Insurance in Slovenia

Insurance in Slovenia

As a Slovenian resident, it is important to take insurance. Some of the common insurance that one should take include health, unemployment, car, home, pet, travel and others. As residents of Slovenia, taking insurance is a way of managing risk. Besides, as a home owner insurance can enable you own a home as the mortgage lenders usually want to know whether the home is protected.

Furthermore, insurance can help one to maintain their current living standard. This do happen when one becomes critically ill or disabled. Also, it covers the healthcare costs. Also, insurance provides for your family in case of death.

Health Insurance Slovenia

In Slovenia, there are both private and public medical options just like Luxembourg. The public healthcare offers quality care to the citizens, EU/EEA residents as well as the long-term residents. The tax from businesses and employees supports it regularly. Thus, temporary residents are encouraged to get private insurance.

The must=have insurance scheme covers the whole population. Besides, the contributions made are linked to people’s employment earnings. Just like the other European nations, there is just one pubic insurer in Slovenia. It is Health Insurance Institution of Slovenia (Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije, ZZZS). The insurance offers coverage to emergencies, testing, and basic health care services. Unfortunately, it does not include dental treatments, medical prescriptions, hospitalization charges and specialist treatments. It is important to note that the students and children who are under the age of 26 gets comprehensive healthcare services.

One can also opt to take supplementary health insurance. However, you must have the compulsory health insurance. It is important for any Slovenian resident. The reason is because it covers the difference between the full health insurance cost and the compulsory health insurance cost. Also, it covers the additional payments. It covers dental services, physical therapy, laboratory costs, diagnostics, specialist examinations, and primary health care.

Being part of the compulsory health insurance, the law guarantees the insured individuals the following:

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses linked to getting health services
  • Sick pay when absent from work temporarily
  • Payment of the health services

Unemployment Insurance

In Slovenia, the individuals who are unemployed against their will can get unemployment benefits. However, they must have been compulsorily insured. The people who can get the benefits are those who have made and submitted applications to ZRSZ in 30 days after being unemployed. Also, the person must have been insured for at least 10 months in the past 24 months before being unemployed.

When the application is successful, one gets 80% of the average monthly salary that the insurer received 8 months before job loss. This also include invalidity insurance, family protection insurance, health insurance, and compensation salary.  The payments must range from EUR 530.19 TO EUR 892.50 gross. When getting the benefits, ZRSZ pays all the social security contributions.

Car Insurance in Slovenia

As a Slovenian resident, it is mandatory for you to have at least the third-party life insurance just like Poland. The insurance companies have divided the car insurance into 4 packages. The comfort packages provide motor third party liability, legal support, road assistance and personal accident.

 The Plus package provides further services including the 4 that re initially mentioned. The additional services include natural catastrophes, fire, animal collision, road assistance, and personal accident. There is also extra package. It provides additional coverage including theft, glass, and vandalism. Lastly, the maximum package or comprehensive insurance offers additional services including gap insurance and own damage.

Home Insurance in Slovenia

Purchasing a home is a good way of investing your money. However, in ensuring that your property is protected, it is important to take home insurance. The insurance does not cover only the home structure. Instead, it covers house extension including compound, shed, and garage.

Apart from protection, the home insurance provides coverage against the natural disasters. These include food, wind, or earthquake. Also, some insurance firms offer coverage against theft. Lastly, there is liability coverage through home protection.

Life Insurance

While living, we have to ensure protection against ourselves as well as our family. The future is unknown and anything can happen any time. Thus, it is important to prepare well for the future. Through the life insurance, one gets coverage against death, annuity insurance, and endowment insurance.

After you die, life insurance offers death benefit to the chosen beneficiary. Moreover, it helps in protecting a family, assets as well as oneself against financial losses or even risks. In some situations, it comes in handy to pay hospitalisation as well as medical emergencies.

Travel Insurance in Slovenia

Who does not love travelling? That is the only moment in life you can have a peace of mind. It is also a good remedy for depression, anxiety and stress. Therefore, we should enjoy traveling in and out of Slovenia. However, that is only possible if one has a travel insurance.

The travel insurance offers coverage if you get hurt or sick when travelling in and out of Slovenia. Also, the insurance covers loss of checked in luggage, loss of passport as well as important documents, and flight delays.

Pet Insurance

Pets are the best comforters for Slovenians. These little beings have real love. They always want to ensure that one is fine. Thus, we do not anything to happen to them. Therefore, when they get sick, we have to take them to a Veterinary. In some cases, one may not have enough money to cover the medical costs. For this reason, Slovenian residents should take pet insurance to prevent sipping in the emergency fund of the family. Moreover, it also allows one to pick their veterinarian and to some extent, it delivers peace of mind.

Popular insurance companies in Slovenia

  • Zavarovalnica Sava, d. d.
  • GRAWE zavarovalnica d.d. Poslovna enota Ljubljana
  • Adriatic Slovenica
  • Generali Insurance d.d. Ljubljana
  • Zavaroval družba d. d
  • Ft Pretium, zavarovalno posredovanje, d.o.o.
  • Arag se – Zavarovalnica pravne zaščite podružnica v Sloveniji
  • Allianz Slovenia, Subsidiary
  • Kapos, družba za zavarovalno posredovanje, d.o.o.
  • Rumi, zavarovalno zastopanje, d.o.o.