Mobile Subscription in Spain

Mobile Subscription in Spain

Arrival in Spain to work and study as an expatriate or researcher is full of mixed reactions. Besides, homesickness is unavoidable in a new environment where everybody is outgoing about their errands; you will feel lonely. Nevertheless, not for long; you will never resist getting closer to them when you meet a beautiful damsel from Spain. Not to mention all attractive Spanish men who are single and ready to intermingle. I believe the next step would be exchanging contacts, then whoops! You need a mobile subscriber to start connecting. Indeed, communication stirs up dating in Spain.

The need to call back home is a must-do for an international setting foot in Spain. For that matter, you are probably thinking of confirming your safe arrival as you tattle about the findings in Spain. It is also true that no one is self-sufficient; you will need to make new friends at your workplace and neighbourhood. You will agree that a mobile phone with a network provider is compulsory to start you off in your journey of friendship.  

How Do I Get Started with a Mobile Subscription in Spain as a Newcomer?

With the solid advancement in mobile networks in Spain and United Kingdom alike, be assured of flawless communication from day one of arrival. For smooth operation in your new country, all activities regarding housing, job, new friends, neighborhood, and communication are central.

Spain is perfect for using GSM technology, so you can easily connect to the local network. Nonetheless, if your phone uses CDMA technology, it may fail to work in Spain. Moreover, if you are planning to stay a little longer, think of grabbing a local SIM card or signing up for a local mobile contract to enjoy your stay.

Furthermore, dealing with international roaming is not cost-friendly when you are not a compulsive spender. Think of local SIM cards, which are less pricey and come with low-priced local rates. Besides, the local SIM cards have a cheap and up-front payment option. However, you must produce your valid identification card to get one.

Are you wondering where to get the local SIM Cards? It is simple. Of course, Spanish SIM cards are readily available in the provider stores and at the airport without difficulty. You can ask for local SIM Cards at airports like Barajas Airport in Madrid and El-Prat Airport in Barcelona.

The Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Phone Subscription Provider in Spain

The first thing you should consider is the coverage in your area. You should ensure that the provider has extensive network coverage in ensuring that you have mobile phone service every time. Currently, most of the firms in Spain have great coverage. They provide a network almost everywhere across the country.

Cost is another important factor that you need to consider before making a decision. Ask the provider to give you its pricing structure to know the cost of the plan you are interested in. Even though most people prefer contract subscriptions, you may ask if they have prepaid services.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you need to consider the length of the contract. Although you may get a good deal, however, this will mean that you will have to stay with the provider for about 2 years or more. So, the problem will come in case you are no longer interested in their services. This may make it difficult for you to shift to another provider. In some cases, if you decide to end the contract, you may pay hefty penalties.

Lastly, it is important to know the reputation of the firm you have chosen. Check at the number of years that service provider has been in the industry. After that, have a look at the things that they have achieved during that period. Basically, you should choose a company that has been in the industry for a long time and is still doing well.

What Are the Popular Cellular Providers in Spain?

There are numerous mobile phone service providers in Spain, and you can choose what works for you. Moreover, the incredible thing is that they are all efficient. However, they vary in price and area of network coverage. The typical mobile service operators in Spain are in the list below.






You can get SIM Cards straightforwardly at affordable prices in Spain. For Vodafone SIM Cards, you need 10-40 EUR to purchase. Besides, it proffers a prepaid plan of €10-€30, for mobile data of 25-120 GB monthly. On the other hand, Movistar SIM Cards go at 10 EUR alongside 10 EUR credit. It also offers prepaid plans, which cost €20; this subscribes to data bundles from 5-30 GB every month. 

To buy Orange SIM Cards (SIM Mundo), you need 10 or 20 EUR in handy with credit. Additionally, it provides a prepaid data plan of €15 to €35 monthly. Orange has its Zen holiday plan that goes at $30 for 8GB. You can buy both Vodafone and Orange SIM Cards at the airport and their respective stores. As for Movistar, avoid disappointment by asking at the airport. They are only available at Movistar Stores.

Advantage of Using Spanish Local SIM Cards over EU Roaming Plan

For internationals, the need to call and text back home is inevitable. EU roaming works perfectly, primarily when traveling in the countries that support it. However, if you are not ready to spend some extra coin, keep it off! It is damn expensive. Thanks to Spain, it has made the country home away from home to its ex-pat, through cheap local plans or unlimited international calling.

For many reasons, internationals use local SIM cards to enjoy reasonable local rates for calls, SMS, and data. Ultimately, prepaid SIM cards work best for ex-pats because it is the easiest way to access local phone numbers. Likewise, it is flexible for owners who intend to stay in Spain for a short while.