Dating in the United Kingdom

Dating in the United Kingdom

People coming to the UK for the first time have a sense of anxiety about the goodies that this historical civilisation has to offer. The UK is no small name as most of the good things that people would love to associate with include being a melting pot of culture and civilisation. While still at this point of diverse culture and civilization, the UK is probably one of the best countries to try out intercultural dating just so to test the limits of your fantasies and romance. 

If there is anything fancy about dating in the UK is that you get to meet people who are socialized in a different way. All you need to do is adjust and compromise until you come to a common understanding.As they say loving requires effort, so is dating. When you succeed to win the heart of someone who has been cultured differently from you then that is great effort and affirmation of dating success.  

Dating ideas for newcomers to the United Kingdom 

Moving to the United Kingdom (UK) as a foreigner can be accompanied by irresistible and nudging romantic desires. A feeling of loneliness can begin to develop and you will eventually need to find somebody with whom to share your romantic emotions. 

Dating is always seen as a connection of hearts which then makes most people argue that there is no one specific way of getting around it. Sure, dating has no specific manual to direct longing souls on what to do first, then next and next. All one needs to do is become pen minded and ready to adjust.

Actually, dating  in itself can become an extremely daunting prospect especially if you are unfamiliar with the culture and dating philosophies used by the British men and women. This makes the dating ground here completely different from those in other parts of the world. 

Having a good understanding of the traits depicted by both Britons will substantially help you successfully navigate the local dating scene as an expatriate. You should also be keen to note that whatever is deemed polite or romantic back in your home country might be the exact opposite in most parts of the UK; be it England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 

Overview of Dating Scene in UK

Mostly, British folks have a laid-back approach to dating. Unlike dating in other European nations, the majority of dates in the UK revolve around drinking and visiting the local restaurants. 

Ideally, you will be subjected to this experience during your initial days of dating here. Most importantly, it is extremely rare to see a British man or woman show their emotions in public. In which case, they tend to demonstrate a higher level of self-reservation than most of the European cultures. 

How to meet fellow singles in the UK

Like in many European countries, there are a number of traditional approaches that you can adopt to meet people in the UK and these include meeting through friends and colleagues, online dating sites, and in the local bars and restaurants. 

1. Meeting other singles through friends

If you have friends living in the UK, you can ask them to introduce you to some friends around their circle. Although other forms of traditional dating have gained popularity among the British, the majority of people are still able to find their lovers through the circles of friends and social gatherings such as parties. 

Meeting singles through friends who may turn up to be your match-maker is particularly common among adults who may not want to be misled by the online dating sites. Also, those who find going out to the bars unworthy for them still resort to meeting through friends.

If you succeed to meet someone through this technique, there is likelihood that he or she will be of a similar age bracket or similar socio-economic background as you, even if with similar interests as well. 

2. Online Dating Sites for singles in the UK

The world is first moving online and so are the singles in the UK. Because people are busy with work, studies and other stuff, expecting to meet your match one on one the first time may be a tall order. As a result, singles in the UK like the rest of the world have quickly embraced the online dating platforms where people can create an initial contact, see whether there is a match in expectation and impression of life before taking it to the next level offline. 

There are a number of online dating sites that you can choose from when you want to begin a romantic relationship in the UK. In fact, online dating is extremely popular especially in large cities such as London, Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester among others.

You can easily download these apps from the online play store and you will just be ready to mingle with hundreds of your potential matches. Tinder is however the most preferred online dating app as through it, you will get a total opportunity to know your potential lover in detail. You can also try other dating platforms such as Plenty of Fish,, eHarmony, and Expatica Dating

3. Meet-up for Singles in the UK 

If you don’t want to explore the online dating scene, Meetup groups for singles is your best bet. Here, you will join the local groups as well as attending the arranged group events. These groups are available throughout the UK and will cater for your desire to date and establish a new relationship.

You will get the opportunity to have fun, enjoy, and interact with new friends as well as your potential partners. It is important to note that the groups usually specify the age bracket as well as the sexual preferences for all who are interested. Your chances of meeting the like-minded person are extremely high. If you get the opportunity, please go for it. 

The Do’s  and Don’ts during a date in the United Kingdom

Because the UK is predominantly a traditional country, you will be required to follow certain things and avoid some as well. In which case, the liability of asking someone out for a date falls to the man. If you’re a man, don’t be afraid to ask her out for a date, if you both agree on the venue and time. 

You are therefore likely to go for a drink or several on the first date. In other places such as London, Manchester, and Edinburg, you’re more likely to embrace a quirky date on unusual places. It can include visiting a Natural History Museum, or a sweet disco at the local pub. And please, remember to keep time as it will greatly judge your time management abilities. However, ensure to do or avoid the following: 

1. Be polite in your conversation and action when dating in the UK

The politeness of both the British men and women is recognizable globally. Take an example of Brits people who have bumped into each other on the streets of London, expect them to apologize quickly to each other and sometimes repeatedly. This politeness is translated into dating. 

You will greet him or her with a handshake at your initial meetings, but once you have known them, you can extend a bit to a warm kiss on their cheek. Mind your language and always demonstrate that trait of caring. You will definitely win her.

Chivalry is a common practice in many parts of the world. In the UK, it’s not dead. You should feel free to open and hold the door for her, lend her your jacket if she feels cold or insist on taking care of the entire bill. If you are lucky on the first date, your partner will desire to split the bill with you, and this is because gender equality is a culture that is well embraced in the UK. 

2. Splitting the bill and Chivalry when dating in the UK

Chivalry is a common practice in many parts of the world. In the UK, it’s not dead. You should feel free to open and hold the door for her, lend her your jacket if she feels cold or insist on taking care of the entire bill.

If you are lucky on the first date, your partner will desire to split the bill with you, and this is because gender equality is a culture that is well embraced in the UK.

3. Avoid General Conversations on your dates in the UK

Expect your partner to want to know or learn more about your life. He or she may want to know about your background, your education and profession, your interests in life and so forth. Be genuine in all that you tell her because any lie detected at this point will ruin your relationship in future.

You may not be able to catch every word Brit says because of the several dialects available in the country. However, just remember that it’s the first date and you will catch up as time goes by. 

4. Your appearance  and impression on dates in the UK matters a lot

You don’t have to focus so much on what to wear on your date. British people like smart-casual clothing. It is not necessary to put on a suit. Something like a casual blazer, formal shoes, and smart jumpers can add you a lot of marks here. 

5. Body Language when dating in the UK tells a thousand words

Finally, mind your body language when talking to a Brit. The public display of romance that works in your home country may not work here. Although you might feel that the date is not turning out as it should, that’s not the case. If you reach a point of agreeing for the next date, be sure that things are turning out the way you wanted.