Internet Subscription in Finland

Internet Subscription in Finland

When coming to Finland for the first time, internet subscription may not form one of the items on your top list of things to do. Admittedly, so many people would rather focus ahead on visiting those dream places in Finland, go skiing in powdery snow or shopping downtown. Little known to many is that having an internet subscription could well fit the bill of being among the stuff that makes Finland the happiest country in the world.

Newcomers to Finland Just like the others need internet connection

Any foreigner just arriving in Finland will automatically develop a desire to secure an internet connection. there are 101 reasons why you cant]t just do without an internet connection either on your mobile phone or at home. The number one reason is that perhaps you need to carry out some research or communication with your people back at home.

Your family and friends may be extremely eager to know about how you arrived and what your new life is like.  Undeniably, the internet penetration in Finland makes it one of the most highly developed telecommunication systems in the world. As such, your life will definitely turn into a wonderful adventure because you will easily be able to conduct your web activities with ease and affordably at the same time. 

Internet Availability in Finland

Livestreaming, watching Netflix, turning on news feed on social media platforms is an in thing Finland. You will always feel the nudge to be ahead of the news at all times instead of waiting to get it reported from other media platforms. To make all these a reality, an internet connection on your phone or home based connection is a must have. Your life can never be miserable or feel bored with a perfect internet connection in Finland.

The internet in Finland is available through a high-speed 4G/5G network, which is widespread throughout the country. You can as well access internet through a highly modernized optic fibre/copper wire network. However, ensure that you for the best deals available as most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer competitive and absolutely reliable packages with reasonable subscription rates.

You should however note that Finnish ISPs do not impose data caps on the network consumption. This implies that you will be able to download unlimited data with no excess fees or reduction on the internet speeds.

Finnish Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

There are number of ISPs in Finland that can offer you the best deals to suit your internet needs. Ideally, the amount you will spend will depend on what you want to use the internet for. The primary ISPs in Finland include the Elisa, DNA, and Telia, which all provide both the mobile and fiber optic options.

Besides, you can decide to choose from other smaller internet companies in Finland, which will still enable you get a high-speed internet at extremely affordable will prices and more so if you are living away from the country’s major cities.

Getting Online in Finland

Now that you are aware of various ISPs available in the country, we recommend that you do some research to know which of them are available in your location. If possible, you can also talk to friends or neighbors to know more about the ISPs they use. Notably, this will give you a rough idea about the ISPs available in your area.

As a new customer, you will choose your plans from the two typical services offered by the ISPs and include the mobile broadband, or Fixed Broadband (cable broadband and the fibre optic options). The most recognizable benefit of all these modes of connection is their reliability.

Ideally, you will not be limited on how much you can download. The connection speeds are also unaffected regardless of the number of people or device connected at any given time.

Most providers will send a technician to your place once you have chosen them. Alternatively, you should be ready to utilize the instructional guidance given by your ISP to set up your internet connection for the first time.

Internet Connection Prices in Finland

Most of the ISP offer competitive prices and conditions and you are likely to find yourself in making tough choices on settling for one. However, it is important to know that you are likely to choose from either the fixed broadband or the Mobile Broadband.

The fixed broadband mainly involves internet connection through the ADSL. Currently, it is likely to cost you about €20 per month for a 20 Mb/s ADSL connection. Similarly, you will be charged €25, €30, and €40 for 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1000Mbps respectively. These prices also vary tremendously depending on the company’s internet packages and policies.

If you decide to go for a Mobile Broadband, you will pay €13 on a monthly basis just for the 1Mbps 4G connection. The prices for other packages such as 100Mbs and 300Mbs may range within €25 to €50 per month. So, depending on the bulk of your internet usage, always shop for the best deals available around you.


With Elisa for example, you will need to purchase a ‘Nettiasema’ prepaid data starter kit that has various components such as the USB cable, charger, 4G WLAN router, and a free one-month 100Mbs mobile broadband. Subsequently, you will be required to top up your subscriptions occasionally as soon as you feel that the available packages have been depleted and this can be easily done online.


With Nettiasema, there is no restrictions on the number of devices that you can connect online at any given time. If you are living in a detached or semi-detached houses in Finland, you can also consider Elisa’s 5G Kotinetti as your choice as it enables a modernized high-speed internet through the fiber-optic.

Wireless Connections in Finland

The wireless connection is also another common type of internet access that you can opt for while in Finland for a short duration. You can always access these connections at public places full of WIFI. You should however endeavor to use the VPN anytime you are connecting to the web to protect your privacy as these networks are mostly not encrypted.

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) in Finland

To warp this up, IPTV is another mechanism through which you can access internet in Finland. This technology is currently widespread throughout the country as most ISPs now offer the TV network services.

If you decide to choose this plan, your network provider will additionally offer you a number of TV packages and streaming networks. This can be a suitable option if watching and live streaming is your order of the day.