Dating in Romania

Dating in Romania

Dating, love, relationships, hook-ups…name it are some of the topics that people may always shy away from when talking about Romania. This is not to mean that discussing them is anything forbidden or unfashionable, no. In most cases, people just ignore them and assume that somehow, they are less important for an expat coming to Romania or already there. We are of a different opinion and so many can bear us forth that for exciting and fun moments in Romania, issues of love, dating and marriage count a great deal. 

 By now, you might have already heard so much about Romania including its landmark attractions and rich history. One important thing that maybe is not as much told but would obviously be of interest to singles visiting the country is dating life. Whatever the reasons that take you to Romania, dating could not be among them but as a single person, its too naïve to completely wish it away. A gentleman or sweet damsel will without a doubt charm and sweep you off your feet. 

I know so many may ignore the talk about and getting more informed on the dating life in Romania. This can be forgiven because probably they are yet to meet the beautiful Romanian ladies greatly adorned and majestically tossing their well styled blond hair and sturdy tits. I guess this description already makes a man tick. Not to mention the 1.75 meters++ tall gentlemen. It is always a heavenly feeling when you meet a tall Romanian man whose muscles stick out. In short, Romania has someone for every single and searching person to date. 

First steps on your way to dating in Romania

Romanians are kind hearted and well-mannered people. It feels so nice to be in love with a person from Romania. When dating a Romanian, they expect their love to be reciprocated. 

Romanian men do their all to become the best partners. On the contrary the women tend to somehow be laid back even when they already are in love. A typical Romanian girl will want to be pursued, made to feel important and showered with all kinds of gifts all in the name of love. To avoid feeling cheated when dating a Romanian single lady, it would be advisable to  take your time to study and learn from her. 

Romanian women are said to be different from other women because they tend to start a family earlier than those women from the western. The women are charming and blessed with beauty and this makes them very attractive.

Things to consider before dating a Romanian woman

There are variations in every individual on what to look up for in a person before making a decision to take things to the next level. For instance, when looking for a Romanian woman one may consider the following tips:

a) learning Romanian language is a good icebreaker 

.Mastery of the language is very key when looking for a Romanian woman. The ability to speak their language fluently is attractive in a man. Therefore one really needs to learn and master the Romanian language before making a step.

b) Learning the Romanian culture brings you closer home

Culture varies from one country to the other. What is perceived to be right in one country may not be the same in the other.  For instance, Romanian women love flowers on the first date therefore aman should make an effort of doing this so as to be as per with the expectations of these women.

c) Being a good listener makes her feel sensible

Listening is a skill in every relationship and Romania is not an exception. Romanian women find it very attractive when their men listen to them especially on a date, they can do this by either nodding their head to show approval of what they are discussing. 

Good listening shows understanding and caring about your partner. Romanian men also prefer it when their women listen to them, they do not like being distracted during a conversation.

d)  Importance of the family

After sometime, family becomes part and parcel of the relationship as they have a major role to play as well. This is a common culture in Romania as the family assists the partners to know their roles and responsibilities.

Dating places in Romania

You are moving into Romania for the first time and you are looking forward to dating a Romanian lady therefore there is no need to stress about where to find this beautiful and charming woman. You can them in the following places;

  1. Online Dating in Romania

Online is the most convenient place anyone looking for a partner in Romania can get to access them as fast as possible. They only do this by logging into the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Through this they can get their pictures and log into their accounts to get things started.

Dating sites are also an in thing in Romania and so many singles are turning to it in their search for matches. There is nothing like shying away or keeping hoping to find someone with whom you share ideas and thoughts of life. So, do not hesitate to fill out your profile, show your interests and wishes. Sooner, you will likely meet a match. Some of these dating sites include; 

  1. Meeting fellow singles through circle of  friends

You can also get to meet your dream woman or man through their circle of friends during dinner or trips. Where you get to spot one and get into a conversation to start things up.

Tips and hacks on how to date a Romanian woman

Meeting a Romanian lady for the first time means you have to have the techniques of what to discuss with her because failure to which you will miss out on what entirely it means to date a Romanian woman. 

To begin with,  these women prefer it when the man makes the first approach, organises for frequent dates with them and should not traumatise them in any way as discussed below.

a) Who to make the first approach when it comes to dating in Romania

Romanian girls  prefer it when men make the first approach. This is because they are very confident when you  first meet her, then it happens that you have a feeling towards her, as a man you are the one to approach the girl and inform her about  your feelings towards her.

b) Have frequent dates to completely win a Romanian woman

During dates is when partners get to teach each other well, going for dates also strengthens the relationship. Romanian girls love going out for dates and enjoying the moments together. You can invite her for a nice meal in a hotel, you can also invite her at your home and while there you can watch a movie as a way of enjoying.

c) Have objectives and make them clearer each day

When you are dating a girl in Romania you should have objectives of having the relationship, the objectives should be clear. Romanian girls tend to date majorly for marriage purpose, therefore when dating her one of the objectives should be based on marriage.

d) Monogamous relationship is important when dating a Romanian woman

Dating in Romania is mainly monogamous. Having multiple partners at times sounds to be illegal. Having another partner is disrespectful to the other partner. It is difficult to find a girl in Romania cheating on her boyfriend, they are always loyal and faithful.

Places in Romani where you are likely to meet and hook up with meet single  women 

There are several places in Romania where single girls are found, in this place you will find girls who are single and there you can find your best match. The places includes;


Timisoara is a small town in Romania, the town has very nice friendly locals who are very welcoming. In this town you will meet many single girls who move around during the day partaking in their daily activities, this is one of the places where you can find a girl of your best match.


This is the capital city of Romania, the city is full of beautiful buildings ,clubs and nice hotels. Bucharest has two known clubs which are very welcoming, in this clubs you will find single girls who come there to take drinks, by walking around this city you are likely to find them.


This is another city in Romania. This is the city in Romania full of local girls. This city is not common among the immigrants.