Dating in Germany

Dating in Germany

It’s so many people’s dream to visit if not live in Germany. The thoughts of just walking the streets of Berlin or going out shopping in the most popular places in Germany such as Schildergasse, Zeil and many more is just one to behold. Maybe as a good historian you want to also go see where the Berlin wall had been erected before it’s dismantling on November 9, 1989. But, over and above all these there is love in Germany.

You will see romance on the streets, amusement parks, boats, trains, city restaurants…almost everywhere. Sights of lovebirds walking together holding hands, kissing publicly and caressing are not a strange thing along the streets of Germany. Even if you are someone who tries to ignore the beauty of love, it is only a matter of time before you join into the fray

 To be frank and brutally honest, someone arriving in Germany as a single person will find it hard to completely ignore dating in the country. As sure as tomorrow will come, somewhat somehow, you will spot that charming damsel or handsome gentleman who melts your heart.

It is appropriate to accept that there isn’t one perfect way to be in a relationship but there are a few tricks tat work best in different countries. To help you navigate the tricky yet satisfying field of dating and relationships in Germany, we give you hints that make you better off at it.

So, this is what dating in Germany looks like

To begin, lets admit early enough that love and dating are things of the heart that no human rules can control. It is all an adventurous journey that when you thrush yourself into, it only gets good to learn in it every time. If anything, the case is similar to Germany.

Germany does not differ much with other European countries when it comes to Dating. In the past years German -foreign partnerships have greatly increased. Actually, more than 1.5 million German-foreign couples live together of which about 1.1 million were married. This must be a pleasant news to the ears for whoever wishes to have a partner in Germany.

What is the Appropriate Age for Dating in Germany?

Marriage is becoming popular in Germany. In this case, age may be a factor when looking for a person to date in Germany. In case you are moving in Germany and wondering whether you are at the right age or weather you will find a partner with the right age that suits you then here is the good news, there is no specific age for this rather anyone interested in dating can go ahead provided there is an average

age. Some argue that German men should be older than women but it’s not a guarantee because you can date anyone regardless of the age bracket. Although German men prefer to date younger women than them. This is because the lifespan of the women is shorter than that of men thus, they become old faster than men. However, this is not very basic in German.

Meeting up with your dating partner in Germany

Meeting up in Germany is not a strange thing as it is similar to other European countries when you get to Germany as a Teenager, you start to socialize at different levels either in School, within the neighborhood or even in the nearest social places. This may differ slightly with the young adults as it may be in the Bars or even in clubs. This generally takes place within their close friends that they move around with.

Online dating sites in Germany

If there is something that Germans just like other immigrants in Germany cherish about the internet is that it came with dating sites.  As much as men and women in Germany are relatively outgoing and can create a situation to express their affection towards you, there is always this fear lingering about “what if.” Nobody wants to appear desperate and feel rejected even after showing clear signs that they are into someone.

The dating sites in Germany are a great meeting place that acts as a clear icebreaker into relationships. It is here where yearning souls and lonely singles turn to overcome their fears of a one on one first impression. People in Germany would rather hide behind their phones or laptops to intrigue you into falling for them before they can arrange for an actual meeting. Of course, there are positives and downsides to this which isn’t the focus of this post.

Some of the popular dating sites in Germany include;

  • ElitePartner.
  • Parship.
  • LoveScout24.
  • eDarling.
  • C-Date.
  • NextLove.
  • Tinder
  • Lovoo.

Making Moves into a Relationship in Germany

Everyone else loves it taken slow and given just enough time to invest in knowing would-be lovemate. Similarly, this approach is practical other in European countries Germany inclusive. Most Germans don’t rush relationship they take months or weeks to know someone before making it official about dating or rather entering a relationship.

Germans may also prefer to live with someone they are in a relationship with for even years before they officially decide to get married. Marriage is done out of respect unlike before when traditions would be observed. Such traditions included a man going to seek permission from the woman’s father. This was done out of respect the man had for the family of the woman. This has continued overtime.

Are children a critical consideration in German relationships?

This is a question everyone aspiring to have a relationship in German would ask themselves before making such bold steps. The good news is this is a choice or rather a decision that the couple themselves agree on for instance those couples who would want to have children at a later age after establishing themselves may still choose to do so.

As a matter of fact, women in Germany have children at an average age of 31. However, the attitude of having children Germany is slowly changing as couples may choose not to have children or to have children together but stay in separated relationships. Sounds funny right but that’s it therefore its never stiff as most of us puts it.

Who pays for dates in Germany?

When it comes to Gender roles in German then all are regarded to be equal especially when it comes down to paying for dates. Anyone regards men to pay for the bills when on a date with a guy. Well, the German men can still pay for the bills when the woman is not working but it’s not a grantee

that they do that. In fact, if a German man pays for the bills, then all one needs to do is say thank you. You may also suggest to take care of the bills next time you meet but when out with him, wait until he does that. Picking a fight on who to pay or who not to pay should not be thought of rather each of the couple should take it as a personal responsibility to do so.

Roles that Family Plays in Dating in Germany

Family still remains fundamentally important in every European country and Germany is not an exception. This means that every dating couple must spend some time with their family members and also, the family of your partners parents and siblings to get to spend some quality time with them, get to know them. Having mentioned that, it’s also very key to note that most Germans feel that family home is the most essential place to nurture a child’s behavior and general bringing up of a child. That said, Germans are encouraged to be independent thorough childhood.

So, there are a number of activities they are supposed to do by themselves as this helps them to be more responsible when they become adults. As a result of this, most children leave their parents’ home and move out to start their own lives when they reach university level or as soon as they become financially independent.