Likely experiences when dating in Greece

Likely experiences when dating in Greece

No doubt, the beauty of Greece, a country well tucked on the Southern Balkan Peninsula would be tempting any single person to find a match. There is totally nothing wrong with entertaining the thoughts of dating that fun-loving Greek single who really knows so well what makes a woman or man tick.

Dating in Greece is a worthwhile adventure for anyone visiting the country and wishes to explore their limits when it comes to the matters of the heart. Up until now, you may be aware that Greece has a great history of philosophers including Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Aristotle.

Greek singles to date

A foreigner in Greece who is really single and ready to mingle has all the reasons to get out there like it really matters. In Greece today, just like in the rest of the world singles hold back nothing when it comes to the people they want to get in a relationship with. With a sense of boldness finding a Greek match for a date is probably the best way to confirm if really they are tip top when it comes to the issues of love.

Like in most of Europe, dating in Greece can be an exciting experience and it might even lead to finding the right person for a spouse. So, if you are determined to get involved with a Greek man or woman, there are several tips and rules you should follow in terms of traditions, gender roles and even the dating platforms.

Greek men and women alike look for companionship in a person they can confide, share adventures, be easy and talk with so freely. As in most cultures across the world, a Greek man will find peace in getting a beautiful woman to warm the house and do so many things together include preparing coffee, dinner and many more.

A few hints to get around when dating Greek men

Before making a move to date a Greek man, it is important for a woman to master certain rules that will help them get through this. First a Greek man should not stay around his mother’s apartment. This doesn’t mean separating the man from family but a way to maintain independence in the relationship.

As a precaution against ending up brushing shoulders with in-laws, its proper to discuss with your partner early enough. In most cases, the family of your Greek partner may have opinions or just look at you weirdly for being in love with their son. It’s all up to you to ensure that your man isn’t the type with overbearing parents. You won’t like having to go through the trouble of hating in in laws for their characteristic popping in of nose into their son’s affairs.

The man of your choice in Greece should also be quite educated and well-travelled because these experiences will broaden his mind so you won’t suffer to master their culture and traditions freely without getting into un necessary clash.

Last but obviously not the least, a woman getting into an affair with a Greek man should try hard to understand the man feels about women in general. Tricky right? This is because some Greek men regard women not to be as equal or rather as good as men and one might only realize this at a very later stage and the experience may not be so good.

Possible places you can meet singles in Greece

As newcomer in Greece, so many things may appear not well aligned yet. You have to deal with new language and the general culture which can be mind blowing for sure. Here you are, in pursuit of Prince charming or princess of your dream but then the challenge is where exactly to get him or her.

Of course, you will bypass a couple of handsome men and women along the streets of major cities in Greece but it isn’t possible to just approach any Tom, Dick, and Harry to express your feelings. So, it’s a good thing to pick cue on where people are likely to meet singles like them in Greece.

Greeks love to go out coffee and drinks they often go out in big groups and sometimes with their parents involved and this sometimes makes meeting new people a bit hard. The secret is you have to be more social than before because even if your there for a long time, you will still realize meeting new people is not an easy task.

In Greece, sometimes people get down with their work and there isn’t much time to go out. But amidst all these, do not give up. Go out and mingle along with people, join a gym. The thing is, get out of the house because you may run into your long-awaited Greek god or goddess around the random places you move along. Even if it starts from random friendships then in the long run you will realize it was worth the wait.

High flying Greek singles on dating sites

It is possible to dismiss dating webistes in Greece as a plaground for jokers who are never into anythig sierious but casual flirting or flings. Of course this thought may nit be entirely wrong because people hide their faces behind the profiles and pull wahetevrr thing they wish. However, singles in Greece are fast embracing dating sites as a reliable place to start conversations before taking it offline.

Some of the classy and high flying Greek singles who are also open minded have their profiles on the following dating websites.

  • Tinder
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • OkCupid
  • Badoo
  • Happn
  • Hinge
  • Internations

Gender Roles in Greece

Just like any other European countries, there is so much expectations in terms of gender roles when it comes to men and women and Greece is not exceptional. Greek men do not hesitate to be objectively masculine in the sense that they do physical tasks without complaining and try hard to be on top of their game. In a normal situation, the men should be very willing to jealously look after their women. These men do not only offer the best support but also take good care of their women.

These stuff should not trouble you because almost all men are brought up enlightened of these roles. You know what, these days ladies and men alike have various goals in relationships. Some of these expectations can be brought up clearly from the word go yet most of them begin to kick in later on.

On the other hand, Greek men have their own expectations of their women in terms of the roles they ought to play. They expect women to cook, clean and take care of their own children. Greek women on the other hand have their own thought about this.

Greeks have very definite opinions about the roles played by men and women and few are interested in exotic sexual identities.

When to take things to the next level with your dating partner in Greece

Dating and relationships are complicated. It is not possible to get a one stop template of sorts on what exactly should come next or when. Likewise, in Greece, you or anyone angling for a date should always expect the best but also prepare for the worst.

Don’t be surprised that your Greek lover tells on the face that their interest is only in a casual dating. In short, this means that the man or woman whom you have dated for some time has no intention for a marriage or children. For someone whose mindset is that dating should lead to marriage and making of children, such revelations may make you feel like spitting right on the person’s face. But look here, it’s a two people affair so you cannot force things.

As the nature of dating and relationships keep evolving everywhere else, Greece isn’t by any means left behind. Exposure to new information has made singles in Greece more open minded and liberal when it comes to dating. A sizeable number of singles in Greece fear the hurt of committal relationships and would not have two thoughts about being in uncomplicated, non-committal but fulfilling relationships.

When your dating gears towards a serious relationship

Notwithstanding the possibilities of things going anyway anyhow, there is often not much pressure on when to take things to the next level. The reality is that as each and every person has own timing on when to make a move after all. It all starts from meeting up some close friends, having coffee together then from that, it is possible to get an idea on which direction things are moving. Its all upon you to keep reading signs on the wall and pull strings whenever necessary. It pays to be an active partner in the relationship and not just letting things happen without your involvement.

The only key thing to note is that during these dates, one need to be the best version of themselves in terms of behaviour, because you never know, someone you may be waiting for may be among your friends.

It’s important to know the right time to make a move because men and women In Greek do not love it when you make moves so fast. Take your time to know whoever you have interest in and when your certain of making such moves then it should be for the best.

Greek traditions for your dating and the final thoughts

It is very important to bear in mind that dating traditions in Greece still stand strong despite modernity and globalisation. In Greek-Greek relationships, young men and women get introduced to each other by their families. So, when you get to find your Greek lover, its good thing to be aware what culture guides the scene. Master the trends and find your way around them through and through.

The couple will be introduced, usually at the home of the family member. If they click, then a date is arranged to get things moving. Throughout this period, courtship is ongoing as the couple get to know each other, their behaviour and also the other family at large because according to the Greek tradition, you don’t marry your beloved, you marry the whole family.