Do you consider making Estonia your new home? Then you are probably among the millions  across the world who really get attracted to the vast goodies that the country has.

A bird eye view of Tallinn, Estonia’s largest city

With a paltry 1.3 million people living in Estonia, you could probably add to this number and follow your passion there. The much acclaimed  Estonia e-Residency further makes it easy for you, like others, to set up operations there while not actually living in the country. It is a virtual residence and makes Estonia much more open to the world without compromising on internationally agreed conventions.

Estonia also boasts a rich culture and history. Pacing up with innovation and modernity, the country now has a lot of startups, incredible digital innovations and fast internet speeds to support this digital tranformation.  

Brief overview of Estonia

Through much of Estonia’s history, it was dominated by the foreign powers. Some of the countries that exercised their powers include Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

Estonia was transformed to USSR in 1940. After that it remained a Soviet till 1991 when it got its independence. Since that time, the country has embraced democracy as well as technological advancements. 

Cultural Heritage of Estonia

The country has a unique culture. The medieval architecture of Tallinn’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, transports visitors back in time. The vibrant folk traditions, expressed through music, dance, and crafts, showcase the resilience and spirit of the Estonian people. Contemporary Estonian culture is marked by a fusion of tradition and innovation, with a strong emphasis on digital innovation and the arts.

Learn Estonian traditions, culture and history

In Estonia, there is no state religion. Most of the Estonians are either atheists or nonreligious. There are also Christians. They include unaffiliated Christians, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, and Evangelical Lutheran. 

Languages Spoken in Estonia

The main language spoken in Estonia is Estonian. It is a Finno-Ugric language that is close to Finnish and a little bit related to Hungarian. Apart from Estonian, English is widely spoken. However, it is mainly common among the younger population and in the urban areas. 

In addition, Russian is spoken by some people in the population. It plays a role in reflecting the historical ties that exist with the Soviet Union. The different languages spoken in the country has contributed to its openness to varied cultures. It also enhances communication for tourists and the expats. 

Tourist Attractions in Estonia

Estonia is a treasure trove of picturesque landscapes and architectural wonders. In addition to Tallinn’s enchanting Old Town, visitors can explore the medieval castle of Kuressaare, the stunning Lahemaa National Park, and the charming university town of Tartu. The island of Saaremaa offers a peaceful retreat with its windmills and unique culture. Estonia’s diverse attractions cater to history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking a mix of traditional and modern experiences.

When visiting Estonia, you can always carry your credit card. Most of the stores in the country accept credit card payments. However, if you go to a place and it is not accepted, then you may withdraw cash instead and use it to make payments. Estonia is using the Euro currency just like the other European countries such as Austria and Denmark. 

Exciting Islands in Estonia

Estonia boasts a variety of beautiful islands. The interesting thing about the islands is that each has its own unique charm. For instance, Saaremaa, the largest island, is mainly known for its medieval castle and windmills.

On the other hand, Hiiumaa offers serene landscapes as well as lighthouses. These islands offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

Viru bog in Lahemaa National Park

The National Park is an exciting place for nature lovers.  In fact, if by chance you end up dating an Estonian, you may always take nature walks together. The country’s vast forest cover providesa good environment for new lovers to just feel calm, get the better of each ofther as nature witnesses it all.

While there, you can do different activities including swimming, biking, and hiking. You can even decide to sit on one of the beaches while listening to your playlist. While in the park, you will feel fresh air moving through your nostrils any time you take a breath. 

When going there, remember to do so when it is sunny. The reason is because when it is rainy or cloudy, you may not enjoy much of the place. The rain usually makes people find it difficult to go past each other while walking. 

Interesting things about Estonia

Estonia is highly known for its great achievements. For instance, it is the inventor of e-governance that offers online voting as well as digital citizenship. Did you know that the country is also the home of skype? The initial founders of the used communication platform were from Estonia. They include Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn. 

They had a singing revolution. In the country’s path to independence, it introduced a singing revolution. During that time, people conducted a peaceful mass gathering. During that time, they sang patriotic songs, and this played an important role in pushing them to their road of being independent. Do you know when this was? It was just in the late 1980s. The revolution eventually helped them in achieving their political goals. 

Half of Estonia is covered by forest. It is something that most people do not know. This makes it among the forested nations in Europe. The great landscape offers great opportunities for outdoor activities. If you come to visit you can do activities such as wildlife exploration, camping, and hiking. 

During winter, Estonia does turn into a winter wonderland. During that time, there are lots of opportunities for winter sports. They include traditional winter activities such as sauna sessions, ice skating, and skiing. If you visit or move to Estonia, do not forget to try out such activities. Trust me, you will enjoy it. 

Moving to Estonia as an Expat

If you are considering moving to Estonia, you will get well developed infrastructure, high quality healthcare, and other interesting facilities. In addition, with the e-residency program, you can open or rather establish a business online in Estonia and manage it online. This program is very unique and convenient for entrepreneurs and nomads who are outside Estonia. Besides, as compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Estonia is reasonable. Society is also welcoming for the expats. Below are some of the ways of moving to Estonia:

1. Work

In case you get a job offer in Estonia then you can move there with a work visa. The employer will oversee your visa. Some of the thriving sectors in the country include the tech sector and information technology and startups. Therefore, if you get a job in this amazing country, do not hesitate to go. If you go to Estonia for work, you can get more information here about getting an apartment or purchasing a house. 

2. Study in Estonia

Apart from employment, you can go to Estonia as a student. The process entails making an application in a school, getting admission in a school, and applying for a visa if you are non-EU. The nation is well known for its great student life and quality education. 

3. Research and Science

Researchers and scientists can apply for a residence permit for research or study purposes. If you want to engage in research activities in Estonia, then this type of permit may be suitable for you. The permit is available for non-EU nationals. 

4. Family Reunification

If you have family members living in Estonia, then you may be eligible for a residence permit based on family reunification. Family members can include spouse, child, or parent. You will need to make the application from where you are residing and then when it is approved then you can move to Estonia. 


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