Credit Cards in Slovakia

As an expat living in or planning a relocation to Slovakia or a foreigner visiting, you have many adventures at your disposal. Whether it’s the historical castles or the beautiful landscapes that do it for you, you bet you are going to have a good time. Besides, with the relatively low cost of living and … Read more

Electricity and Heating in Slovakia 

Slovakia is a little-known country which I can only refer to as a hidden gem. What with the beautiful natural landscapes and historical castles. If you love the outdoors and are looking to move to a country with a relatively low cost of living then Slovakia is the place for you. The country will not … Read more

Mobile phone subscription in Slovakia

Slovakia is a relatively small but beautiful country with a lot to offer expats and foreigners. Most people move to the country in search of employment and education opportunities. Not to forget the many single ladies and men from abroad who cross borders to meet up or start life with Slovaks. The internet of things … Read more

Internet Subscription in Slovakia

So many people long to travel the world like Christopher Columbus of sorts. Among the interesting destinations that anyone would wish to visit is Slovakia. For lovers of history, a visit to Slovakia may evoke sad memories of the holocaust epic but then this can be quickly calmed by the amazing sights and sounds of … Read more

Payday Loans in Slovakia

Anytime your finances are not in the right place, payday loans in Slovakia can come in handy. Payday loans are the easiest and quick solution to your money problems. These loans stand out because they are solely designed to aid you in coping with short-term financial challenges. You will have a temporary solution until your … Read more

Dating in Slovakia

Slovakia is a central Europe country which bears the official name Slovak Republic. So much can be said about Slovakia including being home to great attractions such as over 20 UNESCO sites, hosting the highest number of castles and châteaux just to name but a few. For reasons stretching from job, studies, religious to adventure, … Read more

Insurance in Slovakia

Signing up for an insurance cover when living in any part of the world cannot be in any way overemphasized, so is Slovakia. Some people falsely believe that going ahead to anticipate possibility of something going wrong is trying to invite misfortune to oneself. There is nothing to do with superstitions when making a choice … Read more