People make a general assumption that Europe is such a homogenous society until they come to Slovakia. The country is a whole new vibe where nature meets and perfectly merges with modernity. As you think deeply about where exactly to move to or visit on your next vacation, Slovakia may just make it to the top of the list. 

An aerial view of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia,

Situated at the heart of Europe and neighbouring 5 countries, Slovakia boasts of a lot that the eye can see. From its unique castles that dot the country, caves, hot springs, folk architecture, the European Dead Sea and famous Celtic town, there’s much more to experience there. 

For those who would love to find a new job in Slovakia, you may just get one in its highly diversified economy. But as a key, be sure to get a work permit in Slovakia ahead of moving to take an employment there. Also, check for the jobs that take foreigners and target your application for them.

Some of the jobs to look out for as a foreign worker in Slovakia include  industrial production, business, hospitality and gastronomy, administration,technical work and  the building and construction. With enough demonstrable skills in these fields, you’re just a heartbeat away from securing a regular immigration to Slovakia.

Other ways people use to move to Slovakia include;

  • Family reunification fx. marriage or joining a close family member with a residence permit. 
  • Internationally protected immigration i.e refugees and asylum seekers
  • Studies in Slovakia

For a more elaborate and fact proof guide to legal immigration to Slovakia, consult further on the country’s websites or consult with immigration experts. Some special situations other than the common ones may allow you to immigrate and circumvent the established procedures but all in a legal way. 

A quick glimpse at Slovakia

As an international looking for a place to make the next home, you’ll likely be impressed by what a country has to offer economically, socially and politically. Slovakia as a destination not only offers a thriving economy but also a low cost of living and stable society.

Although the war in Ukraine may have caused shocks in Slovakia as a neighbour, the country still remains relatively stable. So, you will definitely enjoy touring the attractions in the country, traversing the cities and shopping in the bustling malls around. 

Whether you finally settle in Banska Bystrica or any of the cities and towns in Slovakia, be sure to get the thrill of historical information, modern architecture and culture that defines the Slovaks. In fact, the more you mingle and interact with the Slaviks, the better it becomes.Maybe singles may end up dating and marrying the Slaviks provided they quickly master the dating rules there. 

The list of places to visit in Slovakia can be so long but includes museums, cathedrals, shopping malls, nature sites and charming city centres. You can just randomly select a place and be sure that it turns out to be one worth the time spent there. 

For a moment of several weeks you will find it hard to correctly pronounce the names of some of the amazing places in Slovakia as they may be so hard. But once you live in the country for a while and are open to learning, the names just flow. Indeed, the amazingness of the environment around will just nudge you to master the names. 

Things to master about Slovakia

Moving to Slovakia may just be for a reason of two. But who knows if your single visit for a specific purpose turns out to be the right pathway for you to get a Slavik permanent residence or citizenship? So, it would be rewarding to know the country in more detail already.

Slovakia belongs to the EU and a member of important economic and security organisations including the WTO, NATO and IMF. This testifies to its thriving development and business environment.

In Slovakia, you’re lucky to imbibe some of your favourite liquor and live a stable life from your work. Being a Schengen country, your life isn’t solely restricted to living in Slovakia. Indeed you can at some point when conditions allow, move to another country and explore what is unique there. The mobility of labour across the Schengen area remains high. 

As a user of the Euro, workers in Slovakia have the advantage of transacting in one of the most highly rated currencies. You can freely send money home and get good exchange rates with your euro. Actually, so many international money transfer operators have their operations in Slovakia that allows internationals to send money abroad. 

To better understand Slovakia as it is today, you may take a few minutes to grasp critical aspects in history. Here, please glean through Slovakia in recent history

New arrivals in Slovakia may have a notoriety for religion. In fact, anyone who has immigrated to any country will confess to the great role the religious community lays in integration and feeling at home. So the same should ordinarily go in Slovakia where Roman Caholicim towers high as the predominant religion. 

So, a foreigner who practises christianity in whatever form will find it easy to live in Slovakia. You can join church communities and participate in their religious activities. Even if you belong to a different religion other than christianity, your freedom of worship remains highly regarded as long as it doesn’t compromise the established guidelines. 

The Countryside in Slovakia

Foreigners arriving in Slovakia may end up living mainly in the cities across the country. But those that maybe move to work in the farms or join families already living in the countryside need to master how life there feels like.

Don’t be surprised that despite being highly developed, Slovakia also has the countryside, what we ordinarily call villages. The remote village life in Slovakia may be filled with the business of the city that most foreigners expect to experience. However, you have enough room to go about your life undisturbed. 

Lovers of nature and calm destinations will find Slovakia countryside the most attractive. There, you can go hunting, fishing, yacht riding, skiing or windsurfing. it’s possible to turn village life into pure bliss.

Something amazing about Slovakia is that despite where you live, homes and apartments have a reliable supply of public utilities. So, something like electricity supply, internet or even mobile phone network doesn’t become troublesome to get. 

It would be more satisfying to start off life in the cities in Slovakia where other internationals too trot the streets. At least it feels more at home in such cities than in the countryside. Only move to those places as a visitor or if need be after being proficient in  the country’s language and culture. 

Getting life going in Bratislava

You may end up living in a city in Slovakia depending on what brings you to the country. But  Bratislava being the capital has so many internationals as a first city of residence. Here you may meet so many people with similar situations like you, enjoy typical modern city life, meet singles and probably make easy entry into the country.

Living in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia,

Something particularly spectacular about  Bratislava is its proximity to Austria and Hungary. The beauty of this city is also accentuated by its location along river Danube and close to river Morava.

Even if you don’t end up living in  Bratislava, chances of going there remain high. The city gives a sneak peek of what typical cities in the country look like. Those on short visits in Slovakia can’t afford to leave the country without making a tour of this city. 

The housing and amenities available in the city manifests how well the country’s system operates. Those tired of high costs of living and a heavy work life to meet needs in other parts of Europe may find a haven in Slovakia. Here, you can easily manage your bills and still remain afloat. As a hard worker, life should be largely livable. 

Quick tips for Navigating Within the Slovakian Borders

Oftentimes people get worried about what life would turn out to be living in a highly commercial county like Slovakia. It’s common to worry if your income or work will be enough to afford a good living. But Slovakia offers one of the most affordable lifestyles.

For those who have a residence permit for a long stay in Slovakia, payday loans can be of important aid when things get awry. In between your paydays, just identify a reliable payday lender and apply. That sets you on the right path towards being less troubled. 

In Slovakia, you don’t need to feel super lonely. If still on the long oath of making new friends with the local Slaviks or other internationals, just use social media to continue linking up with friends and family wherever they could be.

With social media, the possibility of seeing your loved ones is guaranteed and you don’t have to be lonely. In a country full of magic like Slovakia, you must know how to connect to the internet so you will comfortably share with the world your remarkable experiences while living here.

No matter your reason for coming to Slovakia, you can access the internet with the local operators, SIM cards, eSIM cards, connecting to a public WiFi, or even renting a pocket WiFi. All in all, there are numerous alternatives that allow you to make phone calls and connect to the internet that Slovakia offers. 

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