Dating Experience for an Expat in Latvia

Dating Experience for an Expat in Latvia

Coming to a new destination, especially somewhere that you have never been to before, can trigger so much expectations and anxiety. In fact, sometimes the anxiety borders on being scary even if there isn’t anything particular to be afraid about. One such thing would come out of Dating Experience for an Expat in Latvia. When making that trip to Latvia or completely relocating there, it is always clear that the divine natural scenery will carry someone away but getting into love is something else to learn on the go.

For those interested in a little bit of history, Latvia has a fair share of that too. In case you have some property or health that needs to be secure, it’s always a guarantee that Latvia will always give the best insurance that ensures everybody’s worries and fears are all covered.

Insurance options, beautiful scenery and expectations aside, there will always be some void in the heart of a single person moving to Latvia. When winter cold begins to flow in and trees outside shed their lives in submission, any single person must also start thinking of ways to warm up the house. I mean heating and electricity systems in Latvia are already there but that alone won’t just be enough. So what else? Love…yes, you got that right-matters of the heart of well sorted, winters in Latvia may feel warmer. 

Love may be just what you need to find Latvia exciting to live in

There is a certain level of confidence that comes with knowing that you are specially loved and cared for by someone so dear to you. Loneliness should therefore not be an option for you because it many occasions invoke some degree of fear in a soul. Inside one of Northern Europe’s most attractive countries Latvia, located in between Lithuania and Estonia, you can possibly locate your long-lost rib.

Dating Experience for an Expat in Latvia
Taking some time out with someone you love means a lot

Latvian women are undoubtedly attractive and many men would be dying to have them warming their beds if not shoulders. Since Latvians are very sociable and friendly people, you could take advantage and grab yourself a beauty. Just like their women, the Latvian male represents a magnificent combination of hard work and good sense of humour among other very special things. There would be no mistake in you trying to embrace one as a single damsel. 

Important Facts to Note About Latvia 

Whether you are looking to have a casual hook-up or an actual relationship, Latvia is your ideal destination. I know your mind is racing right now with the why question, yes with my statement above, it is normal that you are going to be curious. Don’t be bothered because here, you’ll bump into a treasure trove of answers for your journey to find your perfect match in Latvia.

First, thing to note however is that, in Latvia, women seem to have out flawed men in terms of population. The gap seems to be bigger than it is for other countries. Second, Latvian women here are very beautiful and rated as the most beautiful in the whole of the European continent. Third and the last fact is that, Latvian women are so much into foreigners, and this is now to your advantage as a man looking to find love here.

Dating Etiquette for Latvia

Before you get so cosy with your hard working, decent, and polite Latvian male, you should at least be on the know of how you should behave. Dating Experience for an Expat in Latvia requires deliberate effort. So, you need to learn some criteria before handling the tall and beautiful women in Europe. Here we go;

1. Look and Presentation

The local Latvian woman knows very well that she is a beauty, and is not afraid to flaunt her beauty, how this may not be displayed obviously. What the women here have to do is to impress a gentleman with her subtle beauty coupled with exorbitant class. What they have to offer is a mixture of eastern femininity laced with western casual styles. This is what a Latvian male is looking to see in a woman.

Dating Experience for an Expat in Latvia
Love is a sweet thing when you make everything to work out

The men love their women to look beautiful in a very classy way because this is what their mind is yearning to see. On the other hand, a Latvian woman will be looking to have an equally presentable male figure to embrace their beauty. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit since they love to embrace casually but smartly dressed partners. Just remember to keep it casual though suitably fit for a smart occasion too.

2. Manners makes a man/woman

Its an expectation that women be classy and always ready to take care of their beauty, especially the city women. Latvian women tend to take charge of their beauty until maybe after their 40s. These women are traditionally old school in terms of their mannerism. 

As a male, opening the door for your date is seen as a sign of being well-mannered in the Latvian society. It is a simple act though considered to be very impressive and a sign of courtesy. When on a date, a man should pay the bill once the date comes to a conclusion. But whatever you choose to do, be a gentleman and treat everyone with respect.

3. Trying out the Latvian Culture

Latvians are generally proud of their country and so are they for their culture and heritage. They have the freedom to criticise their country but you cannot do that. Try as much as possible to learn about their culture especially when you are on a date, try the Latvian cuisine. Always be willing to inquire from your dating partner how to do certain things and they will be proud to help.

4. Pride

In a polite course though, Latvian women will always expect a man to make the first move because if they do, it will portray them as desperate. She might have stayed single for quite a long time but would still not settle for anyone but what they want. In fact, most of them enjoy playing hard to get because they want to feel your attention. All you need to do is just give it to her but occasionally back down to keep her interest in you. Any other approach may not work for you.

Latvian women love compliments at the slightest chance. This isn’t for anything like boosting their self esteem but just an affirmation- they already know their beauty is on another level. It only becomes special when they hear it from the man after their heart. So, tell her every time how beautiful she looks and how nicely dressed she is. Another important virtue is patience. Always exercise patience in all your endeavours and avoid rushing and doing last minute calls, it is a total turn off.