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How will you feel like visiting Spain? Indeed it’s a beautiful country. As you move into Spain, you’ll like to socialize with the Spaniards known for their Spanish language which is touted as Romance language. Anyone who has had the chance of dating in Spain will confess a thing or two about the country which has some of the sweetest ladies and real masculine men. Just to create good memories about Spain, having a reliable internet is a must.

To connect with people in Spain will require reliable internet. To say the least, the internet is the centre point for communication in and out of Spain . This enables people to interact through social media, watch news and other entertaining clips by use of the internet. There are just so many internet service providers in Spain from which to choose from at any given time. Interestingly, it is also possible to easily move from one provider to the next for whatever reasons.

How to access internet in Spain 

After  having moved to Spain, you must also know how to access the internet there. For instance, when you want home broadband, you must check a list of different Internet providers and what they require before agreeing to a contract. After this you will calculate the installation and monthly subscription which you can afford and this can be achieved by contacting one of the providers directly and asking about their rates in Spain. 

How to get connected on internet in Spain

Living life without internet connections sounds really boring and for this, it requires one to get connected. For one to get connected in Spain, you have two main options to use in this scenario: 

  • To get a prepaid SIM card which is typically the easiest way to get connected. This is by getting yourself a local phone number and data access without committing to anything long-term.

Secondly, To get a mobile phone contract which somehow looks a little bit expensive.

Popular Internet service providers in Spain

For one to access the internet, there must be providers who offer the internet either in the form of mobile data, WI-FI and even fiber cable.

The following are some the popular internet broadband providers in Spain to choose from;

  • Movistar 
  • Vodafone 
  • Orange
  • Yoigo 
  • Digi 

Forms in which internet is offered in Spain

The following are forms in which the internet is offered in Spain; ADSL,WIMAX,WIFI and mobile data. Fiber optic connectivity is increasing all over the country of Spain hence delivering some of the fastest internet connection. Mobile data is somehow accessible everywhere because of the phones.

The speed of internet in Spain

The speed of the internet in Spain is ranked among around 22 in the world’s internet speed ranking. The most common download speed in Spain is about 300 Mbit/s as it is the default offer from Movistar, the main broadband supplier in the country.

Which is the best internet broadband in Spain

It is difficult to say what the ‘best’ broadband in Spain is, because it depends on your needs. From a general peserpcecrive, Movistar has a good reputation when it comes to customer service. This  service provider offers their services in English and this enables even foreigners to have their services at ease. However, their packages are slightly more expensive than the other broadband

On the other hand, if you are looking for broadband that offers great service and great price, then you should go for MasMovil. This Internet provider offers a broadband package with speeds up to 100 Mb for only 29€ a month. When your objective is to get the cheapest Internet service provider the best option is going for Fi Network. The price of a home broadband up to 100 Mb is €20,90.

Cost of internet in Spain

Needless to say, surviving in Spain requires that an individual really saves every penny which is why knowing how much it will cost you to get an internet connection. Of course even as much as the cost is something worth paying close attention to, it must be matched with the quality of connection. Nobody wants an internet that has frequent downtimes, slow download speed and such bad experiences. 

The overall cost of the internet in Spain is slightly high compared to other neighboring countries. For instance the following are some of the cost incurred on specific broadbands available:-

  • MovistarFusión offers internet and mobile contract for 58 euros a month
  • Orange offers 20Mb ADSL or 600 Mb fiber for 30.95 euros per month
  • Vodafone offers 300Mb fiber for 30.99 euros per month
  • MásMóvil offers 100Mb fiber or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ( ADSL) for 29.99 euros per month
  • Jazztel offers 100Mb fiber for 28.95 euros per month
  • Pepephone offers 300Mb fiber for 29 euros per month

Free internet in Spain

In Spain, having an internet connection is a great asset which is why there is a chance to actually find a free hotspot at various locations. Yes, you got that right, free internet connection to every member of the public. Such public internet connections do not have passwords but may have a few steps to access. 

In Spain, a simple check on the available Wi-Fi networks will give a very long list of connections around you. Most of them will require passwords to connect while a few are free. If you see a connection that does not have a lock sign then that is a free connection to all. Just login and see if actually the connection works. However, one must be very careful on such shared public networks because they can always be exploited by cybercriminals. So one needs to be abundantly careful not to use such public internet to sign in to personal accounts that have critical private information.