Dating in Lithuania

Dating in Lithuania

In Lawson’s emotional yet reassuring song, “Someone for Everyone” he makes it pretty clear to souls wandering for love that there is Someone here for everyone. This song hits so much home for someone who has just landed in Lithuania and looking to make a living. The song and an album of many such can easily trigger a need to explore the dating scene in Lithuania. If anything, these days one doesn’t even need to trouble himself with going out to clubs and social places to meet a match. In Lithuania, just like most of Europe today, with a proper internet connection on your mobile phone, a matching single girl or guy is just a dating site away. All you do is sign up through quick steps and start an exciting adventure with the Lithuanian singles like yourself. 

Lawson’s song “Someone for Everyone” can be so soothing for singles in Lithuania

Without necessarily offending introverted travellers moving to stay in Lithuania, the country is not one where you can do much by keeping to oneself. Generally, you will need to get out of your comfort zone in everything. Yes, Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic states but that does not mean anyone can bump onto a guy or girl ready for a dating experience. Some people can be lucky, only a few. 

Just to mention, Lithuania is also a very interesting place to live, visit, or even work in. The living standards of the people in this country is satisfactory as most people are comfortably working and can afford to live comfortably. Lithuania is generally an expat friendly state and most Europeans would love it here.

How life as a single and dating scene is like in Lithuania 

Visiting Lithuania as a single, you would definitely want to feel that you are loved and appreciated in every walk of life. As anyone may care to know, it sometimes gets so cold in Lithuania during the winter and occasionally in the year. At such moments, home heating may not warm and cheer you up just like lighting a lamp will fail too. It is at such a time that reality may hit home that you may need to date someone pretty soon. 

There is no harm in trying to define your boundaries when it comes to the desire to satisfy your emotions and romantic feelings. You are human with fresh blood running through your veins and finding someone to love and a beloved back is not a surprise.

Not really quite popular in the international dating realm like the other European countries, Lithuanian women possess some very unique qualities. Nothing would stop you from enjoying the embrace from a perfect Lithuania woman as they are ready for both dating and marriage. A Lithuanian woman is flawless, super attractive, respectful, leads a healthy lifestyle, and is very appreciative. 

If you are a male figure looking to find you a perfect soulmate then don’t miss out on this full package of beauty. This is just the same experience that a female yearning to embrace a fair skinned Lithuanian man with a beauty of light-coloured eyes. For some, their blue eyes coupled with blonde hair are worth a warm embrace. If you are the female whose ovaries twerk for tall genes, then a Lithuanian man would be your perfect match.

Dating Culture in Lithuania 

You are planning a perfect date with this Lithuanian girl or man. Both of you seem to be a perfect match, an ideal partner that really suits your heart desires. Perfect height, golden appearance, and in your eyes sparkling like a star and you hope to be meeting in a fancy restaurant or going out on a hike. But Alas! It dawns on you that you don’t have an idea of what dating is like in Lithuania. 

Every country could be having some unique culture when it comes to dating and later marriage. This could be the case in Lithuania, but one thing to note is that dating has no specified formulae or pattern. Well, just like it is in any other country, dating in Lithuania is not very different, however, let’s look into some of the common expectations when dating a Lithuanian.

Traditionally, in Lithuania, a lot of seriousness is attached to dating. Unlike countries where flings and cohabitation may be a normal, Lithuanians consider dating as an important step that would most likely lead to marriage. One night stands like things that happen in nightclub meet-ups are not so common. Majority of their families have partners who met in decent places like the workplace, school or around family gatherings.

However, in recent times, online dating has become a common practice in Lithuania. This ins unlike before when the practice was prohibited. Most youths in Lithuania today don’t give a damn about online dating. The previous organised meetings initiated by families for meet-ups are all watered by new dating cultures. A lot seems to have taken shape into the Lithuanian dating culture given the great influence by the western cultures.

Dating a Lithuanian Woman

An average Lithuanian woman is well educated and self aware. She can be very submissive but only if there is a reason for it. In the past and even now some societies expect women to be senselessly submissive. But, even a level headed Lithuanian lady will still question stuff. Most Lithuanian single women take professions banking, finance, or any other high-powered profession. This just tells how much they understand sociology and human interactions of which dating is part. Their elegance and beauty would definitely attract a sharp and intelligent man. 

Most of the Lithuanian women largely embrace the old dating culture hinged on traditions. Apart from their beauty, they are absolutely wise and intelligent women who are fun to be around. If you are dreaming of feeling their skin close to your touch, then in your eyes you shall have witnessed the scene of the most beautiful women in the world.

Lithuanian women are strong believers in family values as well as their traditional values. Their degree of femininity exceeds no other coupled with their desire to have a serious relationship that could lead to marriage. Call them old fashioned, but this is just their typical self. When going out for a date they will wear their best outfit and this defines exactly how serious dating is to them.

What happens is that just like it is for other cultures, Lithuanian women also expect that it is their man to kneel down and propose to them. There is no doubt that society expects them to maintain a more conservative composure even when dating outside their culture. They will also wait for you to open doors and carry their bags for them.

Dating a Lithuanian Guy

Dating a Lithuanian man may be a very special experience. Most of them know how to treat women right. Note my word “most” not all meaning that some spoilt ones still exist. If you are a foreigner, and probably wondering why the Lithuanian men come out as special here is the full catalogue of their attributes.

First in the list is that these men are notoriously shy and this means that you shouldn’t sit back and expect their first move. If you have something going on inside you, make a bold step and grab your chance with a leap. A Lithuanian man comes out as quite reserved when it comes to expressing how they feel. Don’t feel offended if your prospective date is not a communicative kind of persona.

To them, family comes first and they will gladly want to introduce you to their parents and their extended family. This may happen sooner than you expect in your relationship. This clearly indicates how seriously they consider dating. Well, just like their women, they are well educated and very ambitious people. He may just be looking to find a woman who is also goal oriented and career minded.

These men are romantically keepers and very good cooks. It all means that most of your meals would probably be homemade. Their very strong character is that they are incredible lovers and if you are lucky to lay your hands on one, then you should expect some amazing quality moments.