Internet Subscription in Slovakia

Internet Subscription in Slovakia

So many people long to travel the world like Christopher Columbus of sorts. Among the interesting destinations that anyone would wish to visit is Slovakia. For lovers of history, a visit to Slovakia may evoke sad memories of the holocaust epic but then this can be quickly calmed by the amazing sights and sounds of nature in the country. If you are a lonely traveller or resident, maybe you can be lucky to smitten a damsel and groove on. It’s a world of great experiences to say the least. 

When in Slovakia, especially on a long term stay, it becomes a key priority to find means of connecting with friends, workmates, family or colleagues of whatever nature. While a simple mobile phone subscription in Slovakia would guarantee possibility of domestic and international calls, we must all accept that the word is not anymore about voice calls and SMSs. Today things have gone high tech and people are flying high in cyberspace with Snapchatting, WhatsApp-ing, Facebooking, Tiktok-ing…name it.

Internet Subscription in Slovakia

In Slovakia, there is a systematic move towards full digitisation. Home appliances such as televisions are digital which means that they use the internet connection. Before you can watch your favourite channel or turn to your blockbuster film on Netflix, there must be a credible internet service provider doing their best. No need to belabour the reality that life in Slovakia can only be exciting to live with an internet connection. It’s an internet age and it’s a reality that no wishful thinker can mute. 

Thinking hard about  internet subscription in Slovakia

You may want to link up with your friends in Slovakia who can take you to the cultural history village of Čičmany. There won’t be much of a problem in Slovakia as it offers the best internet connection. You may also want to hang out with the beautiful ladies with Slavic looks, including their slender figures and high cheekbones in their round faces. You will access them from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, which guarantees quality internet services. 

Not to make it disinteresting, you may have caught sight of many castles and chateaux. All of these are in a country with a whole population far less than New York City. You may want to stay connected to meet your friends and quickly find the beautiful Slavic ladies. All these are guaranteed as Slovakia has a good flow of internet connectivity. 

Internet connectivity has made the world a global village, and people from different parts of the world can stay connected using their internet-connected devices. Do not be surprised to find that most people use the internet because they will always want to stay connected with their families and friends. 

Internet Services in Slovakia

Internet services are standard in Slovakia, with excellent coverage and packages across the country. Also, the internet service has a competitive market. You will have a variety of operators to choose from. You will confirm that selecting and having a particular provider is, after all, an easy task.

To have internet services, you need to have SIM cards, local providers, eSIM cards, rent a pocket WIFI or connect your internet device to a public WIFI network. You can also enjoy the internet services in the comfort of your home. Slovak national telephony strategy approved internet coverage for all households. This is with a speed of at least 100 Mbps. You can select an internet service provider based on your TV needs and other services. 

Internet Service Providers in Slovakia

Slovakia is rated to have one of the highest internet entry rates in Eastern and Central Europe and globally. As an expat in Slovakia, you will have a total area internet service provider that provides wired telephony internet connections. They include internet service providers like Telekom, Orange and UPC. You will get excellent telephone services and internet connections from the providers. 

You will need a contract with the telecommunications services operators for the telephone services that need data services. It will include information on fees and cost, data on the contract time and conditions for its renewal and features of the minimum service quality level. Also, before you sign a contract for internet services, you must have an internet service provider that gives you information. The information should be on standard terms and conditions, packages, costs, quality of services, charges and rates. 

After signing the internet connection contract, you must notify the internet service providers in advance if you need to shift your contract. You will be able to withdraw from the contract without penalties. The good news is that people with disabilities can receive extra support. They can be eligible for special accessibility services or internet devices from the providers to use the networks. These networks include a real-time screen reader. 

Slovak Telekom

Slovak Telekom is a concurrent internet provider with the most extensive internet, digital television, mobile services and ICT. You will have better internet connectivity using Slovak Telekom because it covers 93% of the Slovak population. It also supplies a 4G mobile network. You will also enjoy a speed of up to 375 Mbit/s with voice-over LTE technology. More interestingly, you will be able to make calls to your family and friends directly in 4G without switching to 2G and 3G. 

The most interesting thing about Slovak Telekom that would excite you is that it promotes corporate social responsibility, which is an essential factor today. It enhances the worth of empathy and social inclusiveness through long-term support for the Slovak community people with special needs. 


The Orange users working from home and business customers, Orange Slovakia, are working on making it easier for you. They have fixed 4G packages that you can use at home and in your business. Also, as one of the leading telecommunication companies, Orange Slovakia has plans to invest more. It will invest EUR35 million for the main FTTH extension. You will have no problem connecting with your friends and family from home as an expat. 


If you are a lover of watching television, UPC got you sorted. UPC Slovakia is the biggest cable television provider in the country, established by Liberty Global. You will have a better chance of having broadband internet with a speed of up to Gigabit per second and fixed telephony.