Insurance in Slovakia

Insurance in Slovakia

Signing up for an insurance cover when living in any part of the world cannot be in any way overemphasized, so is Slovakia. Some people falsely believe that going ahead to anticipate possibility of something going wrong is trying to invite misfortune to oneself. There is nothing to do with superstitions when making a choice to approach a reputable Slovakia insurance company of choice and getting a cover. When trouble knocks, be it an accident, loss of job, damage to property or sickness, there can never be a better guarantee of hep than an insurance company.

Generally, hundreds of thousands living in Slovakia are below the poverty line yet disasters still don’t spare them. What this tells you is that no matter your income levels, it is necessary for you to sign up for an insurance choice that at least matches your abilities. The logic is simple, with your little income, the chances that when a risk occurs can ruin life completely is higher. As a move to cater for the needs of everyone, insurance companies in Slovakia have difference insurance packages from premium to the very affordable options.

Insurance for newcomers and residents of Slovakia

Are you a Slovakia resident and thinking whether you should take insurance? The answer is yes. Purchasing insurance ensures that you are financially secure in facing any kind of problem. Insurance firms provide insurance policies for securing a home, motor vehicle, travel, and health.

At some point in life, we all want finances. Thus, it is important to take insurance because savings are never enough. Also, through insurance, there is a transfer of risk from the insured to the insurer. Insurance further provides protection for one and the family. Thus, no more tension or stress during the difficult times.

Health Insurance when in Slovakia

Just like in Austria, in Slovakia, there are mandatory health insurance contributions. Every individual with permanent residence in the nation should make contributions. However, even the individuals who do not have health insurance can have health insurance. It is only that it depends on whether the person is doing business or working. All they have to do is pay the mandatory contribution.

An individual should make applications for a health insurance firm within 8 days of the obligation of being insured. The unique thing about Slovakia is that there are just three insurance enterprises. Two of them are private, while one is public.

The people coming from the other European nations also get health insurance. It is based on European Health Insurance Card. Unfortunately, EHIC does not cover things like planned health care abroad as well as travel expenses. Also, it does not cover the healthcare offered by companies with no contract and no public health insurance.

Applying and obtaining Health Insurance in Slovakia

The process of obtaining an health insurance in Slovakia is short and straightforward. The companies understand the fact that customers turning up for registration do not expect complexity and bureaucracy. All that people need is a guarantee that their worries about what would befall them in the event of adversity is taken care of.

  • Understand your own health needs
  • Compare (Options) available to you. The Premium and Plans should be a guide
  • Take time to thoroughly Research Insurer
  • Verify Network Hospitals
  • Restore your insurance cover
  • Consider having other alternative treatments

The current health insurance firms in Slovakia

Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa, a. s.

Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, a. s.

Union zdravotná poisťovňa, a. s.

The following documents and forms should be submitted with the insurance application

  • Birth registration number
  • Employment document or concession license for the self-employed people
  • Identity cards for foreigners or self-adhesive labels which are in the passport

Approval of the application

Unemployment Insurance in Slovakia

The people who can qualify for unemployment benefits in Slovakia are the ones who have completed some insurance periods, self-employment, or employment in any member state’s territory. One can get insurance benefits in the place (member state) where they were last employed.

The first condition that a person seeking unemployment benefits should meet is making an application for inclusion in the Jobseekers Register. When making a visit to the local Office of Labour, one should bring the following:

A certificate confirming the highest educational level for the school graduates

Employment certificate or notice of employment termination

Valid identity document such as a passport or identity card.

After that, one should actively seek new employment. Through it, people can demonstrate themselves in varied ways on the places and dates designated by the Office of labour, social affairs, and family. Moreover, one qualifies for the unemployment benefits if they were insured for 4 years before being in the Jobseeker register. The benefits are usually given for a maximum of 6 months. Furthermore, the amount corresponds to 50% of the last wage.

Car Insurance

For any motor vehicle registered in the Slovak Republic, one takes insurance if they are the motor vehicle operator, owner, or holder. Just like in Romania, it is mandatory for one get at least the third party liability insurance level. The insurance covers the health damage caused to a third party. Moreover, it covers property damage caused to the third part in which the driver or even the owner of the car was responsible.

In Slovakia, there is also third-party insurance. It covers the damages caused to your own car by you as well as other people involved. Moreover, it covers theft, fire, property damage, and injury. In short, it covers everything.

Home Insurance

As a resident of Slovakia, it is important to take home insurance. One of the reasons is because it will enable you to live in a peaceful homestead. Also, it helps in protecting the appliances and furniture of your household.

The home insurance covers fire, including explosion, direct lightning strike, and damage due to smoke. Also, it covers storms, including falling stones, landslides, snow pressure, and hail. The other things covered by the household insurance include theft by robbery or burglary, catastrophic damage, and tap water.

Life Insurance

Do you want to protect yourself? Then you should think of taking life insurance. You know anything can happen anytime, and by taking life insurance, you are protected as well as your family members. For instance, if you die, it may cover the final expenses.

Through life insurance, your dependents do not have to worry about living expenses. The insurance may cover the college education of your kids. Also, the good thing about this kind of insurance is that it is tax-free. In the event that you become fully disabled, then the whole premium is paid by the insurance company.

Travel Insurance in Slovakia

Oh yes, the summer holidays are here. Are you planning to go for a vacation in or outside of Slovakia? You should think of taking travel insurance. The country is a beautiful gem located in Central Europe. The insurance is good as it covers the risks that one may encounter when traveling. They include loss of checked-in baggage, personal belonging, and passport. Also, in case you get sick while on vacation, your health care costs will be covered.          

Pet Insurance in Slovakia

Pets are the best valuable beings in our lives. They teach us valuable lessons, including patients, respect, compassion, trust as well as responsibility. Therefore, pet insurance comes in handy when they become ill. The aim of pet insurance is to minimize overall veterinary expenses. This happens when a pet is ill or gets injured.

Popular insurance companies in Slovakia

  • UNIQA Insurance Company, Inc.
  • Allianz – Slovak Insurance Company, Inc.
  • Allrisk Slovakia Prešov
  • PREMIUM Insurance Company Limited, pobočka poisťovne z iného členského štátu
  • Lifeline Slovakia, spol. S R.o.
  • Aegon Slovensko
  • C&C Insurance Service