Dating in Slovakia

Dating in Slovakia

Slovakia is a central Europe country which bears the official name Slovak Republic. So much can be said about Slovakia including being home to great attractions such as over 20 UNESCO sites, hosting the highest number of castles and châteaux just to name but a few. For reasons stretching from job, studies, religious to adventure, Slovakia receives immigrants from every part of the world. In case you are a single person planning to visit this landlocked country, then it’s proper not to lock possibilities of just meeting your match.

What better memories of Slovakia can best that of being smitten by those charming well built Slovak men who greatly believe in authenticity, for all the good reasons. A single man too will not get over the sights of the Slavic single girls. These damsels are a cocktail of glamor and elegance with a tinge of conservativeness. They don’t ignore overtures of men but instead show up when they mean to and uphold family values. 

Getting to think of dating when coming to Slovakia

Coming to Slovakia can be a dream come true and most people will largely focus on it being a chance to visit the dream destinations. It is given that everyone would first focus on satisfying their curiosity about Slovakia and in most cases, dating never makes it to the list; at least not in the outset. 

From a single person moving to Slovakia, thinking hard about and opening for possibilities of dating a Alovak is something  great. As anyone may agree, moving to a new place of residence comes with its own challenges.  Among the challenges is the weather, loneliness and the worst of it is tracing your roots into that country. 

The thoughts about dating in Slovakia can be a tactical way of overcoming loneliness, finding a foothold in a new country, building social circles from scratch and generally fulfilling natural romantic feelings. Some people may try to ignore these realities but bless my soul, they fail big time as nature draws them back to flirting, flings or just having nice moments. 

Just to mention, dating in Slovakia is not necessarily something that should play out like flings a one night stand of such. Of course Slovak are open to casual relationships as is the case anywhere else but there are also chances that they can become good partners in marriage. Actually, Slovaks believe in marriage and family set up which then makes them good couples. 

For a minute, even if you don’t have this in your plans, you will spot these  lovely slim-bodied brunettes and blonde Slovak ladies. They are unassuming yet captivating. Any man will surely not ignore them. Without exaggeration and not offending the adage that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Slovak single ladies have high cheeks, blue or almond green eyes. 

Dating sites in Slovakia

As a newcomer to Slovakia, it is a tactical thing to make use of the reliable and highly accessible internet connection in the country. Just sitting on your couch at home or sleeping your stress away in bed, you need to just create a profile on any of the following listed dating sites, get noticed, notice someone and pick up conversations with a goal of winning love. 

Try out these dating sites and get the full experience of romance,flirting and flings. There is always something to find interesting on the dating sites in Slovakia. 

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Making a first Approach to Slovak single girls

Men, however, taken away by the beauty of a lady must always try to be strategic. First impressions and initial moves go a long way in telling a Slovak damsel, what kind of a person she is about to let loose to. To hit the bulls eye, you need to really understand the average Slovak girl and her disposition on matters of love or relationship. They say, an action will always generate a reaction and in the case of dating, only pleasant reactions spice things up. 

Slovak girls are very friendly and polite. They know how to talk in a friendly and hospitable way. Average men may mistake the hospitality of a Slovak lady as an automatic give in to a request at dating. No, they are good and goodness is just that, trying to win their love and romance is something else. 

Despite the fact that Slovakia is a European country where modernity has really swept in and out, the ladies there are still conservative. They have their way of putting people off without necessarily showing rudeness. Being that Christinaity, catholicism to be specific, is the dominant religion in Slovakia, the ladies have  been socialized to uphold values. However, be careful not to be too forceful, offensive or overreaching in your pursuit of love hoping she will let it pass. No, even with religion, they remain human and that must be respected. 

Being that religion is highly considered as a socializing force in Slovakia, you can already imagine that an average Slovak may drag her feet to engage in casual flings and relationships, but they do anyway. When dating, they will in no uncertain terms make known their intentions, which in most cases point towards a long term relationship ending in family. 

The inside out of a dating experience in Slovakia

In a world where finding faithful partners is scarce and open relationships simply mean a chance to date Tom and rush to Harry, Slovak have a difference. Slovak women are faithful to their partners and hate situations that lead to betrayal of their trust. In case you are looking to snatching a Slovak lady from a man she really loves, then you better find another hobby. I know boys find pride in taking away girlfriends but these hunky punky games don’t really work with the Slovak girl, especially the religious ones. 

A man worth his salt will win the love of a Slovak girl and if this happens, it pours. She will make you feel loved and will be no holds back at showing it. So, it remains your own choice as a man to do your bit in making things work out. At the very least, do not just be a freaking jerk.

So much great news, yeah? Sorry, there is this one thing that may send you back to thinking over again.  It is not easy to find a single woman in Slovakia. Somehow, somewhat, they may not openly accept your overtures but a smart man shoots his shot and weathers all the challenges the lady may pose. Actually they will tear you to see your conviction for dating. 

People who have dated Slovak girls sometimes have the feeling that they are all engaged or married because they won’t just open up as they do in the USA or other European countries. You have to do the work, put the effort as a man and the goal surely justifies it. 

Lucky? You just got her to say yes to your request for dating? This is a jackpot. After all, which man really does not want to feel genuine love? At least not me and obviously not any single man out there looking for a partner. So when she accepts it, it is your turn to commit fully into your relationship and show her that truly you want it. If truly you are for a committed relationship with a Slovakian woman, then you got to appreciate the two qualities in these women; faithful and committed.

Ten tips for dating a Slovak girl

Love is a language perceived by every individual. When it comes to dating in Slovakia, then one must be very careful lest you lose it all. There are a few tips or rather guidelines that will help you not to cross the line. If anything, nobody wants to start something they will not be able to sustain. Below is a head start to dating a Slovak girl.

  1. Apply some intelligence. Every woman wants that man who thinks outside the box. Do not be boringly common in your approach to life. The Slovak girl will really fall in when you try to impress her. One way for doing this is by working around things and making them do stuff they would ordinarily not agree to. Of course it should not be intelligence to harm but to charm her. That is, you should be able to exceed your woman with wisdom
  2. Communication matters. Never miss a chance to call your Slovak lady at any time of the day. Invite her for the national drink that is the Barovick, most of them love that.
  3. Arrange for dates and more dates. This should be one of the national restaurants just to have a taste of Bryndzové halušky
  4. Don’t buy gifts on the first date. But at least carry a flower for a start. 
  5. Try to arrange nature dates. Dating has to be in a place that allows the two of you to connect and with no interruptions. Just find a natural place where you have all the time to look into the beauty in her eyes as she carefully scans your muscles as a man. It never gets any more thrilling than this. Also, be timely with your dates because it tells alot about you as a person.  Either be there 5 minutes earlier or just be right in time but just don’t be late because Slovakian girls do not tolerate that.

This is why men would rush to date a Slovak girl 

The word unique is relative. What makes an individual outstanding among others for me may not be similar in the other. Slovak women are said to be quite unique compared to those from other countries because they seem to know everything about work and balance. They are always ready to fully contribute to a family budget and might not agree to remain housewives. 

A Slovak lady is extremely considerate towards the partner and ready to accommodate his wishes, to a certain extent. When looking for nothing but marriage in Slovakia, then it is important to arrange for a video call first. On video, you get to check whether you can have a mindful conversation with them. A number of features that make these strong-willed, beautiful ladies stand out from the rest are as follows; 

Slovak girls can be outgoing 

First interaction with  a Slovak single lady can give an entirely misleading impression of her. When you see these women for the first time, you may judge them to be a bit cold and distant. But, once you start talking to them, you realize that they are more sociable than expected. Simply feel free to share your fears with her and even go ahead and seek advice from her. These women are known to be good listeners without being judgmental.

A Slovak girl likes a straightforward approach

You as a man do not need to apply rocket science in winning a Slovak lady. Slovak women are known to be very straightforward. This is evident in their direct questions during the first conversations you engage them in. They are said to be very outspoken and voice their opinions clearly. Amidst these they are also very emotional but often calm down quickly even after getting into an argument. Slovakian women occasionally feel sorry when they make mistakes but it is very difficult for them to apologize.

Strong willed Slovak Damsels

As mentioned earlier, Slovak women are considerably outspoken. No wonder the women easily make it to elected political seats. For example, the Slovak had  their first female president not so long ago. If you want to have discussions with them on certain issues, make sure you are clear and straight to the point. Just be on the ready because these women will really challenge you. So, you should rather prepare yourself for the challenge.

Final thought for singles looking for love in Slovakia

Finding a soulmate in Slovakia is not as easy as it may be in other countries as per say. The women here have outstanding character and are quite tough, this does not work for the faint hearted. Just keep trying for consistency is the key to everything.