Mobile Subscription in Poland 

Mobile Subscription in Poland 

A foreigner coming to Poland on a short visit or long term stay must generally think about mobile phone subscription. Remember, your phone easily turns to be a trusted companion at least for the first few days of arriving in Poland before making any new friends. If you are someone who is outgoing and single, maybe you can mingle with other possible matches who will show you more about getting an internet subscription.

You will basically turn to your mobile phone to catch up with friends, check social media newsfeed, navigate your way around and reach out to people locally. So in a nutshell, having a mobile subscription in Poland is a necessity. 

It would be of great interest to also know a thing or two about internet Subscription in Poland.

As a foreigner who has just landed in Poland, the most instinctive thing would be communicating with people back home. There is always a palpable urge to let everyone left behind know that you have safely landed in Poland. Here, you will likely buy a quick Sim card and use pay as you go services for communication. But sooner or later, a thorough post-paid internet subscription will make do.   Nobody can deny that we live at a time and age where most people’s world revolves around their phones. Not that there are those who don’t centre their life on their cellular device. However, even if you are one of these people, you will still need to communicate with the people around you. 

The good news is that the telecommunications system in Poland is pretty advanced. You will find access to many mobile service providers. Most of these offer a range of services based on consumer demand. So, take your time and compare packages and prices. Every provider is working hard to get your business and outdo the competition. Don’t let this give you cold feet or an excuse for not shopping around for the best. 

Mobile Phone Services in Poland

Most subscribers in Poland prefer a mobile phone for communication. It is therefore, no surprise that almost everyone in the country owns a cellular device. The telecommunication market in Poland is much more liberalized compared to other countries. The best thing for you is that the mobile service sector is one of the most advanced in this industry. Furthermore, the regulations in place have promoted competition among market players. 

Most mobile service providers are well motivated to extend their LTE networks and mobile data services at a rapid rate. However, reports indicate that the real rate of mobile service penetration in the country is difficult to know. Most people own two or more SIM cards hence, the government encourages registration. Operators are also increasingly deactivating dormant lines.  

Mobile Service Providers in Poland 

There are different mobile service providers in Poland. However, the main ones are T-Mobile, Orange Polska, Lykamobile, Play, Virgin Mobile and Plus. There are also smaller but popular providers such as Heyah, Simplus, and Sami. The smaller subscribers focus mainly on providing prepaid mobile services. 

Like in other markets, making calls within the same network is cheaper so you should find out the popular network among your friends. Similarly, each provider will charge differently for its services. But the standard subscription in the country ranges from PLN 5 to PLN 25.

You will also notice that most of these subscribers offer packages that include data, SMS and calls. If you are lucky enough, you might find a provider who allows you to use their services from any EU country. So, if you are planning to tour Europe, it’s important to find out if your preferred provider offers this option. 


Lycamobile is a mobile service provider with a range of packages for their customers. They offer prepaid services through Lycamobile SIM cards. The cards are available in some supermarkets but you should get one from their retail outlets or shops. 

You might love this provider for its relatively cheap offers starting from the SIM cards. You only need around four dollars or less to purchase one. What’s more, they come with free airtime for making local calls. 

The provider offers affordable deals that include data, calls and SMS. So I would recommend their services if you use your phone frequently. Don’t forget that it’s one of the providers who allow international roaming. 

With a Lycamobile SIM card you can make calls all around Europe. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking to save costs. The roaming packages are capped and can be expensive. The best thing to do is to get a local SIM card for any country you visit. 


Play is a popular mobile service provider in Poland. It has good network coverage throughout the country. So if you are looking for an affordable and reliable service then this is the best one. They also offer both prepaid and postpaid services. You might also love it for its packages that include data, calls and SMS. 

One of its most popular packages is the “Formula Unlimited” plan. When you subscribe to this plan, you get access to unlimited texts and calls for a month. Besides, it also includes 6GB of data, for just 25pln. This provider is impressive because they allow you to top up your card whenever. You can recharge from any Play stores all over Poland, in ATM’s, with scratch cards available in shops across Poland, or online.


T-Mobile has the highest number of subscribers in Poland. So you are assured of good network coverage with this operator. They offer a range of services that are affordable and convenient for expats. The plans include texts, calls and data in one so you will be sorted in all mobile service aspects. 

Among their popular plans is the unlimited package that is valid for 30 days. It includes unlimited texts and calls. Further, it also gives you access to 10GB of data at the fair price of 25pln. You can recharge your line at any T-Mobile point of sales, online, ATM’s, certain shops. However, note that the website is not in English

Virgin Mobile

This provider also has a monthly plan that includes unlimited calls, texts and 8GB Internet for 29pl. 


Their most popular package is the “JA+” valid for 30 days. It gives you access to free calls and texts, 6GB, as well as a free unlimited access to Facebook, for 29 pln. You can recharge at Plus stores, ATM’s, Petrol stations or convenience stores.