The experience of dating in Poland

The experience of dating in Poland

Dating in Poland may not be one of the things that stick out so prominently on the mind of any expat moving to the country. There is always the assumption that thinking about dating should not be something to preoccupy a person’s mind.

As can be imagined, an expat has to think about so many important things such as getting a job in Poland, renting an apartment, studying or getting a longer stay. If this is the case as surely it is, dating suffers the tragedy of being left as a second thought.

As much as people would rather ignore focusing on thinking about the dating scene in Poland, it’s something worth really considering. As someone moving to Poland as a single, it is only a matter of time before the reality dawns that having a soulmate is not a luxury for a few.

Thinking hard about dating in Poland

Dating someone from another country requires a level of awareness, courage and adventure seeking. It is only when you have the important nuggets about the dos and don’ts when dating in Poland that the entire experience beginning to shape up. It’s still fine to get into the Polish dating scene without an idea about it but this may come with a litany of challenges that can ruin every effort made.

Dating in Poland is not a big departure from this situation in the entire continental Europe. Adventure and having fun are the order of the day and the dating scene isn’t sparred. However, you have to watch out for the teething challenges associated with differences in culture and socialization.

The reality is that just like yourself, the Polish singles too have their own ideas or thoughts of what makes someone a desirable partner. Something a Pole considers romantic may be totally different from back home.

To jump start anyone interested in dating in Poland, lets share ideas on common issues of concern including but not limited to hitting on other singles, likely places to meet singles like you in Poland, how dating pans out and the entire experience of it.

So language matters when dating in Poland?

Everyone else have their own view of what it takes to Date a Polish woman or man. But for a start, the most worrying thing is even how to get their attention in case you don’t speak Polish, any of the Lekhitic languages, Czech, Slovak, or Sorbian.

Yes, the Polish speak a little English but the accent really betrays their proficiency. You may need to be a lot attentive to comprehend what Polish says when speaking in English.

If you are beginning to get worried on the possibility for you to get the attention of your would-be dating partner in Poland, there is some solace here. The language of love is universal and can overcome any of the artificial hurdles of language and what not. So, lets focus go the full haul and win the prince charming or sweet queen to your side.

Polish singles may take their time before asking for a hand in dating

Often the Polish may take their time before they open up to strangers even if they are up to winning your love. You will sense the simmering secret longing for you but they may buy time and wait for an opportune moment to make a move. It may only be unfortunate if such opportune moments fail to come and you are left with unfilled hopes.

Taking time to say “I attracted to you” doesn’t mean Poles are unemotional

Because the Polish take time to make steps towards openly showing their intimate interest in people its easy to judge them as being distant, unemotional and inconsiderate to people’s feelings. They only get to open up their feelings when they get into a relationship and that may be at later stages of Dating. As an advice, anyone who is seriously looking for a partner in Poland should really master the art of patience because after all someone gets to understand it is worth the wait.

Moving the First foot forward to dating in Poland

The Poles are known to be very slow when it comes to making first steps and showing interest in a potential partner. They are not courageous enough or rather aggressive to ask someone out.

 Meeting through mutual friendships is one of the most common way of meeting in Poland, then you can get to meet them regularly and get to ask them out on dates for coffee. One gets to win someone’s heart easily through such dates.

Considerations For Dating in Poland

There are number of things Poles consider to be essential when they get down to have a relationship with you. Some of the things that stand out when dating a Polish is respect for time, open mindedness, readiness for adventure and not taking the dating extremely serious to force a marriage.

Acting outside what an average Polish single expects may look offensive. These considerations go hand in hand with their cultural stereotypes which is something that any society has. You may assume its racial stereotype but that’s too extreme judgement. They are just not used to so much cultural diversity.

Punctuality for dates in Poland

A Polish lady or man may spoil you with the roses and the night out dances as anyone else would expect but one thing is that you won’t keep them waiting. Either on coffee dates or any other place you would want to be with them.

It’s obviously disappointing for everyone when someone turns up late for a date but for Poles, it is even more discomforting. Being late to them may be interested differently including that you are disrespectful, not serious or just too random to be good.  When your date sets to meet you, make sure you dress up early enough for the Polish men and women may be at your doorstep before the agreed time.

Mannerism when Dating in Poland

Who would want to date a person with bad manners after all? It all depends on what each person views to be good manners after all, to some it’s the general way of how someone carries out themselves like being polite, soft-spoken and extremely well mannered.

Poles generally are known to posses these trait as is shown by some men who express it by leaving a seat for women in public transport: sometimes some also vacate seats for women in situations that there may not be an extra free sea in an entre room. This is all just to show them respect.

Yet some Poles may be a so judgemental

You should also avoid putting your hands in your pockets, yawning or using toothpicks when eating out. Sometimes, you will find yourself in situations that a Pole gives you judging looks when on a date. Please do not generalize any poor behaviour to all singles in Poland. Just know that some people have poor upbringing and may be less tolerant to diversity as much as they are curious to have a relationship with foreigners.

Sometimes Poles tend to be very thrifty and don’t appreciate waste therefore finishing all the food in your plate is also considered as good manners. Each and every one aspiring to date a Pole therefore must have good manners otherwise your date will be disappointed and who would want that Anyway?

Personal presentation when dating in Poland

Self-grooming is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to presentation. Neatness and order are among the things highly regarded by everyone else in Poland. With this in mind, it is a good idea to scrub up for an occasion.

Going on a date with torn jeans or casual clothes is a very poor presentation in Poland. Therefore, it’s a duty of every one else to ensure they dress up well and keep their homes clean and tidy before going or inviting someone for dinner.

Moving on into a relationship in Poland

People wonder when the exclusive time is to make things official in Poland. The good news is that really there is no set rules to make such moves. One can go ahead and invite or meet their partners family at any given time. This means that if a man or a woman wants to make a move or rather get into a serious relationship then they have to make it official and be straightforward about it.

The tittle of boyfriend and girlfriend doesn’t become an issue at this point because they have dated for a couple of weeks because they no longer fear the judgements. They also invite people freely in their weddings and this makes dating very romantic.

Today, Poles are not in a rush to marry

Marriage in Poland isn’t a rush whatsoever as people stay until late into their youth before they can settle. Previously, was common for Polish men to marry before their 30th birthday and women around 25 years but things are changing with the onset of modernity.

Most Polish in the prime of their youth would prioritize other things like education, getting good jobs and establishing proper income before they marry. In between this period before official marriage, they have flings here, relationships there, a lot of lovemaking but that may not necessarily lead to marriage.

So, family roles are similarly changing as Poles in their 20s and 30s may still be living with parents or sharing ana apartment with friends. This notwithstanding, gender roles do not so much apply in Poland as men and women may do whatever chores come up. This non-limitation of chores to any gender applies when dating and continues into marriage. The wave of gender equality is also sweeping over Poland.

Gender roles in Poland

It is something common for a man or woman in Poland to arrange for lunches and dinner with their in-laws. You are also expecting to visit your grandparents weekly or even talk daily. So, all in all, you will just have to take your time and find your space in the life of your partner in Finland as well as his or her family.

One important thing despite the slow embrace of modernity in Poland is that traditional values still stand out but not necessarily a must. For instance, a woman in Poland may be more inclined towards looking after the children but is not obviously left to womenfolk alone. Men too don’t mind lending a hand in what would be considered exclusively women roles elsewhere.