Mobile Phone Subscription in Hungary 

Mobile Phone Subscription in Hungary 

Talk of mobile subscription in Hungary, a way to keep connected to people back home and possibly link up with the super hot blonde haired Hungarian single girls. Just not to get ahead of everything, if you have just moved to Hungary then you must have caught a glimpse of its legendary architecture and rich history. As an expat, you are very concerned about staying connected to your loved ones back home and new friends. Gratefully, telecom and connectivity in Hungary will probably not be an issue. Hungary’s cellular network has been ranked among the fastest in the world. 

In today’s world you can hardly survive without reliable cellular connectivity. Hungary has an extensive cellular network that will keep you connected at all times. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to know that almost everyone in the country has a mobile phone. However, before you choose a provider, check the offers and prices that they have to offer and compare it against others. 

Mobile Phone Services in Hungary 

Mobile phone services are very popular in Hungary and the reception is excellent countrywide. Besides, the mobile phone market is competitive so you are likely to encounter many providers. The first thing you will notice is how simple it is to purchase a cell phone in the country. 

All you need to secure a mobile phone is a valid residence permit and an address card. What’s more, the prices are fairly reasonable so you bet you can afford one. Remember to select a single provider for your TV, mobile phone and internet services. You will get affordable package deals from your provider. 

Mobile Phone Service Providers in Hungary 

There are many mobile service providers in Hungary since the market is quite competitive. However the main ones are Vodafone, Telenor and T-Mobile (previously Westel). These three have divided the market based on the number of subscribers or market share. T-Mobile has the biggest market share. The providers offer almost similar services other than a few differences in their prices. However, to save costs, find out which service your frequent contacts subscribe to. You will get cheaper minute fees since most your calls are to the same network. 

Getting a line in Hungary is simple in most cases. I would recommend sorting out your paperwork before you set out to get one. Most of these providers will ask for proof of your paperwork. The common paperwork needed is mostly your residence permit (or registration certificate, if you’re an EU/EFTA citizen). Some will also require your social security or tax card (consult our section on Taxation in Hungary), as well as a bank card. 

So get a local bank account as soon as possible. A few providers will expect you to provide proof you’ve been living in Hungary for at least three months (through a utility bill). Your best bet therefore, is to visit the websites of the available providers to get an insight of what you can expect. 


Telenor has an excellent customer service for expats. In most cases, you will be directed to where you can find English-speaking staff. So you won’t have much trouble understanding their services. Subscribe to their services, they will ask for your Passport and or ID card, temporary or permanent residence permit, driving license photo card or EEA registration card. 

You must also provide your home address through a residential agreement of deed. Telenor has a range of packages for their customers. They have both prepaid and postpaid services so you can choose one. Examples of their prepaid packages include; 

  •  “MyMinute” package: 19 HUF/min or SMS (€0.05) 
    • plus: 1GB for 1230 HUF (€3.02)
    • plus: 3.5GB for 2660 HUF (€6.53)
  • “MyTalk” package: 1943.41 HUF (€4.77) for 100 minutes/SMS & 50MB data
  • “MyChat” package: 1645.3 HUF (€4.04) for 1GB data & 40 HUF/minute or SMS & unlimited messaging services (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram)
  • “MyTalk & Chat” package: 4645.3 HUF (€11.40) for 1GB data & 100 minutes/SMS (+ unlimited in-network calls) & unlimited messaging services (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram)


T-mobile is the largest provider in Hungary. It also has the best coverage in the country. If you are looking for a flexible service, then this is the provider for you. It is also more lenient when it comes to documentation. They only require your residence permit or registration certificate, provided that these documents state a Hungarian address. 

The most popular prepaid service offered by this provider is the pre-paid Domino plan. They also have a range of monthly subscriptions at your disposal. Just select one that most suits your needs and budget. I would also recommend this provider if you are planning to travel around the country. They have a good coverage so you won’t have connection problems in most parts on your trip.  


I would recommend Vodafone for its effective customer service alone. They have many English-speaking staff so it is a very expat friendly provider. Similarly, they have very enticing prepaid plans. So, if you are looking for an affordable option then this is the network for you. Examples of their prepaid plans are as follows; 

  • “Tuti Net”: 1245 HUF (€3.05) for 1GB data & 19 HUF/minute or SMS
  • “Tuti Net 5GB”: 3559 HUF (€8.73) for 5GB data & 19 HUF/minute or SMS
  • “Max L”: 3858 HUF (€9.46) for 1GB data & 100 included minutes/SMS
  • There are other prepaid plans and also add-ons for extra data, if you run out

To subscribe to their services, you will require an ID card, passport or driving license, and address card. The downside is that they ask for a utility bill which is no older than three months.