Insurance in Poland

Insurance in Poland

Insurance in Poland is something that people who are moving to the country from abroad or already residing there need to consider seriously. There is always this folly that most people entertain that its very safe in Poland so insurance may just be an extra burden to your already thinning budget. Far from it, insurance in Poland guarantees you financial safety in the unfortunate event that an insured risk occurs to you.

So for this article, the focus is on you who is looking to protect your family in Poland. There is a whole range insurance products that anyone can choose depending on individual situation and possible risk exposures when in Poland.

There are insurance policies dedicated to catering for medical care, hospitalization, and medical emergencies as well as in case of unfortunate death. In short, in some ways, insurance assists your family in maintaining living standards when you are absent. Also, insurance protects one’s home in case of unforeseen damage or calamity.

Health Insurance Poland

Just like the other European nations, such as Estonia, Poland has universal and free healthcare. The Polish government offers free health care to the Polish and EU residents. However, the EU residents should have National Health Fund Card. However, for non-EU such as students, they have to make an agreement with National Health Fund. Besides, they do pay monthly contributions.

Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia, NFZ, is in charge of managing the healthcare’s public funds. Besides, it is the Ministry of Health that is in charge of healthcare. The funding of health care consists of mandatory contributions from the Polish citizens. They deduct about 8.5% of the individual income.

Even though Polish health care is good, it has some flaws. For instance, having outdated technology, underfunding, politics, and organizational problems. Thus, that’s why some people resolve to private health insurance. It helps in reducing the waiting times, frequent delays and improving the quality of services.

Unemployment Insurance

If you are a Polish resident and have worked for about 365 days in the past 18 months and been paid the minimum wage, then on can get an unemployment benefit. However, to get the benefits, you should register at the labor office. In every district in Poland, there is a labor district. The benefits are granted in case you do not get any training, internship, or employment offer for 7 days after registration.

  • Employed for about 365 days in the past 18 months
  • Not receiving any offers in the first 7 days after registration
  • Registration at the district labor office
  • Earned at least the minimum wage in the working period

The employment is given to anyone. It does not matter whether you were self-employed or even employed. However, even so, you must pay monthly contributions to the Labour Fund. In case you are near the retirement period and dismissed from work, then you can get a pre-retirement benefit.

You need to meet the following conditions:

Qualifications for the pre-retirement benefit include:

  • Lost job because of the employer’s reasons
  • Registered as an unemployed individual
  • Have a long employment history
  • Near retirement age
  • Have claimed the unemployment allowance for about 6 months

Car Insurance

According to the Polish laws on vehicle owners, one must always have civil liability. Any car must have insurance, whether it is parked at home or on the road. The least required motor insurance is third-party insurance. In Poland, it is called OC. It protects the people injured in an accident by you. Unfortunately, the insurance does not offer protection in case of unexpected events such as theft.

The AC mini-insurance in Poland, on the other hand, covers vehicle theft. It also provides protection against the damages caused by natural forces. The claims are usually computed based on the prices of the spare parts.

AC Economic provides protection in case of vehicle damage due to forces of nature, vandalism, theft, collision, and an accident. The insurer pays based on the prices of spare parts. Also, it covers the European territory. However, such coverage mainly depends on the insurer.

The last insurance policy in Poland is AC Optimal. It provides vehicle damage coverage and protection in case of vehicle damage, vandalism, theft, and collision. In case of a loss, the Polish certified repair shops repair your car. However, the vehicle should not be more than 9 years.

Home Insurance

In Poland, there are three main types of home insurance, Comfort, Plus, and Max. The comfort home insurance covers a house or an apartment’s basic protection. Some of the things covered include fire and heavy rain. Besides, the insurance provides support services and post-loss assistance.

The plus insurance option provides additional protection. The additional things covered include the breakage of glass items as well as flooding. Lastly, the maximum and comprehensive protection even cover burglary. It also covers the damages from an electrical surge.

Life Insurance

What is the safety of your loved ones? It all lies in life insurance. It is non-taxable and security of the loved ones. Besides, the benefit can assist in settling the incurred financial obligations or even maintaining the current living standards.

Life insurance ensures that you, as well as your kin, have financial security in case of death or when the insurer permanently becomes incapable of working. It is also considered a convenient way of securing mortgage loan repayment.

Travel Insurance

Just like Cyprus, you need travel insurance when traveling in and out of Poland. The insurance covers the risks one might encounter while traveling. The losses covered include passport, personal belonging, as well as checked-in baggage.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is good for all Polish residents as it helps in protecting you as well as your pet. Pets do give us love, and that is the reason their well-being is essential. Pet insurance gives pet owners in Poland a piece of mind. They do not have to get worried in case their pets become sick. Through pet insurance, a pet can be looked after. The things covered in pet insurance include pet assistance, therapies, vaccinations, and vet fees.  

Popular insurance companies in Poland

  • “BALCIA INSURANCE” SE Oddział w Polsce
  • AIG Poland Insurance Company S.A.
  • MAI Insurance Brokers Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • Cardif-Assurances Risques Divers S.A. Oddział w Polsce
  • WIENER TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group
  • Polish Reinsurance Company
  • UNIQA Ubezpieczenia