Dating in France Demystified 

Dating in France Demystified 

These words “Je vous aime” for “I love you” means so much when in France. It is widely said that French is a romantic and sexy language, a love language of sorts. French language has a unique rhythm with which each word is pronounced that can easily melt a person’s heart. It is even more romantic when said by someone amazing. That said, dating in France is a worthwhile adventure that always worth setting off on.

In France, love starts anywhere, be it when sharing a train coach, social events, at a downstreet cinema or wherever. You never know when your beautiful damsel or Mr., handsome has com fir surely there is a whole lot of them in France. All that matter for you to get your match and start dating in France is understanding the rule of the game, mastering the person and setting off for an adventure of romance and bliss.

This is how dating in France looks like

Anyone moving to France has this false impression to believe that the practice of dating and love is similar to the rest of Europe. One thing that we must all agree on that as much as Europeans have a lot of similarities in different areas, its not the same case when it gets to dating. You can expect that France with its mixed cultural heritage has its own ways about dating.

The French take dating much more seriously compared to other countries like the US and Scandinavia for example. If you come from a country where dating is more casual and largely liberal, there are high chances of feeling that the French are hellbent on being conservative.

When dating in France, something that must stand out for both of the partners is loyalty. You can negotiate on many other things and even compromise on others but loyalty is not tradeable for anything in France. In fact, long lasting dating that leads to engagement and marriage in France can be attributed to loyalty between the partners.

So, dating in France is always intended to culminate into marriage?

Anyone who has been in a relationship understands that having a goal in mind is good. Of course, people start dating for different reasons; some for the fun of it while others look to take it further ahead into a marriage. In France, people tend to date with an eye on marriage.

Without appearing to insinuate that every relationship in France must lead to a marriage, it is more blissful and interesting when dating with an ultimate prize at the back of the mind. Needless to say, people who date in France are open to new trends such as dating for fun and adventure but not so many.

Before you settle to date a guy or that sweet damsel you just hooked up with recently in France, it’s a good idea to understand their orientation. Just take a bit of time to know whether he or she is interested in something serious or open to trying things out so that if it works out, perfect but of not, appreciates the good when it lasted. It may not be amusing to play games with someone who really wants to pull through with the dating into marriage

How to Meet People in France

The ways to meet singles are generally the same although the French attitude toward dating differs slightly from other European cultures. French singles have their own preferences including dating within their social circles, friends, workplace, social gatherings, colleague students etc.

The French singles are also not left behind in the heat of modernity that has taken dating online. The internet of things for the French is not only a source of information n but also provides a way to meet fellow singles who long for love. Actually, just like in the rest of the world, dating sites are a great life saver in France for those timid singles or the busy group without enough time to mingle around.

Online dating is still undergoing a process of social acceptance in France because it is perceived as having jokers who are not up to anything mature. Nonetheless, I can confidently say that every passing second if not minute, a single guy or lady in France turns to a dating site in search of a match. Why then not join the fray just in case there waits your Mr. right or madam gorgeous?

Here is the list of some popular dating sites in France.

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Bumble, and
  • Happn

Making First Moves into an Intimate Relationship in France

The progress of a relationship is determined by an individual. Each and every person in a relationship ought to know when the right time is to make a move.

In France, it may sound funny or strange because the first move is determined by the first kiss. The first kiss is as important as sleeping with someone for the first time, once the couple has officially become exclusive and sealed the deal with that first kiss, then there are no rules as to when to make the first move into an intimate relationship or meeting the family.

The Unwritten Dating Rules in France

France has its own rules when it comes to Dating and anyone looking for love in this country must keep the following close to their heart:

1.  Lateness for dates in France

When planning a meet up or a date with a French man or woman, then it is in order to show up earlier before the speculated time and wait for a few minutes extra before your date arrives just to be sure.

 It is actually considered very rude to show up late in France especially on a first date. O course there could be a genuine reason for arriving late but its courteous to at least communicate such eventualities well in time so that you guy doesn’t have to keep guessing wazsupp?

Anything outside this practice is considered distasteful and might just send the wrong signals and at worst disqualify you from dating. The French, more specifically from the south of France are known to be late comers.

2. Getting the first kiss from your dating partner in France

A French man or woman may kiss any part of your body but it is different when they kiss you on the lips. Traditionally, the first kiss on the lips sends a lot of unwritten signals that you are starting a relationship and you are really prepared to take things to another level.

3. Making phone calls between dating partners in France

Keeping in touch is something very essential in every relationship. On and off calls during or after dates is a must in France therefore your phone must be turned on all the time. French people are known to be passionate about relationship majorly when it comes to keeping in touch with their dates in between and after dates.

4. Meeting with your dating partner

Going out on a blind date is something not to even talk about. It is safer when they first meet through friends and even their social circles. They prefer to get to know each other first before making a step to go on a date.

5.  Mode of Communication

Most people prefer the silent treatment when ending a relationship. This does not work well in France as they want people who respond or speak out. When you feel that you are no longer interested in a relationship just SPEAK OUT. Failure to which, it will be seen as a playful filtrides sound good right? Just be clear and direct. It is that simple.

How to Know if a French Man Loves You or Not

Love is a language understood by each and every one in their own way. Traditions and cultures have its on way of building this up in us. What I perceive to be love in my country may be a totally different in another country. So how then will I know he loves me?

This is how dating a French looks like

There is no point of wondering if a French man loves you or not. It is very simple. If a French man likes you and would like to pursue a relationship with you, then he will call and text it means that he is constantly going to keep in touch. There are no games or attaches rules when it comes to this.

Body Language and Flirting in France

Flirting is an art form in this nation. Regardless of your marital status you should be able to see a lot of amorous behavior being thrown around. French men regard flirting as a harmless game that is even when they know it is heading nowhere, they will still flirt around with you. Sometimes they find it more interesting than their date.

French women on the other hand, are expected to play to their feminine side and be admired for their beauty. They smile in excess, blush, and laugh at your jokes and this makes it very interesting and exceptionally beautiful.

Is Language a Key Factor when Dating in France?

The fact that you are able to speak in French alone makes it very easy to date in France and if you truly want to impress your French crush, then you should definitely learn French. They will surely appreciate your effort and may even teach you some of their languages.

If you have interest in forming a romantic partnership with a French person, then its best to know the differences in their culture so as to avoid the cultural confusion. With this, you can have a better start to your relationship together.