Mobile Phone Subscription in Estonia

Mobile Phone Subscription in Estonia

Estonia is a small North Eastern European country that attracts a large number of visitors thanks to its deep and extensive cultural roots as well as its glorious beaches along its vast coastline. As with many other aspects of human life, communication is essential for keeping in touch with different people in one’s life among other reasons.  This lifelong reality does not cease to be when one moves to Estonia.

As soon as someone lands in Estonia, it becomes inevitable that you will need to subscribe to mobile phone and internet service at some point. Well, the good news is that Estonia is a forward-thinking and ambitious country therefore, mobile access is available everywhere including on the smaller islands and even at sea. Estonia’s commitment to digital innovation gives it an edge that has been recognized by Google, Forbes, and Wired magazine. Compared to other countries in Europe, Estonia offers low prices for data. 

For visitors in Estonia seeking sensual adventure and a chance to date the beautiful Estonian girls or muscular handsome men can e a thing. To fulfil this somehow weird yet real expectation, having the internet isn’t a luxury but a need. With a proper internet connection in Estonia, you become just a click away from your possible match on the many dating sites in Estonia. in brief, the internet in Estonia makes life better and even more adventurous. 

Cell Phone Service Providers in Estonia

Estonia is among the countries globally that have the highest number of mobile phones per capita. The level of mobile phone ownership and use has something to do with fast internet services everywhere. In the current age of internet of things, such reliable internet and network coverage are important for smartphone owners. The country has gone a step further to consider internet access a human right. As a result, both individuals and businesses have access to an unlimited number of public services related to mobile phone service subscriptions. 

Telia (formerly EMT, owned by the Swedish Telia Group), Elisa (owned by Finnish Elisa Oyj), and Tele2 (owned by Swedish Tele2 Group) are the three major cell phone service providers in Estonia. They work hand in hand with STV to also provide TV/internet and landline services to both natives and visitors. 

How to Choose a Cell Phone Provider in Estonia

Choosing a cell phone provider is simple unless one is visiting the most remote rural areas. However, the only difference between the providers in these areas comes in terms of data speed as opposed to reception and service. By visiting any Telia, Elisa, or Tele2 store, you can sign a monthly contract with any of the wireless service providers. 

All the providers of internet services in Estonia offer various prepaid SIM cards and do not require any registration or ID. It is important to note that the rechargeable SIMs from all the providers are almost similar. Similarly, they are very affordable given that it costs 10 Euros or less to purchase a card. 

Further, the internet service providers in Estonia offer various incentives such as free calling time, messages, and in some cases a limited range of free data. The cards are locally referred to as Konekaart among the Estonians. They can be easily accessed from individual provider stores, supermarkets, R-kiosks, gas stations, newsstands, Circle K, kiosks or post offices. The cards can be recharged as easily as buying a voucher code from any outlet. 

Telia service provider

Telia has an average mobile market share of 42% in Estonia, making it the leading service provider in the country. Their 4G/LTE network covers most of the country already and is open for prepaid. 

Availability of Telia in Estonia

Telia offers 3 brands for prepaid kõnekaarts with voice and data known as SuperSimpel, and Diil. When it comes to data usage, Diil SIMs work in part the same as Simpel SIMs though they lack combo packages. This means that you can refer to the SImpel section for data package pricing if you have purchased a Diil SIM. The two mainly differ in voice call pricing. 

Top-up for Telia

There is no way to recharge on the Telia website using PayPal or a credit card, and no 3rd party resellers. With a Super SIM, the Super app and website accept some international credit/debit cards for top-ups. Top-up voucher validity is limited. The only method that Telia provides to top up your account from outside Estonia if the Super app does not accept your foreign card or if you have a Telia/Simpel/Diil SIM is a SEPA bank transfer, which will usually be free of charge from bank accounts in the Eurozone. 

EU roaming (charges apply)

From 2019 Simpel and Diil charge the same amount for domestic and EU/EEA roaming usage (€0.0025/KB). Diil also allows part of the data and combo packages to be used without requiring extra out of pocket payments . Bad news to super customers is that they may not enjoy similar treatment as combo users.

If a Super customer wants to roam, he or she needs to activate their Super X package. This package comes with unlimited calls within Estonia and €0.002 per MB. For the data, a maximum of 500 MB for €1 per day is allowed but then follows a €0.0036/MB surcharge. Telia data-only SIMs do not roam at all. 

Elisa (Zen) in Estonia

Telia. They have opened 4G/LTE on some prepaid plans for a surcharge. In 2016 they were the leader in the number of prepaid users in the country. 

Availability of Elisa internet in Estonia 

The prepaid card is called “Elisa Kõnekaart“. The Start-up kit costs 1€ and includes the same amount of credits. The default PIN is 1234. The SIM card is available at many outlets, Selver, Prisma, Rimi and Maxima supermarkets, R-Kiosks, Circle K, and Elisa stores.  

Account management, recharging, and validity of Elisa

Elisa’s prepaid SIM card is valid for 6+1 months. After the 6 months the grace period begins (plus 1 month) when you can only receive the calls and text messages, but no outgoing calls or mobile data available. To extend its validity, recharge for at least 3€ and your account lifetime extends for the next 6 months. Top-ups are available at Prisma, Rimi, and Maxima supermarkets. Other top up points include R-Kiosks, Circle K, Omniva post offices, and some others. You should buy a recharge voucher that looks like the cash machine receipt and contains the 12-digit code. 

Tele 2 (Smart) in Estonia

Tele 2 covered 96% of the population with 4G/LTE in 2017 but has since made tremendous progress and growth. This company is fast on its path towards becoming the best communication service providers in Estonia and anyone subscribing with them must be sure to get the best. 

Availability of Tele 2 in Estonia

The prepaid SIM cards of Tele2 and Smart can be found at Tele2 stores, Post offices, R-Kiosk, Statoil, Maxima, and other outlets. At these locations, top-up vouchers can also be bought. The Smart SIM card is sold for 0.95 EUR with the same credit on and 250 MB for 30 days. 

There is something juicy about costs to Tele 2 subscribers that a newcomer must quickly grab. And what is that? It is that a subscriber gets a €2.95 bonus if you top-up €4 or more in the first week. The default rate for data is €0.04 per MB. Tele2 Kõnekaart which is Tele2’s brand starter is €3.95 and includes 3 GB of data, 300 minutes, and 30 SMS. The default rate for data is also €0.04 per MB.