Austria  at a glance

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Tucked in Central Europe and neighboring eight countries, Austria is a true magnate in every sense. Probably not so many know how prosperous the country is. What makes Austria attractive stretches from a flourishing economy marked by high standards of living, incredible architectural designs and scenic nature that blends modernity and older civilisation. 

Maybe you’ve not fully decided to visit Austria but live in or visited any of its neighboring countries-utilize this time to just have a brief experience of the country. After all, a Schengen visa allows you to enter and leave Austria at any time provided it’s still valid. The short experience may turn out to be one that endears you to the country for a lifetime.

Its convenient and easy to enter Austria from its neighbors including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia in the north, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, 

What we get you started on and about

We understand how troubling it could be to fully enter and experience Austria as a first timer. It doesn’t really matter how long you plan to stay in the country. Getting important services, connecting with the people and just easing out may be a challenge without adequate information to start with. Its here where we come through for you and offer a near comprehensive guide on things that you may likely want to know about. 

Get to know more about Austria on areas including; 

  • Housing and renting in Austria 
  • Student Loans in Austria 
  • House Heating and Electricity
  • Payday loans
  • Insurance 
  • internet subscription in Austria
  • Dating
  • mobile phone subscription

Considerably, these topics will offer a good starting point for a successful experience of Austria. So lets get to break them down in the simplest and easiest to understand manner. 

Housing and renting in Austria 

The first thing to really mind about when you come to Austria is where to put up. Those coming only for a short stay don’t really have to bother much as hotels offer suitable amenities depending on needs. But in the event you need to have a longer stay in Austria, buying a home or renting an apartment should be a key priority.

Austria  at a glance
Renting out your prefered apartment in Austria

As you struggle to gain a firm  foothold of Austria, your rented apartment or home will be the place of solace and relaxation. But here, you must be quick to master the housing and renting policies. While the policies and terms don’t vary much compared to other countries, a tenant needs to understand aspects of cost, moving in, moving out, amenities, other rental associated bills and more.

Most rental apartments in Austria are operated by real estate agents. However, it’s also possible to sublet though this arrangement isn’t so common or encouraged. Sublets generally do not properly fit family people and chances of paying exploitative rents for not so spacious houses could be high. Get your own house and feel the full pleasure of living in Austria. 

If you use real estate agents, be ready to pay a house searching fee. This payment goes towards the service of helping you locate your preferred house. You get a chance to  choose from a variety of houses depending on your needs and specifications. Also, the process may take a shorter time as compared to when you want to just search for a dream house all by yourself. The agents know the location of most of the houses that need new tenants. 

As an expat, if you want to get a rental subsidy from the government, then you must be staying in the country for 5 years. The government protects its citizens to ensure that the rent does not exceed the market prices. Thus, be sure that no one will scam you regarding the rental cost. 

Whether it is better to buy or rent a house in Austria will depend on your needs. However, as an expat who may want to stay in Austria for a longer time, it is better that you buy. That will be a great investment for you and your family. However, if you will be staying in Austria for a short period, then you better rent. Remember, owning a house comes with its responsibilities. To read more about the topic, click here.

Student Loans in Austria 

Austria has gained traction as a study destination for many students from across the world, thanks to its world class universities. Indeed, some students come to study in Austria on exchange programs, rotational courses or just apply directly to study in the Austrian Universities.  Whatever the case, you may be interested to know possibilities of getting student loans in Austria to supplement costs of living in the country. 

Grants and loans are available to the students in Austria. The grants do come in two ways including direct monthly payments and direct annual payments. You must first carefully read about eligibility criteria so that your application for the loan doesn’t end up all in vain. 

Requirements of getting s student loan in Austria

For you to get a student loan in Austria, there are some requirements you need to fulfill;

  • Be between 18 years and 30 years of age.
  • Be continuing with your education in an Austrian university
  • Lastly, you should be a permanent residence holder

The above requirements clearly point out that an expat cannot just come to Austria and get a loan. You won’t be eligible. 

In case you are not eligible for the student loan then you do not need to worry. This is because even as an international student, you may qualify for grants and scholarships in Austria. There are different kinds of scholarships and grants. Some are from private companies, merit based, state, and the people who are not financially capable to finance their studies. 

Apart from the loans and grants, as a student, it is important that you get a job on the side. Apart from the  job helping you gain some professional experience, you will be able to earn some money. However, you should ensure that you are not earning more than € 11,000 annually and you are getting a state grant. If you earn more, the state will force you to pay some part of the grant that you received. For more information on student loans in Austria, read here. The article will provide you with the full details on even how you can make the student loan application. 

The good thing about taking a student loan if you do not qualify for any grant is that it makes you independent. You can do everything as a student on your own. The loan terms are also usually long. They are between 5 to 10 years old. Lastly, the loan is only paid after you have completed your education. 

Heating and electricity for your apartment in Austria

You don’t want to imagine going through a dark Winter or chilly Autumn and Spring without proper electricity as well as heating to your house. For instance, Vienna can be bitterly cold in the winter and residents would rather spend most of their time indoors in heated spaces unless it’s necessary to go out. 

Austria  at a glance
Getting your head around electricity connection, bills in Austria

Generally, building codes in Austria require houses to be fitted with heating systems to keep them livable. Its also possible to buy extra heating equipment just to supplement the already set up one.  In bigger cities like Vienna or Graz, you will get your apartment already connected to the big district heating systems. In smaller towns, smaller district heating systems can be found.

Whether larger or smaller district heating systems, they ensure that your home remains tolerably warm. All you need to do is keep adjusting the knob depending on the temperature inside the house. 

You need to know from the get go on whether the heating costs come included in rent or paid as a separate bill. Maybe this will show you the real cost of living in an apartment and guide you on how to utilize the heating. Most houses do not include the house heating bill on the rent. 

Just like heating, the electricity prices are not included in the rent most of the time. However, if it is included, the rent cost will also be high. The electricity prices in Austria are affordable as compared to other European countries like Denmark. 

Your finances and loans in Austria

You might be aware that Austria has one of the best standards of living anyone may long for. You will typically see people driving luxurious cars and living in executive houses with all modern equipment. These come at a cost and once in a while, you’re likely to get broke, in need of a payday loan.

Austria  at a glance

No shame in asking for and taking out a payday loan in Austria. The lenders exist to make your life easier in case of situations that need immediate finances. Payday loans come handy in cases where you have a pressing need that can’t wait until the end month. 

You can use payday loans on a wide variety of expenses including buying christmas gifts, paying for your electricity bills, car repair, and other costs that cannot wait till the end of the month. All that you need to mind about is not to overindulge and make it a habit to take payday pans. Typically, they come as convenience loans with not so much demand for security or documentation. Thi explains why they can be so high on interest rates.

General qualifications of a payday loan in Austria

  • Be 18 years and above.
  • Have a good credit history.
  • Be employed.
  • Have a valid residence permit. 

As much as the payday loans are good and convenient, they can turn one into a debt spiral. They will make you borrow Tom to pay Peter. Also, if you find yourself in a financial institution, you will just think that you can easily escape by borrowing money even if it is not an emergency. 

Austria  at a glance
Making yur insurance subscription in Austria and following it through for optimum comfort

As compared to the banks, the payday loans have high fees and interest rates. If you do not pay your loan on time, be sure that the interest rate will be increased. Borrowing a small amount of money may make you pay lots of money that you could not have imagined. Thus, the loans should be taken with caution. 

Insurance in Austria

Whether you are planning to stay in Austria for a long time, or short, there are some important insurances that you should take. Insurance will help you and your family or friends recover after something tragic happens. The top insurances you may think of taking include home, healthcare, car, and health insurance. 

Health Insurance 

Health insurance is one of the top insurances that one should take. The insurance will cover you as well as your family in case of an illness. Some of the pros of taking this kind of insurance in Austria include dental treatment, frequent checkups, and medical treatment. 

Car Insurance 

Car insurance is also important if you have a car in Austria. With this insurance, you can take care of a third part if you get involved in an accident as well as your family. Depending on your chosen coverage, you may get protection against natural disaster, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments, liability, and even theft of the car. 

With car insurance, you are assured of financial liability if you get into an accident. During accidents, you may not have enough money to cover the costs, thus, the need for car insurance. Besides, with insurance, you may get a car repair and replacement of some of the parts. 

Home insurance 

Lastly, as an individual owning or renting a house, it is important that you take a home insurance policy. With this policy, you can protect your detached structures. The structures can include a doghouse, garage, fence, and others. In addition, your home plus its contents will be covered by the insurance. 

If your house catches fire, then the insurance will pay everything that you insured. You won’t have to start afresh by building a new house and purchasing the home content. Home insurance also protects you from lawsuits. In case one is injured when on your property, you will not have to pay the person’s medical bills. 

Meeting singles and general dating life in Austria

Let’s face it- matters of the heart can be so nudging regardless of where one is. It doesn’t really matter whether you’ve just arrived in Austria or lived for a while. You never know when a sweet damsel  or a Mr. handsome will cross your paths and just like that sweep you off your feet.

Those who come to Austria when still single may end up dating the Austrians, getting to master the local dating culture and if all goes well =, end up marrying. Do not lock the doors of love when in Austria for your suitor may just be next door. In any case, you can just sign up for a dating site and explore people who equally long for love.

As a newly arrived person, you just need to be deliberate with what you want when it comes to love. Some may be lucky to meet their dating partners easily but most expats need to get out there and search. If anything, having Austria as a dating partner will make it easier for you to learn your new environment and important aspects of the local culture. 

You need to be ready to try out new adventures. Visit different parks, castles, palaces, restaurants, and bars as those are some of the places you may find them. Also, remember that people have different cultures. So do not put people into believing in what you believe in. 

Apart from the above mentioned places, the online dating sites are some of the places that you can get a partner. The good thing about the sites is that you will be able to choose from a variety of individuals. Remember to ensure that you have made the right decision before making the first move. Have a look at the qualities you wanted and if the chosen person has all or close to all of them. Top dating apps in Austria include Tinder, Badoo, OkCupid, and others.

As an expat, expect to get honest and calm Austrians. Most of them are well mannered. In addition, they are usually true to their words. In Austria, there is hookup culture. With this, people get intimate fast. So don’t be surprised if in your country you believe in taking things slowly. 

Internet Subscription 

In the current society, the internet is like a basic need. You need the internet to carry most of the activities online. For instance, you can use the internet to pay your bills, make bank transfers, communicate with family and friends, get directions, and purchase train or bus cards. 

As an expat, it is important that you choose the right internet provider. This will help you to avoid the issue of not being online or paying too much yet you get poor services. Check the reviews of the different companies before picking one. 

Moreover, the internet speed in Austria for most providers is fast. Anyway, who wants an internet subscription that will take forever to load data? No one. The average Austrian internet speed is 72.15 MB/s. Also, the Austrian market ranks number 31 for mobile speeds globally. 

Regarding the cost of the internet, it will highly depend on your needs. That is, the speed you want, the amount of data you may want in a month, and others. In Austria, the cost of internet subscription on a monthly basis ranges from 15 EUR to 86.23 EUR. 

Making calls and phone subscriptions in Austria

Apart from the internet subscription, you will need a phone subscription. This is because you won’t be staying in the house all the time to access the house’s internet subscription. Phone subscription is good because you will be able to perform any online activity irrespective of where you are. 

You can get An Austrian sim card because if you decide to go the ‘roaming’ way then you may receive a huge bill from your home country. The mobile phone providers in Kuwait do sell sim cards. You can even get them at the Vienna airport.