Pre-paid and Post-paid internet in Bulgaria 

Pre-paid and Post-paid internet in Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is a country that may not be so popular outside Europe but still, those who know the gem that it has to offer visit it or relocate to live there. In a world that has become more of a global village, people come to Bulgaria as visitors, students, researchers, conference attendees et cetera. Remember, singles also find it interesting to use popular dating sites in Bulgaria with a to connect to matches there  which further buttresses the global connection. 

As soon as you make an entry in Bulgaria, one thing that maybe never existed in the top list will stick out  and demand consideration. Honestly, people often assume the centrality of having a proper internet connection when visiting Bulgaria.

Even as much as everyone would like to keep track of their social media, scroll down the newsfeed or connect with people back home, internet subscription often finds its place at the back banner. To avoid surprises and be assured of continued presence in the loop of internet of things, post-paid and pre-paid internet services in Bulgaria got your back. 

Thinking about internet services in Bulgaria

Smart travellers always know how important planning out every bit of the travel and making ready important things can save unnecessary stress. If you never imagined that the internet in Bulgaria is something to ignore, then you better have a second thought.

Whether travelling to Bulgaria with an intention of a short or long stay, your internet is actually a partner. If you will not need it for normal social media or mainstream media connection, then Google maps that literally makes people less blind when visiting new places will need it. 

Life basically comes down to bare standstill if one can’t connect to the internet for important services such as health seeking, mobile banking, shopping and such. More than 70.2% of people in Bulgaria have at least one form of internet connection or the other. Of this percentage, more than 60% use the Local area network (LAN).  

Whichever internet service provider one chooses to subscribe to its services in Bulgaria, they will offer either a postpaid or prepaid data package. Ordinarily, postpaid subscription to the internet in Bulgaria will work best for someone planning a long stay in the country. Short stays simply require a pay as you go internet which is basically a prepaid service. 

Speed of internet in Bulgaria

Speed of internet connection is something so many would not compromise on. Actually, internet nerds will tell you that they better pay more for an internet that loads supersonically than pay less for snail-like  alternatives. The consideration never changes when in Bulgaria since the speed remains key. 

Research reveals that the speed of the internet in Bulgaria is high when compared to other countries in the world. It has been ranked  among the best and the fastest internet in the world. speed makes it very reliable to the users. In addition, its high speed again enables the users to have fast downloads hence saving time and data.

Best internet in Bulgaria

There are several types of internet in Bulgaria .Being a foreigner who wants to settle  in Bulgaria for the first time, it may be difficult for you to choose the best internet. You will therefore need to seek for assistance  that will enable you to get the best internet.Examples of commonly used  internet in Bulgaria includes;

  • Vivacom
  • A1 
  • Telor
  • bulsatcom
  • Blizoo
  • Vivacom
  • Mtel

If user commentaries and sentiments are anything to go by, A1 is taunted as being the best internet service provider. This is not to mean that the other service providers fall short of anything. Actually, the most sensible way to put it is that A1 internet service provider in Bulgaria is the best among other bests. 

How to access Wi-Fi in Bulgaria 

In Bulgaria, renting a portable Wi-Fi from my web spot enables you to enjoy an unlimited 4G LTE connection. Its download speed is 100Mb per second making it reliable for the users.

You can connect 10 devices like; computer, tablet or smart phones at a time. Furthermore its accessibility is private and secure. Hence, there are reduced cases of theft and other insecurities of the internet in Bulgaria.

The cost of internet in Bulgaria

The cost of the internet in Bulgaria is relatively cheap when compared to other countries worldwide. Its’ internet has been ranked as position 39 with an average monthly cost of $30.27. This is short of only 51 Leva. Based on 17 packages measured by the researchers. It will set you  back $7.12(12 leva) to $90.13(151.8 leva) in your monthly expenses. .

Broadband in Bulgaria

There are three types of broadband connection available in Bulgaria. 

a) An asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL)

Asymmetric digital subscriber line was  introduced in Bulgaria after the state monopoly Bulgarian telecommunication company had been privatised. The asymmetric digital subscriber line is the best as its speed is faster than a dial-up internet connection.

b) An integrated services digital network line (ISDN)

An integrated services digital network line has commonly been used by businesses that need internal networks for their services. ISDN is expensive for private customers as  a result of companies offering affordable prices for good Wi-Fi connections.

c) Mobile broadband connection

The mobile internet in Bulgaria enables the users to connect at a lower cost.Its the cheapest broadband in Bulgaria.Travellers who intend to use the internet frequently may access it at ease and at their comfort.