Dating Scene in Spain

Dating Scene in Spain

When you land in Spain, it quickly clicks in the mind that looking for love and actually dating in the country is nothing weird. After all, somehow and somewhat, everyone wats to be loved and to love back; it’s a natural human instinct that comes out undeterred.

You may be coming to Spain as a student, worker, international tourist, researcher or whatever the specific thing that brings you. Any person arriving in Spain will feel attracted to the beautiful damsels walking along the streets of major cities and frequenting city joints, clubs and restaurants. Equally a single lady will feel the irresistible urge to be approached or attract the well-formed athletic Spanish men.

In any case, single lady or single man, Spain will provide an exciting scene to meet, mingle and date some of the most open-minded singles like you. Every single in Spain simply knows what they are looking for and are never reluctant to make the move, be actively involved and call it quits when things tur haywire.

General impression of Spain

Amidst a culturally diverse economy, the thought of dating is not something out of the ordinary in Spain. It is a normal human feeling to feel butterflies when you set your eyes upon a young and pure Spanish female. Their dark, straight, or curly hair, let alone their tanned skin, hazel eyes, and the nice feminine physique is not something that can be ignored.

Just like other parts of Europe, Spain holds some of the equal beauty standards when it comes to women. The beauty of Spanish women as undeniably natural and plastic surgery is not a common thing in Spain.

While enjoying the beauty from the artistic and geographical features found in Spain, as a woman, you can never resist the attraction towards a Spanish man. Their desire to remain loyal, trustworthy, and extremely romantic with their significant other is golden.

The fact that a Spanish man is not afraid to show their feelings and true self to their woman would definitely sweep any female off their feet. When you are blessed to date a Spanish man then you have nothing to worry about because they are very loyal and play no games.

You will always find out that dating someone from a different culture is fun, dreamy, and exciting though there are a few challenges. Truth is, Spanish people have a fair share of being gorgeous from the flowing fiery passion and sexiest of smiles. Looking aside, lets soak into the Spanish language and the accent. What exactly happens to you when you listen to the language and accent? The extremely sexy accent and sense of style is something that one would not want to miss by not dating a Spanish.

Online dating sites in Spain

To make your search for a single like you who really matches whatever expectations of a partner you have, online dating sites is a life saver. Although online dating has its downsides too, it will help you get a first impression of the person whom is interested in you, share your ideas and see if they match. Also, online dating sites make you reach out to so many singles compared to depending on physical meet ups which is a big hassle.

In Spain, look out to the following popular dating sites;

  1. Meetic
  2. EDarling
  3. Parship
  4. Badoo
  5. Tinder

Dating culture in Spain

Anyone who is already dating or even thinking about dating a Spanish guy or damsel is in for a romantic ride. The Spaniards are commonly known in Europe as those that are romantic at heart. This is due to their passionate and expressive selves from the fact that they are not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeves. For one to be able to fully enjoy the experience of dating a Spaniard, it is prudent to understand their dating traditions.

For the Spaniards, the end goal of dating is normally marriage due to the fact that they are more traditional. Gender equality is also a very vital aspect in Spain which means that women are more empowered. Generally, anyone can be the first one to make a move whether a lady or a gentleman. If you are woman, do not be discouraged and kill your dream of dating a Spaniard by folding your feelings. Feel free make the move do not wait for him to make the first move.

Dating in Spain is more of a family affair since it is highly valued and that Spaniards are very traditional. You must be ready to embrace the fact that everyone will be actively involved in your relationship as regards to family. Before you even realize it, you shall have become an integral part of a warm and loving family union.

Spaniards are not used to whispering but often hold loud conversations. It is crazy yes, but to be able to blend into the culture smoothly, you must also be loud enough to be heard at family gatherings.

A few reality checks for singles planning dating in Spain

Like many other countries across Europe, Spain shares a Christian faith and they are predominantly Catholics. Religion like culture is vital part of every family. A strong foundation of a relationship filled with romance and love is built through a foundational culture and religion. If by any chance one is willing to share the same sentiments, then they should consider being Catholic and form a strong relationship.

In Spain the sense of timing is somewhat awkward. Once you start dating or intended to date a Spaniard, your sense of timing has to adjust. It is not like a usually early bird will start to have issues adjusting their time by panicking, it is normal. It will also help you to minimize the stress of arriving somewhere on time. The most important aspect for Spaniards is family since it means the whole world to them.

The other most interesting aspect to note that Spaniards love dancing. If dancing defines you then you have just arrived at your forever home. It is a crazy but a uniquely defined culture that no being would want to miss. If you are not a good dancer then at least try to dance your date will be moved with happiness. But when it comes to saying goodbyes, Spaniards are on the record to take a longer time saying their goodbyes. It is prudent to start saying your goodbyes about 30 minutes before being ready to part ways.

The fun, exciting and boring when dating a Spanish Lady

If you date a Spanish woman, there is not a chance that you will forget her. A Spanish woman is irresistible and passionately unforgettable just by considering some aspects. A Spanish woman is completely content and secure for being a Spanish. They love being Spanish as so if she is very important to you, then learning and getting to know her culture and background is key.

The women will always show up for the occasion in her a super stylish way. Looking into the city streets there are women all over dressed to the nines with a perfect hair do and make up. Loving a Spanish lady is the best thing you cannot miss since they dress to kill always.

With a Spanish lady, one can never go hungry. Be ready to accept home cooked or takeaway meals from a Spanish woman or her family. Turning down food offered to you even if you have not liked it is considered rude. Other than their ability to care for their men, Spanish women are super sexy and gorgeous. One must be very secure and confident to have them as their partner because jealousy and possessiveness are not welcome.

One will never miss the passion these women possess. When she loves someone, she truly loves. The hugs, kisses, the compassion, not forgetting that they are not afraid to show their affection for you publicly. A Spanish woman is a keeper and will introduce you to her family early enough for approval.  

Dating a Spanish Man

Spanish men are men like any other that you have had experience with before. But men from various countries have their own culture, taste and what they expect from dating. So, Spanish men are no exception to this. Apart from their physical appeal, men here love football and Sundays are meant for football. If you are not ready to love this game and watch it with them, it is better to stay away from a Spanish man. The tall, dark, and handsome profile defines them all. Indeed, Spanish men are smoking hot.

Spaniards particularly men, are quite traditional. Spain takes a lead in the way for equality through perceiving equal opportunities for women. Allow your Spanish guy to open doors for you, pull a chair for you, and most of the time partake on the provider role. A Spanish man will treat you as a goddess that you are but you must be a very hardworking woman. Similarly, they are extremely romantic a gesture that is worth dying for. For a Spanish man, there is completely no fear of opening up on how they feel since they are emotionally aware.

Not all that Glitters is not Gold?

Aside from the popular perceptions, not all Spaniards are mighty Latin lovers who will recite love poems and pamper you. Neither are they the fiery temptress who are genius at dancing flamenco. However, with the presence of the amusing cultural stereotypes it is just wise that one takes them with a pinch of salt. Therefore, understanding of all these traits and mindset of Spaniards is key to a successful love life.