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In a fast paced world, information, communication and technology power almost everything. This means that thinking about internet subscription in Bulgaria is not a by the way thing. As an expat coming to Bulgaria, everything is about learning and trying to belong in a new society. Obviously, entering Bulgaria means plunging self into an entirely new system its its unique social perspectives. 

In Bulgaria, a newcomer will somehow experience anxiety build up and a need to connect with people back at home. Throughout this rush to fully belong and go about everyday businesses unperturbed, using google to learn more become a necessity. As soon as an expatriate lands in Bulgaria, the reality dawns that internet connection isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

Let’s face it, as a newcomer to Bulgaria, you will need the internet to check out information, locate nearby and far away places. Moreover, you probably left friends and relatives back home who need regular updates if not on your new environment then on new experiences. So, you will as a matter of necessity need to talk to people back home, post a few fancy pictures on Instagram just to let friends know that Bulgaria is a worth visiting destination. 

Internet Connectivity situation in Bulgaria

Internet coverage in Bulgaria is reasonably good, at least compared to most parts of the world. So, there is never a reason to worry on possibilities of accessing the internet either as a visitor or resident of Bulgaria. According to Bulgaria’s internet penetration rate was 78.0 percent of the total population at the beginning of 2022. If this statistic is anything to go by, expatriates living in major cities and the countryside of Bulgaria will be connected to the internet. This is an amazing reality that anyone would wish to be part of. 

Whether you live in the Bulgarian cities of Sofia, Sandanski, Peshtera, Silistra or whichever, there is a near 100 percent chance that there is a reliable internet around you. In fact, Sofia is among the cities that rank among those with the fastest internet speed and connection reliability in the world. 

Internet subscription is the heartbeat of information in Bulgaria since communication will keep you connected to your dear ones through constant chats and face timing. Literally internet connection will most likely keep you closer to home without having to spend a lot of money. 

All you would need while in Bulgaria is an internet subscription that would definitely guarantee you a source of solace and comfort. The happiness and satisfaction that comes with the assurance that you can still see your loved ones through facetiming and video calls full of smiles and satisfaction, would mean a whole lot especially if you are completely new in Bulgaria.

You must have an internet subscription in Bulgaria

 It is not going to be an easy ordeal to ignore a wonderful connection from the world’s fastest and reliable internet connection in Bulgaria. So, it is important that as soon as you settle in Bulgaria, get an internet subscription for voice and data services. Keeping in touch with friends, relatives as well as regular update on the goings on around the world is equally very necessary.  So the internet voice and data subscriptions are not  a luxury but rather an unavoidable need in Bulgaria. 

What it means is that close to 100% of the Bulgarian population regularly use the internet with the utmost one-sixth having access to broadband connections. In fact, it is amazing to also learn that broadband speed in Bulgaria is among the fastest in Europe. Therefore, someone must consider the need to choose from the best internet access providers while in Bulgaria.

Internet Technologies for Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is a state on record for encouraging cultural progression, interactions and connectivity at all levels of the society. For this very reason, information, communication and technology infrastructures have been well developed. Therefore, you can always be sure to get access to stable, reliable and cost-effective internet while in Bulgaria.

You will realise that the common type of internet access in  Bulgaria is the Local area network (LANs) with over 60% of the population using it due to its high speed, reliability, and good service. As a norm, it is best to have alternatives and a free will to choose by consumers, internet technology in Bulgaria allows for preferences. For this reason, internet access technologies also introduced the digital subscriber lines (DSL) commonly known as the asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) technology.

In a state that witnessed privatisation in 2004 after the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) gained a state monopoly, the availability of ADSL has greatly improved covering over 250 towns and numerous villages all over the country. Any person visiting or residing in Bulgaria need not to worry given the level of liberalisation of the telecommunications market that has various companies currently offering the broadband internet while at the same time offering ADSL.

Internet Service Providers in Bulgaria 

Given the degree of internet technology present in Bulgaria, there is no reason for anyone to worry about connecting with their loved ones as well as remaining updated with the current events going on around the world. Bulgaria has various local internet providers but the most considerable ones are the few bigger ones that operate nationally. With VIVACOM, Blizoo, Bulsatcom, and Mtel, there is a great assurance that nothing can ever go wrong with your internet connection while visiting or residing in Bulgaria. 

The internet access fees in Bulgaria 

In a free-market economy currently exhibited in Bulgaria, the fibre-optic cable and ADSL connections dominate internet access choices. These options are usually packaged with other types of services like landlines, digital television, and cable. These packages make internet access super exciting for you while staying or visiting Bulgaria. 

The fact that the price lines slightly vary for both the ADSL and fibre-optic cable connections. Starting from 12-15 levs (6.5-8 euros) you may easily afford up to 12-15Mbps connection and yet without exceeding 60 levs (30-35 euros) still manage to afford 100Mbps connection. However, private subscribers can get an additional monthly charge attached to this. But, these additions would rarely go beyond 50-60 levs (25-35euros) monthly. 

Subscribers in Bulgaria have recently enjoyed the free installation charges. Communication and connection while in Bulgaria, become even more interesting with the assurance that a customer may be offered a free Wi-Fi router. All that a person needs to do is agree to sign a 1–2-year contract with their respective providers. 

Public internet access in Bulgaria 

Well Bulgaria’s degree of development and growth is worth noting and most big cities are experiencing a huge increase in the number of Wi-Fi hotspots that are equally cheaper. In Bulgaria subscribers who enjoy internet café or a club are sorted through the numerous available free Wi-Fi hotspots. These hotspots are cheaper and more convenient as compared to a prepaid dial-up card. 

The convenience that comes with connecting to the internet from a mobile phone in Bulgaria is also something worth noting from its increased popularity. This however, comes with some minimal disadvantages of low speed and somewhat costly. All is not lost though, there is an option of obtaining an internet connection via a TV cable since the fibre optic cable connections come with price offers that are slightly cheaper than an ADSL connection. 

Broadband and Modems in Bulgaria

It’s quite an interesting chapter on the internet technology face in Bulgaria with the introduction of broadband connection. With these three types of broadband connections available, internet access in Bulgaria remains to be quite promising.

  1. An asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL)
  2. An integrated services digital network (ISDN) line
  3. Mobile broadband connection

ADSL comes with a faster speed while ISDN is mostly convenient for businesses with private internal networks and are very expensive for the local subscribers. 

It is also good news and a relief for the modem users with the fact that if your modem works in Europe or even has a CE label, then it is obvious it will definitely work in Bulgaria.

Visiting and residing in Bulgaria is very interesting given the fact that the Bulgarian telecommunication companies offer very affordable prices for very convenient and good Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, the historical fact that Bulgaria was the last in the EU to take up mobile broadband usage in 2011, is not an issue since the market has rapidly grown.