Internet Subscription in the Netherlands 

Internet Subscription in the Netherlands 

The Internet is one thing that technology and modernity have gifted all of us and for it, we can easily search for and share information. There is a common quip that if you don’t know a thing, ask Google. This statement may give a false impression that Google is super intelligent but in reality, Google just surfs the internet to help pick out the information we requested. So, when you visit the Netherlands for the first time, there is never a need to appear frustrated about communicating back home or accessing critical information online.

As you can already guess, the Netherlands is among the leading economies in Europe in the area of ICT. Remember the country is home to some of the competitive internet service providers including T-Mobile, KPN, Ziggo, Youfone and Online alongside a litany of many. The Internet in the Netherlands can be accessed in various forms including Mobile, WiFi Hotspots, Dial-Up, Broadband, DSL, Cable, Satellite and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). 

What to know about internet access in the Netherlands

One of the must-visit countries in Europe is the Netherlands. The Netherlands is informally known as Holland. It may come as a surprise to many learning that the Netherlands has overseas territories in the Caribbean. When you arrive in the Netherlands, something striking will be the level of sophistication and modernity that dots its major cities of Rotterdam, the Hague, Utrecht, and Amsterdam et cetera. Of this modernity is people scrolling through their phone, probably checking out on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. Better still, some will be having their ear pods and earphones on their phones trying to livestream whatever video of choice. All these are clear indications that the internet penetration in the Netherlands is well on course. 

You will notice that in the Netherlands, so many services have since moved online. For instance, banks operate netbanks, businesses have web shops, health services can be accessed online, remote jobs have become common and learning institutions too operate online platforms. Those who fancy online dating too can use the internet to turn to fining their matches on the dating sites in Netherlands.

The country is way ahead of its peers in having in place the necessary infrastructure  for people to access reliable, cost friendly and efficient internet services. The internet service provider market in the Netherlands remains open to competition with companies jostling to have new subscribers on their platforms while retaining old ones too. 

How to Get an Internet Connection in the Netherlands

Setting up an internet connection in the Netherlands is something that any immigrant just like the rest must find necessary. Nobody wants a situation where after renting a house, there isn’t an internet connection to support the smart TV or broadband for family use. Moreover, expats in the Netherlands need the internet to locate new stuff as well as communicate with people back at home. 

In some cases, rental apartments in the Netherlands already have an internet connection included as part of the rental bill. However, in most cases, it takes a personal initiative to identify your best internet service provider, approach them, make a contract and start enjoying stable browsing periods in the Netherlands. It would be a good idea to discuss with your housing company in the Netherlands to see whether the rental lease also includes a pre-connected internet. Maybe you may also talk about possibilities of getting your own or switching to a new provider as may be pleased. 

There are actually so many Internet providers in the Netherlands, offering Internet via cable, ADSL/VDSL, and fiber optics, which may be determined by where you live. Prices vary depending on the provider and what package you go for; generally, the faster the Internet, the higher the cost. Signing up is easy and usually done online or via the phone. 

Generally speaking, serviced apartments in the Netherlands come with communications services included as standard. You can then choose to either disconnect and find your provider or continue using the existing connections. You’ll likely be able to find a cheaper deal yourself, although changing providers may not be worth your while.

Things to consider when selecting an internet service provider in the Netherlands

When looking for an internet service provider in the country, you should consider the following factors:

  • Accessibility in your location
  • Secure network
  • Internet speed
  • Cost of internet package
  • Customer service

Some of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Netherlands

There are numerous internet service providers in the Netherlands. Since time is a scarce resource just like money, we are listing here the top internet service providers in the Netherlands. They include: 

KPN Internet

The largest ISP in the Netherlands offers you fast internet with an optical fiber connection. Their higher customer satisfaction rate makes them well-known in the Netherlands.

Ziggo Internet

Ziggo is one of the best Internet providers in the Netherlands that provides services over the biggest fiber-coax network. The coaxial cable used in the advanced technical system is well-suited for heavy applications like online TV- streaming, video calling, downloading HD movies, etc. Ziggo providers use innovative technology and ensure you get high-level services.

Other ISPs in the Netherlands include Online, Youfone, and T-Mobile among many others.

Different internet connections on offer by the ISPs in the Netherlands

Ziggo Internet offers you the three best packages:

Start – It starts from € 46, 50/month, and provides you with the fastest internet up to 50 Mbit/s download and 5 Mbit/s upload speed. You will get a free Wi-Fi modem, and internet security, and can also watch TV online without any extra charges. For the first three months, you can access the services at € 39, 95.

Complete – This internet pack starts from € 56,95/ month, and provides you the internet with up to 250 Mbit/s downloads and 25 Mbit/s upload speed. You will get a free Wi-Fi modem, and internet security, and can also watch TV online without any extra charges. For the first six months, you can access the services at € 49, 50.