Dating in Denmark

Dating in Denmark

Dating in Denmark is probably among the many ways foreigners use to integrate into the system. Remember, Denmark as a country has its traditional ways of doing things that flow from one generation to the next almost unchanged.

To enter the Danish system and feel comfortable in it, dating a Danish or someone who has lived in Denmark for some time offers a great reprieve. Imagine having to struggle learning Danish all on your own while on the other hand trying to get used to the new environment. So dating in Denmark is not just for the affection part of it but also a clever way of making oneself feel at home.

A brief about dating environment in Denmark

Dating in Denmark, just like anywhere can take various forms from casual relationships to serious affair leading to marriage and anything in between these two extremes. Flirting, making out, flings and one night affairs are very much common in Denmark.

To better understand the nature of love, dating and relationships In Denmark, one needs to have at the top of mind that on average, Danes marry at 33 years old yet the rate of divorce in Denmark  stands at over 45%.  This reality just tells you the nature of dating and love environment in Denmark. By the time someone decides to settle in a marriage at the age of 33, they shall have kissed as many frogs as possible. Most of  the people in Denmark even decide to live a single life…this is a clear example of tragedy of civilisation.

As a foreigner coming to Denmark and trying to find some love, you can only be sure that chances that you are not the first one is very high. In fact, it is almost obvious that by the time you come into the life of your new date in Denmark, they have gone through a mix of blissful and awkward relationships already. So, you are not going to be dealing with an amateur but a fully experienced person who know exactly how dating shapes up. It is not so likely that you are going to pull any first in your dating someone in Denmark.

Push factors for Dating in Denmark

When you enter Denmark, just like almost the rest of European countries, what greets you is this atmosphere of romance and love. From your exit at the airport, you may get this feeling that love really resides in Denmark. All the way from lovebirds walking in twos, kissing openly, holding hands down street, hugging warmly…name it.  It is only human that you will feel the urge to find your better half, even if just for occasional flings.

Even with the greatest longing to date in Denmark, there is always a somewhat strikingly similar experience  for newcomers. In the beginning, it may feel intimidating and awkward to start dating. In fact, sometimes you may think nobody notices you despite the great efforts you make to gain attention to you possible dating partners. It never feels less disappointing when you don your best clothes, a booty shot for summer, a dress that brings out  your curvaceous body yet nobody actually stops to show interest in dating you.

In Denmark, you will see very handsome blue eyed men from neighbouring Norway or Sweden as well as blonde haired ones. Most Scandinavian men are regular at the gym which means they are well formed and attractive to any lady looking for that tall, built and properly groomed man. In the same way, Danish women look stunning and strikingly gorgeous. Any man would wish to date these beautiful damsels. So all one needs is to get the strategy right, get that necessary guts and make a move.

Dating life in Danish cities

Dating in Denmark can intimidate at first. As much as someone may already have been exposed to different cultures before coming to Denmark, it really takes time to get the head and tail of how people are socialized in that part of the world. Dating as it involves emotions and feelings which then means the two of you need to connect somehow. Whether it’s for a one night stand after a long day in the nightclub or something longer, you have to first know how things run.

In big cities of Denmark such as Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Fredericia, Kolding et cetera, the people are more outgoing. You can easily find someone just coming out from the blues and appreciating your beauty or handsomeness. From this, you can strike a story which then evolves into something more romantic. The case is a little different in smaller cities where its mostly older people living there. The smaller cities in Denmark are more lull and people greatly reserved. Your chances of meeting your dating partner in a small city let’s say Ribe is far much less.

As much as the bigger cities  give you as a foreigner higher chances of getting a dating partner dating a Danish man or woman might be a little confusing at first. It talks a lot of learning through the ropes and you trying to get pick their cues.

In Denmark, the most crucial part is that you as someone seeking a dating partner has to remain real and be yourself. By the time a Dane or anyone in Denmark decides to start a romantic conversation with you, it means one thing-they have found something attractive in you. So the rest of work is for you to bring out the true you and just smitten them.

Dating Women in Denmark

You may be surprised by the tremendous confidence and assertive nature of even an average Danish woman. To sweep the sweet Danish damsels off their feet, you just need to be smart and surprising. They like people who are creative and readily shows them something that is out of the ordinary. But my advice? compliment her more on her appearance because for sure, they are really stunning.

Danish women are highly educated and well-read. They are also promiscuous. If she is not dating anyone else, she will be direct and open to you, which is a good sign. They are also loyal and progressive. Another fun part is their humorousness; they converse in fluent English and are not shy even once they see an individual for the first time.

Dating a Danish man

A Danish man is very particular about what they look out for in a dating partner. They may be random sometimes and accept surprises but surely, you must first be ready to stand out in a few areas. For instance, you as a woman must be sexy, self-aware and ready to adventure.

A Danish man you are dating will take you on an adrenaline ski a top the mountains in Norway, a holiday in Maldives and other great experiences. They have the money for it and travelling for fun is their culture. Be ready to be spoilt with flowers and unending gifts when dating a  Danish man.

Danish men are a little timid and they may not easily approach you when sober. after taking bottle of wine here and smoking  a few puffs of cigarettes there, a danish man just comes out of their timidity. It’s when tipsy that most Danish men can face you and express their interest in dating.

In most cases, Danish men resort to the online dating sites to get their dates. Women are so powerful in Denmark so the man are a little laid back in trying to directly approach them. The online dating sites really thrive in Denmark and this has come as a great blessing for the men.

Gender equality in Denmark

Denmark scores well on the list in the global economic gender forums for gender equality list. Both genders have equal rights in Denmark. Women here work in their careers while actually raising their families.

Denmark has parental pension compensation, and tax subsidies for daycare if you plan to date and marry in Denmark. Unlike in other parts of the world, women’s roles are blurred in Scandinavia, and Denmark is not exceptional. The first move is not necessarily reserved for the male half of the population.

How to take conversations while dating in Denmark

Making conversation with someone you hardly know is stressful. This might be weird to anyone whose country is a more extroverted one. First thing if you notice that the conversation keeps ending, try to come up with a new topic to avoid the ever-looming doom that is the awkward silence with a stranger.

A Dinner may not impress at all

In other cultures, taking someone out for dinner on the first date is quite common, but Danes don’t appreciate it much. Here in Denmark, you may have an expensive bill to pay after a long awkward silence.

You don’t have to come up with ideas, but something more exciting and normal like taking a walk or a park picnic may be a better solution. To break the ice faster, at least a few cans of beer will work well.

Don’t be too generous or too stingy.

In Denmark, it’s more common to split bills. It is better to pay half of the account you have used here. It’s also interesting to have your partner buy you a drink after buying the first round of drinks. This may make bonding simpler by not leaning bills on one party. This works well while you date here in Denmark.

Create connections with the Denmark people

Danes don’t like to be friendly to strangers. It’s more likely that you will succeed in making friendships if also you have a friend to introduce you to. The Danes may hook up with you for a night, but it is more challenging to have a date with one the Danes. But it will always depend on the person.

Dating Rules in Denmark

I will give a few helpful rules to use in Denmark while you date.

  • There are no gender roles. Forget about the specific parts of your culture in Denmark.
  • Denmark’s people love moderation a lot.
  • Learn to be direct as directness here is nature.
  • Strangers take time to be liked. Relationships will take time to start.
  • Time is highly valued, and it’s an advantage.
  • To have a successful relationship with a Dane, you must be comprehensively competent in communication.

Online dating in Denmark

You are going to be a new person in Denmark. It’s a beautiful city, and you will probably be making friends occasionally. If you find it hard to meet a particular person if you know what I mean. There are many apps and sites for online dating in Denmark. If you are looking for a more relationship and not just casual hook-ups? Here’s a list of the popular ones.

  • Partnermedniveau.DK

Dating in Denmark can be challenging for newcomers to the country. It will probably be hard for you. With the few tips I have given above, you will be able to date in Denmark quickly and find it relaxing. Finding your soulmate shouldn’t be that hard, and you should be dating in Denmark. Success in your dating life.