Internet Subscription in Poland

Internet Subscription in Poland

Poland as we know it today is one beautiful country buzzling with ambitious 37.95million or thereabout people. Any foreigner interested in trying out life abroad may consider working in Poland. The country is considerably attractive to foreigners as employers don’t discriminate against expats. Available jobs in Poland offers a high level of salaries, low housing prices, low taxes compared to most EU countries.

When planning a relocation to Poland, most of the time people focus so much on things like job opportunities, dating in Poland, housing, languages and such. Those who care about the history of Poland may also take a short time to briefly read about the notorious concentration camps during the holocaust. Rarely do foreigners pose to think deeply issues such as internet subscription and other forms of utilities in the country. But, sooner or later after one starts living in Poland, it becomes clear that internet connection is a necessity rather than luxury.

When living in Poland as a foreigner or native, internet subscription will keep you connected to friends, relatives, global community and even workplace. It is necessary that one not only checks around for available internet service providers in Poland but also settle on one that convinces to meet own needs.

Poland at a glance

Officially known as the Republic of Poland, Poland is a country located in Central Europe. The capital city of the country is Warsaw. The Polish speaking country is estimated to be having a population of 38 million people. Landing at Warsaw Chopin Airport for the first time, any foreigner will notice how people are busy on their mobile phones; probably Facebooking, Snapchatting, WhatSapping or accessing the many online platforms that the internet of things has availed. Such scenes will likely remind someone who may have forgotten thoughts about internet subscription that it’s a must have in the country.

Even at the airport alone, check available Wi-Fi connections. The list will be so long yet with full strength. Without a password, you may not freely access the available connections. In a nutshell, having a reliable internet subscription in Poland isn’t something to ignore.

How to get Access to Internet in Poland

To get access to the internet in Poland, one needs to reach out to an internet service provider (ISP) by phone or by visiting their customer service points. The ISP technical team will do their own assessment to ascertain the possibility of getting connected at your location. Following such an assessment, an offer of available packages will be given to you if it is proven to be practical to get the internet. After you sign up all the necessary paperwork and contract, it may take a little while or just immediately for the connection to be configured to actually work.

Internet Service Providers in Poland 

The list of ISPs in Poland is a long one. When looking for an internet service provider in the polish country, one needs to consider speed, terms and clarity of contracts, language used in customer service, data connection options, flexibility of the connection, data allowance and delivery. The following are the main internet service providers in Poland:

  1. Ex- Mt
  2. FACT
  3. Play
  4. Headway Communications Experts
  5. JMDI
  6. Orange
  7. Punkt UPC
  8. Solander SP.Z.O. O

Affordability of Internet in Poland

The Internet in Poland is relatively affordable because of the large number of the service providers competing for market share.  An extra exiting thing aside from the affordability of the internet in Poland is that each provider jostles to satisfy the customer. Not one provider will carelessly let customers experience unending hours of internet downtime because so doing will mean letting go of them.

Poland Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2021 ( website gives the following brief highlights just to show how affordable internet subscription is in the country that borders Ukraine and Slovakia:

Play Data Packages:

Play is a 4G network operator owned by P4.  The internet packages and their prices are as follows:

  • 50MB stands at a price of 0-9 PLN for a 5-day activation at the code *163*7#
  • 600MB costs about 5 PLN with the activation code *111*541*1#
  • The price of 3.5GB is 100-300 PLN with 150 days of activation at the code *163*7#
  • 10GB charges are 25 PLN for 30 days of activation with their code as *111*978*1#
  • 100GB with unlimited usage for 30 days of activation at a cost of 49 PLN with an activation code of *111*788*1#

Fakt Data Packages in Poland

Fakt provides internet data packages from 500MB to 10GB and is the 4G network provider in Poland. It operates on the 4G operator. At 5 PLN the starter kit is available for 30 days, post which we can SMS to 4949 the ‘BONUS 1GB for which we will get 1GB for another 30 days. The data package information is as follows:

  • 500MB with a price of 4 PLN with an activation code of *111*831*1 for 31 days
  • The price of 1GB is 5 PLN for 31 days and the activation code is *111*832*1
  • 2GB charges are 9 PLN for 31 days of activation with their code as *111*835*1#
  • 4GB costs about 15 PLN with the activation code *111*833*1#
  • The price of 10GB is 25 PLN for 31 days and the activation code is *111*834*1

The above packages have a cap on their usage which is varied across the packages.

Orange Data Packages in Poland

 The subscribers for this company are around 5.6 million. The available packages are as follows.

  • 1GB costs about 1 PLN with a 1-day activation and the code is *115*5*1#
  • Price of 7GB package is 7 PLN for 7-day activation and the code is *115*5*7#
  • The price of 10GB is 10 PLN for 10 days and the activation code is *115*5*10#
  • 50GB plan charges are 50 PLN for 50 days with an activation code of *115*6*50#
  • 100GB costs about 100 PLN for 100 days activation code of *115*6*100#