Payday Loan in Croatia

Payday Loan in Croatia

Croatia is a country that although small, recently claimed its place in the talks of many for getting to the 2018 World Cup finals. This achievement points to the resilience of the Croatians which actually goes a long way in making the country a darling of many. While there is just so much potential for anyone who would wish to take leap and relocate to Croatia, sometimes hard work falls short of meeting own financial needs. In cases where an individual gets broke, payday loans is an option that really becomes a life saver.

A payday loan refers to a short-term loan usually taken in small amounts. Mostly, they are available on the internet. In Croatia, there are several institutions offering loans. The loans are good as they will help you to solve some of the complex problems including paying for insurance, decorating the house, and making internet subscription payments.

The following are some of the Payday loans Institutions in Croatia:

Evo Cash

Evo Cash offers payday loans between 500 to 10, 000 Kn. The repayment duration is usually between 15 to 180 days. Moreover, the loan application is usually done online. An example of how the company works is when you take a loan of 1,000 Kn and the repayment period is 30 days or dana. For such a loan, the processing cost is 30 Kn, the repayment amount is 970 Kn, and the fee is 250 Kn. Therefore, the total amount that you will return is 1,250 Kn. When making a loan application, you will provide personal data that include your name, address, company as well as the date of birth. Moreover, you will provide payment information and employer data.

LiderPress lender in Croatia

LiderPress is a great microcredit firm in Croatia. The payday loan institution is good as it is transparent. It does not have any hidden costs. This is because before you make an application for the loan, you compute the costs of repaying the loans in advance.

To get a loan from this company, you first must fill out a firm. To fill out the form, you will provide personal information including citizenship, the amount you want to borrow, and contact details. The other information that you will provide is payment information, employment information, and income data. After filling out the form, you will wait for the firm’s approval. In case the loan is approved, then you will get it in 15 minutes.

At LiderPress, you can borrow between 300 to 25,000 Kn. If you take a loan of 1,000 Kn, with a repayment period of 30 days, then the total amount that you will repay is 1,004.90 Kn. Therefore, it can be concluded that the firm has low-interest fees.

Brzi Krediti

BRZI KREDITI offers credit loans for everyone in Croatia. Whether you want it to make an investment or for personal use, the firm makes it available. At some point in life, the obligations of life may squeeze you and your finances may not be enough to cater to everything. Thus, the need for payday loans as they help you get on your feet.

In making an application for the loan, you will provide personal data as well as contact details. The other information required is income data, employment information, and payment information. When you take a loan of 1,000 Kn, the interest is 4.90 Kn. Therefore, the total amount that you will repay is 1004,90 Kn. If you need a loan quickly, the BRZI KREDITI is the answer as you will use 5 minutes to make the registration then if the application is successful, one gets it in 15 minutes.


ZajamInfo is another company that offers payday loans in Croatia. The first thing you will do when you need a loan is filling in the provided form. After that, you will read the terms and conditions of the company and accept them for the registration to be complete.

The company is very transparent because it offers all information before submitting the application for approval. The firm does not have any hidden or unnecessary fees. However, the cost may increase when you do not make the repayments on time.

If you make a loan application at ZajamInfo worth 1,000 Kn, then the processing fee is 30 Kn. It means that the total amount that you will return is 1,180, 1,030 plus a fee of 150 Kn. However, remember to make a request for more time in case you cannot make the repayments on time.

Ferratum Money

At  Ferratum Money, for the new users, one can be given an amount of up to 3,000 Kn. However, for the existing users, one may get a loan of up to 25,000 Kn. The firm’s aim is to create a premium and easy-to-use banking experience for every individual in Croatia and the other 22 nations.

Ferratum enables one to make an application online with no paperwork. You can get the loans on the same day that you make an application. Also, there are no hidden costs and the repayment is very flexible. To make a loan require, you will first choose the amount as well as the repayment term. The second step is filling out the loan application form. After that, you will wait for loan approval and disbursement. If one takes a loan of 1,000 Kn, then the interest will be 4.90. This applies for a 30-day period. Therefore, the total amount that will be paid is 1004.90.

Brzizajam lenders

Brzizajam’s payday loan offers electronic payment and has simple requirements and high approval rates. If you make a loan application in the company worth 1,000 Kn and the repayment period is 30 days, then you will pay a total of 1,030. However, this only applies if you have a guarantor or a solidary debtor. However, if you do not have one, then you will pay 250 Kn for a warranty or guarantee. This means that in the end, the total amount to be repaid will be 1,280 Kn.  

Payday Loans Repayment in Croatia

In Croatia, most lenders provide the borrowers with 30 days to repay their loans. You may use your debit card in making the repayment. If you choose to take a payday loan, then the lender may decide to take the amount directly from your bank. However, if the money is unavailable in your account, the lender may ask the bank for some part of the money. In such a case, the extra charges will apply for making late repayments. If you know you are unable to send the money within the stated time, you may ask the lender to give you more time. If you decide so, then you will roll over the loan and this attracts extra fees, charges, and interest.

The Advantages of Payday Loans in Croatia

The first advantage of payday loans is that they are easy to access as compared to other lending institutions like banks. For such loans, you can access them easily by making an application online in just a few minutes. If the loan is approved, you may get it within 15 minutes. They save people who need to sort out some things quickly and they do not have anywhere to get quick cash.

Secondly, even if you have a bad credit history, you may get approved. The reason why they make such approvals is that they are not interested in knowing whether a borrower has a bad past. They are only interested in knowing that the loan is affordable and they will make the repayments.

Moreover, payday loans have fewer requirements as compared to other kinds of loans. For most people, they love payday loans due to their acceptance criteria that are less strict. They do not need a lot of things before your loan is approved.

The Disadvantages of Payday Loans in Croatia

The loans are very expensive. Some payday loan lenders apply a 1,500% Annual Percentage Rate. This will make you a borrower to be in spiral borrowing. It means that to make the repayments, you will have to borrow from another place. In the end, you will just be in a circle of debts.