savings and shares, number of dependents, monthly salary, and existing credit commitments.

However, the case is different with foreigners. Courtesy of Croatia extends helping hands to foreigners through credit cards. With permanent residence, banks offer credit to foreigners if they have received foreign income monthly in their local banks for over one year. Test on creditworthiness is not an exception for foreigners. However, most banks prefer giving credit cards to the foreigners having permanent residence.

Credit Card Providers in Croatia

Croatia is rapidly embracing online purchases and payments, thanks to the COVID-pandemic. The Federal Reserve posted strict warnings against handling cash during the pandemic. Cash is good, however, currently, it can lead to the high spread of the coronavirus. Regardless of the credit card abuse linked to online shopping, many Croats use it for payment. The most popular credit cards in Croatia are

  • PBZ CARD d.o.o.
  • ERSTE Bank
  • Best Buy Visa credit card

As a foreigner, a successful and adventurous trip to Croatia requires credit cards and some cash for a hassle-free experience in making payments.