Mobile Subscription in Luxembourg 

Mobile Subscription in Luxembourg 
A short explanation about mobile phone services in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country of approximately 650,000 people and sandwiched by Belgium, France and Germany. Although not so many immigrants actually relocate to Luxembourg, those who make it there can confess to its great sense of modernity. Actually, the internet access in Luxembourg has also opened the online dating space which makes it easier for singles to meet and move over to settle the country.

The aura around Luxembourg is that of good things. It is not only in the well developed public transport system, technological infrastructure, social services, but in all aspects that anyone can consider as good. If you own a car, home or anything valuable in the country, the insurance companies will offer great cover for you. Isn’t that a nice country to live in? I guess everyone would wish to move there.

Just like in the rest of the world, mobile telephony is a common thing in Luxembourg. You will see people glued to their phones even as they cross streets or aboard the beautifully maintained city buses, trams and trains. Any new person arriving in the country will in one way or the other consider having an internet connection on their mobile device. Remember, its the internet on mobile phones that will keep a newcomer informed about interesting places to visit, connect them about social services around and remain in touch with people back at home. 

From the outset, one thing that we can confirm confidently, without blinking an eye is that mobile phone services in Luxembourg is top notch. There is never monkey business played on customers  by the mobile phone service providers in Luxembourg. 

Getting started on mobile phone subscription in Luxembourg

Aah! walk of mobile phones, these small devices that have become such an important part of our everyday lives. From the old school button phones to large screen smartphones, the need for mobile phone services has grown in leaps! Mobile phones have been used to organise great business meetings yet they have also been abused by hardcore criminals to commit heinous crimes. Whichever opinion one has about mobile phones, we can’t just ignore them, at least not in Luxembourg where ICT is at its all time high growth. 

 In Luxembourg, people are always on the move. Having face to face conversations with friends may be a pipe dream and so, the safest and convenient alternative is to make a call. To make that important call, it goes without say that a reliable mobile phone provider comes in. Those who have just made job applications in Luxembourg may also be interested in having reliable telephone numbers on which the employers may contact them should they qualify for the jobs. In any case, our social life today is full of texting, calling or browsing the internet. 

I can’t deny the necessity of communication especially when you are away from family and friends. This will not be a problem for you in Luxembourg. It is ranked among the countries with some of the best coverage and connectivity when it comes to mobile services. While you could run into an issue or two, connecting to a mobile service should be pretty straightforward. 

Internet Service in Luxembourg 

Luxembourg being a small country and all, you might be pleasantly surprised by their well-developed mobile network. It relies on a GSM network therefore, even as an expat you should be able to connect to the network. So you can put your plans to buy new cellular devices on hold for now. Unless of course you are from a country that uses a CDMA network. 

In Luxembourg, you will have access to 4G network or coverage in most parts of the country. However, if you are moving to the southern part of the country then you are in luck. That part of the country is typically densely populated so the coverage is best here. If you are moving to a rural area you might have a few connectivity issues here and there. Most rural areas have access to 3G networks in most parts so you can still connect albeit at a slower speed. 

Mobile Phone Operators in Luxembourg 

Unlike most countries in this part of the world, Luxembourg has slightly fewer mobile service providers. Don’t be mistaken though, because competition is still as fierce as in any other market. The operators offer a wide variety of services too so you should compare prices and deals beforehand. Your best bet would be to subscribe to one operator for all your phone, internet and TV needs. You can get huge discounts from your operator from such package deals. 

The main mobile service operators in Luxembourg include POST Luxembourg, Tango, Orange, Eltrona and LOL Mobile. However, POST Luxembourg has the highest number of subscribers and the best coverage in the country. It owes this to the fact that it is owned by the state. Don’t settle though because Orange and Tango also have their own networks. Thus they have many packages are fairly affordable prices. The other smaller operators piggy-back on the networks of these three. 

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Operator in Luxembourg 

Most expats will find it daunting to choose an operator and tariff in Luxembourg with so many players in the market. However, don’t take this as an excuse to settle for any random operator. Compare and contrast the packages and offers given by different providers before signing up. 

Besides, you might not be aware of this but some operators have packages that are specifically customized for expats. Finding such packages will save you a lot of money that would otherwise splurge on less desirable deals. Make good use of the available comparison websites to make this exercise even easier. You can also explore the connectivity and coverage of your area before deciding the best operator. 

Connecting to a Mobile Phone Service in Luxembourg

Mobile phone services in Luxembourg will either be prepaid or in the form of mobile contracts. However, to sign up for a mobile contract you must have registered  at your nearest town hall in Luxembourg. So, if you are here to stay for long, then you should get started on this. On the other hand, if you are only staying for a short while then opt for the prepaid services. 

Choosing a prepaid plan is convenient if you are looking for a flexible mobile service. Most providers include calls, SMS and data in their prepaid plans so it is also more affordable. It’s also flexible in terms of documentation since you don’t need any proof of residence when subscribing. Don’t forget however, that signing a contract offers you security and access to cost effective packages. So, if you are constantly using your phone to text, call or browse, then it is your best bet. 

How Mobile Service Contracts Work in Luxembourg 

Providers such as Tango and POST Luxembourg have package deals that include internet, mobile and TV services. So signing a contract with them will save you costs and make our payment easier and faster. Most contracts last between 12 to 24 months and can be either SIM-only or include a handset. 

If you are lucky enough, you can find an operator that offers a monthly contract. However, you might need to pay an activation fee when you sign up. Contracts can be signed online or at provider stores. They will need to provide a valid ID, address and proof of residence (registration documents) and a local bank account or International Bank Account Number (IBAN).