Insurance in Croatia

Insurance in Croatia

Insurance in Croatia is something worth reading about. It does not matter whether you already lives in in Croatia or plan to sometime in the near future move there. it’s a reality that having any form of insurance in Croatia does not necessarily mean that there are so many dangers in the country. It only serves as a measure of precaution just in the event something happens that would force you to spend a lot of money. So, insurance companies in Croatia are actually your listening and caring partner at the moments of desperation and dire need.  Simply put, the insurers in Croatia will always have your back.

In Croatia, insurance is important because it helps the residents get cover against anything which if occurs will cost you a lot to manage. The truth of the matter is that while today you may be safe and having everything well in order, tomorrow you get a tragic road accident, your house burns down, your children fall sick or many other unfortunate stuff.

You do not need to all the time stay worried and asking “what if” this bad thing occurs to me, my property or a member of the family. With a proper insurance policy in Croatia, you don’t have to worry anymore. In brief, insurance cover gives the insured people the confidence to face a new day, however uncertain it may be. It’s worth noting that the degree of cover and compensation that people get squarely depends on the insurance they have taken. The compensation can either be through cash, other benefits or both. Apart from taking care of the future, insurance makes it easy for Croatians to enhance cash flow management and get investment opportunities. The varied kinds of insurance in Croatia include health, travel, pets, unemployment, and housing.

Health Insurance in Croatia

The health insurance in Croatia is divided into two, including Obvezno (mandatory for all the residents) and Dopunsko (optional coverage). Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) provides mandatory health insurance, and it insures all the people with permanent residence in Croatia. However, the people with temporary residence are insured by the employment contract.

Insurance in Croatia

HZZO is claimed on different grounds, including economic activities conduct, employment contract, a family member of insured individuals, and pension. Besides, according to the mandatory insurance policy, one has to be insured within 30 days. The insurance gives one the rights to:

  • Orthopaedic and getting healthcare abroad
  • Primary healthcare
  • Hospital healthcare
  • Consultation and specialist healthcare
  • Using HZZO primary as well as supplementary medication list
  • Consultation and specialist healthcare
  • Prosthetic and dental care

Mandatory insurance also covers occupational diseases and accidents at work. However, one must also cover some medical care costs, and the minimum co-participation amount is HRK 10 while the maximum is HRK 2,000. Supplementary insurance is taken with the HHZO health insurance policy. It costs about HRK 840 annually and HRK 70 monthly.

Unemployment Insurance

The situation in which one can claim unemployment benefits is through the loss of jobs. All employees in Croatia, including the ones who are self-employed, are entitled to this insurance. Nevertheless, one has to meet some conditions before making a claim, and one of them is working for at least 9 months in the past 2 years before becoming unemployed. Also, one’s employment must not be terminated voluntarily or because of their fault.

One’s cash benefit depends on the previous wage received before unemployment. For the first three months of unemployment, the benefit is about 60% of the remaining period and 30% of the base calculation. In addition, the unemployment benefit can be claimed from 90 to about 450 calendar days.

Car Insurance

The main types of car insurance in Croatia are third party liability and comprehensive insurance. Third-party liability insurance is required when there is a claim against the owner of the car for legal costs and personal injuries. Consequently, comprehensive insurance covers the damages caused to the vehicle by its owner and others, including property damage, theft, fire, and injury.

Insurance in Croatia

Home Insurance

Most of Croatians’ biggest financial investment is purchasing an apartment or house and decorating and furnishing it. Therefore, home insurance plays the role of protecting the residents’ valuable assets. Some of the risks covered in home insurance include landslide, snow pressure, hail, storm, artificial fall, a direct influence of lightning, explosion, and fire. Household items, as well as residential buildings, can be insured.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policy is beneficial to every Croatian, and the advantage is that the pay-outs are normally tax-free. Besides, if one dies while is still covered, then the beneficiaries are entitled to a lump-sum death benefit. Besides, taking life insurance means that the dependants do not have to be worried regarding the person’s living expenses.

Life insurance should be taken when one is still young but not during old age. The reason is that this kind of insurance is normally tailored towards an individual’s needs and circumstances. It also ensures that dependants are not left in financial turmoil when the insurer is dead.

Travel Insurance

Do you love travelling around the world? Why not take travel insurance and travel without any stress. Having travel insurance when travelling to or out of Croatia helps in covering delayed luggage, cancelled trips, legal expenses, personal accidents, and medical expenses.

Pet Insurance

About 60% of Croatians have animals. Unfortunately, most of them do not treat them the right way because of ignorance. Therefore, one of the ways of treating an animal right is by having pet insurance. The insurance covers illnesses, accidents and wellness. Therefore, insurance saves money and allows one to focus on the health of his or her pet.

Personnel Insurance in Croatia

Personnel insurance is critical for any company a business in Croatia, whether it is big or small. It covers both the employees and employer in case of sickness or accident. Unfortunately, the self employed individuals do not get cover under employee compensation. Some of the examples of personnel insurance include disability, life, trauma, or income protection.

Popular insurance companies in Croatia

  • AGRAM LIFE osiguranje
  • CROATIA osiguranje
  • EUROHERC osiguranje
  • Hrvatsko kreditno osiguranje
  • UNIQA osiguranje
  • Wiener osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group
  • Wüstenrot životno osiguranje