Electricity and Heating in Slovakia 

Electricity and Heating in Slovakia 

Slovakia is a little-known country which I can only refer to as a hidden gem. What with the beautiful natural landscapes and historical castles. If you love the outdoors and are looking to move to a country with a relatively low cost of living then Slovakia is the place for you. The country will not only offer you grand earning opportunities but also access to quality education and healthcare. 

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As much as Slovakia may be such a great place to visit or live in, you will find it frustrating during the cold months especially if coming from a tropical country. However, you can still make your stay more comfortable by connecting to a reliable electricity and heating provider. Well, setting up your electricity and heating in Slovakia can be confusing to a foreigner. Knowing a thing or two about them will save you time and money. 

Electricity and Heating Services in Slovakia

Most households in Slovakia use gas and electricity to keep their homes warm during colder months. So you will need to set up a gas and electricity connection as soon as you find a new house in the country. It might sound stressful but it is not as daunting as you’d expect. It is in fact a very straightforward process. 

 The first thing to keep in mind is that you should confirm which utilities are available before you sign your rental agreement. In some cases, you might find that your electricity and gas bills are included in the rental price. Even in such a case, ask your landlord to itemize each payment so that you can know what you are paying for. 

Gas and electricity in Slovakia are measured using meters. Depending on your provider, once in a while a representative will show up to take your meter readings. You can then expect to receive monthly bills. However, the bills are an estimate of your monthly usage based on previous readings. The invoice is then adjusted accordingly after your meter has been read. 

This method is advantageous because you can organize your budget accordingly. You will be paying a fixed amount for electricity and gas each month so you can organize your finances. Additionally, make sure you note the meter readings before you connect to a gas and electricity supply. This will ensure that you only pay for your usage. 

Electricity and Gas Market in Slovakia

You will be pleased to know that the energy market in Slovakia is fully liberalized and regulated. Thus, you will have a number of players to choose from depending on your budget and needs. The government regulates the market through bilateral contracts, auctions and the balancing market. 

The many number of providers in Slovakia can be linked to the fact that no license is required to supply electricity or gas. So, I would recommend shopping around to identify the best and most affordable provider. However, you should know that no one supplier is bad enough they should not be considered. The quality of service provided by each supplier is relatively the same. 

Gas and Electricity Providers in Slovakia 

In Slovakia, Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. (SE), is the main electricity generator. The company is partly owned by the state, which could explain why it’s the main player in the market. Similarly, the whole electricity transmission network is owned by Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. (SEPS). The company is owned solely by the Slovakian state, hence its monopoly. 

However, the country also has several regional distribution system operators. The amount you pay for electricity and gas will also depend on your provider. However, most providers will tell you that your consumption is based on type of property, its size, age, etc. and is different in each place. 

When choosing your provider, you should focus on the availability of their customer service. Not all providers will have websites written in English so don’t sign any contract that you don’t understand. Confirm whether your preferred provider is available in your area. The tariffs and services offered will differ from one provider to another so pay close attention as you shop around. 

To sign up for a new connection, you must send an application to an electricity supplier for a domestic supply agreement. The builder’s electrician will then switch on the electricity supply in your home. 

If you move to a new place after this, you will need to apply for a new connection to the network. So, before moving you should contact your electricity supplier and let them know you are moving. If you want to change suppliers you should contact your new supplier. You will be talked through the switching process by the supplier who will then process your application.

Paying Electricity and Gas Bills in Slovakia

Like in any other country, you are responsible for paying your bills in Slovakia. However, you can choose to put your bills in your landlord’s name. I wouldn’t recommend this since you will incur extra costs. The best idea is for you to get a local bank account as soon as you arrive in Slovakia. 

Most providers will ask for your local bank account details when you sign up for their services. Also remember that bank payments are easier, secure and you can keep track of your spending. Your electricity and gas bills will depend on your usage so you should pay close attention to this. 

You will receive a bill every month that will be based on estimations of electricity consumption. Remember that you can submit meter readings to your provider monthly. The bill will detail the meter reading upon which the bill is based, the tariff category that applies and any levies that are being applied to the bill.