Dating in Malta

Dating in Malta

Those who have visited Malta will confess that they have never wanted to leave save for the fact that overstaying a visa in Malta like anywhere else is illegal.  If it is not for the beautiful sceneries that dot this archipelago in the central Mediterranean, then the amiable, Maltese girls  with a penchant for fun and easy-going can easily make a single man visiting the country rethink if their visa was long enough. Single ladies visiting Malta also have something to marvel about. The Maltese single men know how to get their hearts around love and make ladies feel valued. 

Without necessarily sending a false signal that all Maltese singles could be a best match for everyone, they, like the rest of Europeans won’t’ hide a thing. If they don’t think dating you will be something worth trying, they will tell you without wasting much of your time. Time is of essence when dating in Malta and they will surely fancy saving it. 

Starting off on a dating spree in Malta

You are probably visiting Malta for the first time. The visit may be a short one or with a possibility of longer stay. Assuredly, Malta is an amazing tour destination where revellers and avid travellers would throng. But amidst this amazingness of a destination is the question of dating, love and relationships. 

Also it would be great that you know something about having insurance in Malta

Dating someone from an entirely different social setting with strange social identity and values requires great effort. It never comes easy to feel swept away by just the looks of the Maltese single men and damsels. It’s for this very reason that we get all those yearning hearts started on what to expect when dating in Malta. 

Most people are always sweep in the rush of these feelings but as you enjoy such moments, your biggest worry should be whether your new catch is genuine or not as it will help you determine how long your relationship will last. In Malta for instance, relationship experts say that the first three months of getting to know someone is enough to determine whether or not your relationship is real or has an expiration date.

There is also the idea of the ‘three date rule’ in Malta. The idea is that when you are seeing someone new or planning to go exclusive, there is a short period of waiting before you have sex with them. Carrie Bradshaw and her friends popularized this as they said that within this period one gets a chance to evaluate the other person before hopping into bed. Therefore, anyone moving to Malta must remember this to avoid messing up along the journey.

Is it okay to kiss on the first Date in Malta?

Everyone else is always very cautious when it comes to getting into contact with their dates, especially that first kiss. First dates are however very risky but when you feel you have a lot in common then you can just go ahead and do it. Kissing on a first date enables you to see if you have any romantic rather than platonic potential. If the kiss is as terrific as the date was, then this can be a great indicator that you both have matching styles.

Online dating in Malta

Malta being one of the sought after tourist destination, the internet really makes things spin in this small country. As soon as you set foot in Malta, the amazing internet access will surely fend off any fears of missing watching Netflix, talking to people or checking newsfeed on social media. Over and above these, the internet really makes possible online dating in Malta.

From the comfort of your hotel room or apartment in Malta you will get an opportunity to interact with singles in their thousands on online dating sites. If you arrive in Malta and feel constrained by the fear of first impressions and just starting a one on one conversation with someone you would like to date, try it online. The people there are just like you, looking for love and very particular about it.

For the best online dating experience in Malta, look out for the following websites that give singles a chance to meet their matches for exciting dating life.

  • Malta Singles
  • Tinder
  • Singles in Malta-Facebook page
  • Datingnmore
  • Sentimente

5 Bonding stages for men in Malta

Every relationship goes through dating stages. Knowing about these five stages in a relationship can help you understand your feelings about your partner and your relationship at large. In these five stages you will experience Attraction, Disappointment, Dating, Stability and finally Commitment. Through these stages, one gets to learn and know if their partners are destined for a lifetime commitment.

Stage one: Attraction and Romance

This is the very first and most crucial stage of every relationship as every couple gets to experience this. Here, the couple is beginning to know each other; it is a main step to go through. It is always a fantasy and honeymoon phase because your partner seems to be perfect at this stage. 

How long this phase lasts varies from one individual to another. It is important to note that this stage is very enjoyable but not sustainable for those men who keep on changing partners. This stage should last for a maximum of three months.

Stage two; Reality sets in 

This stage creeps in slowly as the relationship progresses but sometimes it comes all at once. This stage takes a little bit longer, about six months or as long as it takes for both of you. Most relationships end here because one person decides they have made a selection mistake. Although if the couple can accept their flaws, then they can proceed to the next level.

Stage three; Disappointment

When things fall apart in stage two then definitely the couple must be ready for disappointment. These couples might spend about a year working on their differences in an effort to get to a place of stability. If they are able to engage in healthy communications and see positive progress, you are likely to move to the next phase of failure to which, it ends there and they both part ways.

It is very natural to lose these early romantic feelings. The only way to advance through the relationship stages is simply COMMUNICATION and HARDWORK. It is worth the effort when you find the right person to share the journey.

Can a man love a woman without sleeping with her in Malta?

Sex is very crucial in every relationship and no one should live with the assumption that they can have sex with any partners they meet around. In Malta, even if you had sex, you would feel guilty for making her do something she is uncomfortable with. 

To sum it up, a man can most definitely love a woman without having sex with her. Research has it that women in Malta may stay around with you even for a year without having sex. However, lack of sex may seriously complicate the relationship.

How soon is too soon to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to a Maltese dating partner?

The word ‘I love you’ is pleasant to the ear whether it is coming from your parent, siblings etc. but I must join everyone else to say that it sounds different when it comes from that one person. A research conducted in Malta reveals that 62% of people think you should say ‘I love you’ as soon as you feel it whereas 26% think you should wait for several months and 2% think you should wait at least a year. On average it has been found that men take about three months to say ‘I love you’ because in a period of these three months they are sure of who and the circumstance to which they are saying it.

Final Thoughts about Dating in Malta 

Malta has no difference from other countries when it comes to Dating and relationships. It entirely depends on an individual. There is nothing new whatever you already know is what exists. It’s entirely proper communication and hard work and everything else will fall into place at the right time.