Dating in Sweden

Dating in Sweden

Like many of the countries that form Scandinavia, Sweden is a gem in almost all aspects including for singles interested in dating. From the outset, any single person planning to try out dating a Swede must be well aware that the rule is one person at a time. It is an unwritten rule not to engage in playing around. Simply put, you will only see one dating partner at a time, no playing games.

Thinking hard about dating in Sweden

When Sweden is mentioned, dating is probably something that should come up first through the mind if a single person. Like many others, you will first think about the great adventure and attractions in the country. There is nothing wrong with being more focused on looking at chances of self-development in Sweden, but it would be a great thing not to completely forget about social aspect of your life there and dating is one important bit of it.

Of all the Scandinavian nations, Sweden is interestingly beautiful from the presence of the coastal islands and the inland lakes. The degree of elegance, sophistication and learned people in Sweden is also worth noting. Who in their right mind would want to enjoy the beautiful boreal forests and glaciated mountains alone? To have a partner is a must and a necessary way to keep you away from loneliness while traversing through Sweden’s beauty.

Thinking hard about dating life in Sweden

Whatever it is that brings you to Sweden, intimacy and love is one thing that will somehow squeeze in between. You may have never planned for it but it without a doubt finds a way to emerge. If you tagged your partner along then it is good news. On the other hand, a single lady or gentleman who is ready to mingle cannot afford to miss enjoying the company of the charming and affectionate fellow Swedish singles.

The general physique and fitness of a Swedish man is something a really open-minded damsel can’t ignore. They will definitely sweep you off your fee and blow off your imaginations about what a suitable dating partner should be.

Swedes are famous for being good lovers who extend their politeness to the bedroom. A Swedish man would genuinely guarantee you happiness and satisfaction but you must return the favour in equal portion.

Dating a Swedish Woman

Swedish women are beautiful and open minded which then makes them more open to starting new relationships. Of course, as any other woman, there are a few strings a man will have to pull, at least to show some effort in making up the relationship.

For anyone interested in dating a Swedish woman, it is good to prepare for an exciting affectionate adventure. The only disclaimer is that you need to play correctly and get your head and possibly your heart to it. Assuredly, the sight of the rising sun every morning will be beautiful besides a pretty, tall, and smooth skin Swedish woman.

One thing that you can’t take away from the is that they have always been on the limelight for their proportionate features with blondes and the deep blue or grey eyes. Their soft lips are so inviting and their soft-spoken nature which makes them proud. No man would want to miss a chance to have intimacy with a respectful Swedish woman. But they also will always expect an equal treatment from you.           

The Swedish version of Dating

Sweden is well known as a country in Europe that also maintains a great act of Renaissance. Therefore, the country is popular for its free spirits and progressive mind. Sweden is unique and holds its own culture especially on issues dating, courtship and marriage. For a country that has been on the frontline in supporting gender equality, it has become a culture to apply gender equality in daily life. So, what is it really like to date in Sweden?

It may sound funny but really, most Swedes don’t go out there with a particular intention to date someone. Swedes at the age when anyone is expected to aggressively be dating may not expressly do just that. Instead, they will let the bond to come out over time. So, this is what they will likely do-hang around within similar confines of social groups until a relationship slowly sprout.

As someone who may be interested in getting it fast and quick, it may be disappointing waiting for him or her to make the first move after a few days all in vain. It may seem very strange and funny but somehow, somewhat, that is it. After a while, if something works out, couples will bond and emerge with a bunch of children.

For a non-Swede, not all is lost with this unique dating culture. You are still welcome to figure out how to find your very own Swede match to take home. You are wondering how this is possible even with the confusing dating culture? Here are the few guides to show you ways around as you start your journey to finding love in Sweden.

1. Know what “Fika” means when dating in Sweden 

Just like any other country, Sweden has its own unique ways surrounding dating that makes it different from another country in Europe. In Sweden, it is commonly known as “Fika” and not a date when a man asks a woman out or the other way round. “Fika” in Sweden is having a coffee together while enjoying each other’s company eating bread or pastries.

When on a date with a Swede, it is prudent to just refer to it as “Fika” and not a date. I believe it can be a little confusing, but once you have immersed into the culture, it will get very exciting.

After several times of Fika, two people can then move to other activities could be ice skating, theme park, or barbecuing. While in Sweden, if you are going out together with your date for ice skating, for movies, or barbecuing, you don’t call it a date. It is a culture that it is normally referred to as simply say the two of you are going ice skating or just barbecuing. This could sound somehow weird to a new comer but once a culture always a culture and just soak it in and be happy.

2. Shyness is a big no when dating in Sweden

Swedes are very resistant to interrupting other people. Most Swedes would rather suffer to death than ask someone for any help. They cannot interrupt you, because what if you are onto something very important? They are strange and even if you happen to be the cutest person around them, they would never be so rude as to mention this to you. What is left of you is to be the first one to make a move and ask them out and this means that as a person you can never be shy.

Since gender equality is highly important in Sweden, there are no laid down rules that it is only a man that must make the first move. So, even if you are a woman interested in men, you are free to make your move and ask a guy out.

3. Dating in Sweden, you won’t escape without making that affectionate Hug

Countries have varied cultures of greeting from kissing, peck on the cheek, to kissing hand when they meet one another. Swedish are not well conversant with any of these and only understand the language of a hug more even on a first meeting. Instead of meeting your prospective date then kiss, an awkward hug would do just fine while in Sweden.

A Swedish man or woman is more comfortable with a simply lean toward each other while wrapping your arms around then separate again. Dating in Sweden is quite different since kissing is a considered a complicated aspect when a man and woman are building a relationship. Both parties are often not allowed to kiss but hug until you are sure of the direction of your relationship. While still building your relationship it would be prudent to only start and end your Fika with a hug.

4. Flirting with others when dating is a offensive in Sweden

A Swedish man or woman would not tolerate someone who flirts a lot. Despite the dating terms being held at Fika levels, it would be improper for one to Fika and at the same time flirt with another person.

If you are having a Fika with either a man or a woman, then it is not right for you to have another Fika with another person. Flirting with another while on Fika with other is considered cheating in Sweden despite the word dating not being used.

This is how to go about growing your dating life with Swedish singles

Swedish men and women have their own rules when it comes to dating. It may appear strict but I believe there is always a bright side for everything. Taking for example the fun things you are likely to experience with your Swedish girlfriend or boyfriend. At the end of the road, one will always be grateful that it happened. For a beginner, these are the very vital things that you need to know while spending time with your Swedish partner.

  • Start with meeting for a cup of coffee which is commonly known as Fika in Sweden while building your relationship.
  • Make lunch dates a routine but this should come after several Fikas. Doing other activities after Fika means that the relationship has advanced to the next level.
  • If lunch dates become too boring, then you are free to advance to theme parks. If its winter, then make it ice skating.
  • While building your relationship, cooking a meal together is also a spice while building a connection. Swedish mean and women love cooking asides from learning new cultures and tasting new food. To make it more fun, just shop for the ingredients together and slowly get closer to each other.

Is dating hard in Sweden?

Well, dating is considered a very serious aspect of social and family life in Sweden. So, when intending to enjoy the company of your beautiful Swedish woman or handsome Swedish man, you must be exclusive and not play games. For most Swedes marriage is logical next step that follows a serious relationship. In Sweden serious relationships are just good the way they appear to be.