Mobile phone subscription in Bulgaria

Mobile phone subscription in Bulgaria

Mobile phone service in Bulgaria is something that anyone visiting or intending to live there must consider seriously. Leaving family and friends back home to travel over to Bulgaria makes regular communication more than just a normal thing. From time to time, communication will keep you connected despite being worlds apart. Actually, as part of slowly adjusting to your new life in Bulgaria, it’s important to occasionally ring back home.

Ringing friends and relatives will surely guarantee you some sense of solace and comfort. The reassurance and encouragement from back home means loads when you are in an entirely new country.

Aside from ringing back home, mobile subscription in Bulgaria will also make your day to day local communication easy. You may for instance, need to make a phone call to your dating partner or just go online to a dating site for a match. Either of these require that you at all times have a reliable services provider for your phone.

So, someone cannot ignore the need to choose from among the best mobile phone services providers in the country.

This is the mobile phone subscription situation in Bulgaria

Like any free market, the telecommunication industry in Bulgaria has more than just one mobile services provider. Out of the popular telecommunication services companies in Bulgaria, there could only be one that matches your personal needs.

The best mobile subscription pan in Bulgaria would be to know the service providers, develop a list of expectations and approach the best one for subscription. Whichever the company a person decides to go with at last, it must be affordable yet still offer the best experience.

Mobile Network Providers in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian mobile phone network is well developed and almost the whole country has a good mobile network reception. The only locations with poor or no mobile network reception are normally the high mountains and the remote areas.

There are three main mobile network providers present in Bulgaria today. These providers from which you can make a choice include Vivaco, A1, and Telenor. At the very centre of business operations, these mobile telephone providers seek to outdo each other by offering the client base with services that exceed their expectation.

As a starting point, you can be sure that all the companies that offer mobile phone services in Bulgaria operate above board. So, the question is whether they are legitimate but rather, how best does their product offerings and packages match your individual needs.  

Market share of key mobile phone service providers in Bulgaria

The three mobile phone services providers in Bulgaria meet the test of legitimacy which then begs the question on how best to make a choice. A good way to guide is assessing the market share that each of them has. Of course, the share of that market may also mean that the subscription price is way too high.

Of all the providers in Bulgaria, A1 is the leading with close to 4 million active subscribers and the other two providers follow closely with about 3million subscribers each.

All the three Bulgarian mobile network providers are on record offering both the pre-paid subscriptions and the monthly plans covering a one-to-two-year contract plans. To make the subscribers more pleased, the providers have ensured that the two-year contract plan comes with a cheaper monthly plan as compared to the corresponding one-year contract.

It is also very enticing to discover how the providers encourage their subscribers and aspiring subscribers to embrace online payment as a means to pay off their bills. The most eye-catching offer is the 1 BGN monthly discount with an additional 500MB of data.

Mobile Phone Subscribers in Bulgarian

It intrigues just as it astonishes to realize that Bulgaria has millions of mobile phone subscribers since the 1960s and as at 2022 the number of mobile phone subscribers stands at 8million. The mobile phone service providers in Bulgaria have every offer that best suits every subscriber interest and therefore, its greatly the responsibility of a mobile phone operator to know what meets their needs.

Bulgarian subscribers fall into the category of post-paid and prepaid subscribers with voice communications. Generally, the prepaid subscribers in Bulgaria, will be presented with lots of terms and conditions when they are obtaining their card from their preferred network provider.

It is, however, quite interesting to realize that the prepaid sim card has a one-year validity with the credit in the customer account having a two-month validity period. More interestingly, is the validity of the MBs and the minutes purchased by a Bulgarian subscriber.

Possibilities of using your foreign mobile in Bulgaria

There is not a doubt that with Bulgaria’s great attractions including picturesque views and soothing sceneries, you will always have a reason to visit it. However, there can never be any better way to have a fulfilling experience of Bulgaria for a visitor or resident who does not have the correct mobile telephone subscription. Certainly, the country is a very cheap place to stay, but international roaming is not cheap.

To avoid the humongous sums of money that international mobile phone roaming in Bulgaria, it is always a good idea to switch to a local sim card. The fact of the matter is that roaming using your foreign sim card in Bulgaria is possible except that the cost will set you off a great deal.  

Saving expenditure on Mobile phone subscription in Bulgaria

In order to avoid spending a lot of money on roaming in Bulgaria, you can instead purchase a SIM card that will give them a Bulgarian mobile number. This will help any visitor or a foreigner who is new in Bulgaria to have an opportunity to connect with friends and family through calls and text messages.

Communication will become easier and interesting while enjoying the time of your life in Bulgaria though one will have to get their phone unlocked from their home country network. In spite of the small stress of phone unlocking, the cost involved is usually very cheap at any mobile phone shop.

Prepaid sim-card in Bulgaria

I have learnt that the very first thing to do as a new comer to Bulgaria is purchasing a prepaid sim-card. It should not be a nightmare to anyone with the existence of Traveltomtom exhibiting close to 150 prepaid sim card guides for many countries all over the world. Traveltomtom will definitely give a direction for the latest prepaid sim card and advise where possible.

While in Bulgaria, it is advisable to consider getting a Vivacom prepaid sim card which offers the best 4G/5G network and most of all it has very competitive prices. However, as usual, there must always be an alternative for everything just in case any issue may arise. Therefore,

If Vivacom is not something for you, it would be a great thing to go for a travel sim card with coverage in Bulgaria. Everyone though, always has their own best interest and what they feel pleases them most, so by looking through Traveltomtom, there is a list of the best international sim cards for travelling in 2022. All you need to do is to just pick the one that suits your interest and liking.

E-sim cards for Bulgaria

For a chance to make it even easier while in Bulgaria, one can easily make arrangements online and within a couple of minutes for their electronic sim card. Once the card has been ordered, there will be a code sent through your email. To proceed, just follow the instructions on your email notifications. God ahead and apply the settings provided on your phone and there you are good to go.

Being digitally connected while at the same time able to enjoy and use the new technology is very exciting while at the same time elevating. Your stay in Bulgaria will not only bless you with its beauty and calmness, but will also offer you a chance to enjoy technology through the use of an electronic sim card for communication. It is unfortunate that e-SIM card is not available for prepaid customers in Bulgaria.