Mobile phone subscription in Belgium

Mobile phone subscription in Belgium

You are arriving in Belgium for the first time from whichever country of the world, so many odds must be overcome from language barrier, culture shock, new environment, struggle to belong and many more. While we agree that Belgium is generally welcoming to foreigners and do everything to make them feel at home, this may not be enough to take away the confusion and anxiety.

I can imagine the extent of curiosity and anxiety that the people back at home have. They eagerly wait for your communication about how the new land is just like it may interest you to tell it to them. It is at this point that it becomes clearer the necessity of a reliable and cost-effective mobile phone services.

Mobile phone subscription in Belgium is a must have for visitors and residents alike

Over and above the need to get a job, housing. Making new friends et cetera, acquiring a local phone number should be a priority. It is the mobile phone services that will facilitate your communication needs within Belgium and back home.

Acquiring a local sim-card in Belgium is as easy and simple as walking into any office and asking for one. Though it is important to note that Belgian telecon companies usually don’t offer regular phone subscription that lasts more than six months. Therefore, if you have moved in Belgium for the first time it is much in order for you to opt for prepaid and rechargeable sim cards.

Popular Mobile service Operators in Belgium

Telecommunication services in Belgium is advanced. You can imagine that Brussels is the seat of power for the EU commission. This alone is enough indication of how much connectivity this country enjoys in the EU map.

Residents and visitors in Belgium have a wide array of mobile phone services providers to choose from. At a personal level, every person has a particular goal or liking for a service provider but at the very least, reliability and cost effectiveness stand out prominently among the determinants of which one will bests serve your interests.

Here is a list of some of the popular companies that offer customers with mobile phone services.

  • Proximus
  • Orange
  • Base
  • Mobile Vikings
  • Telenet
  • Scarlet
  • Ello Mobile

Everyone has an opportunity to first compare the services and packages that each of the key mobile phone operators in Belgium offers before settling on the best. You can quickly look at this matrix of comparison of the mobile services today.

A-Z on places you can get a prepaid Simcard in Belgium

Where to get these sims, cards is no longer a challenge, we got you covered and now you can visit or go to the following areas to get your sim card.

1.      Online Sim Card Registration in Belgium

There are links provided online for you to access your SIM cards all you need to do is to carefully follow the procedure. You will receive your SIM card in your address within two working days. It is still not enough when you receive your sim card as you are still required to go to the sim card store with your passport or alternatively your ID card so that you can activate the card in readiness for use.

2.      In store purchasing of sim card in Belgium

This looks much easier because you only need to walk into the orange stores with your passport or ID and in a few minutes, you will get a ready to use Belgium mobile phone number with SMS, Call credit and data directly available for you.

How To Recharge Your Simcard in Belgium?

You need to keep communication moving therefore your discard need to be recharged. The followingareas could help you recharge your sim card.

In store top-up cards in Belgium

You can walk into the supermarkets or press shops in Belgium to obtain your recharge tickets. In each and every ticket there are series of numbers provided that you only dial to recharge your sim card. For example, your given a sim card and directed to dial #125*your series of numbers and then you press the calling button.

Benefits of Using Prepaid Sim-Card in Belgium

There are a number of advantages of using prepaid sim-cards in Belgium and its time everyone explores and enjoys these benefits.

1. One need not to terminate the prepaid contracts when going back home.

2. Free sim-cards are offered in case one loses their mobile phones or incase your mobile phone is stolen it is replaced for free.

3. No bank account is needed to access a prepaid card.

4. Prepaid cards can be recharged whenever one wants to [no monthly payment]

Which is the most preferred sim card in Belgium?

Orange sim-card is said to be the best in Belgium in 2021 for any one moving in for the first time. This is because it is cheaper compared to other discards and its also reliable in terms of network coverage.

For just (-10($12) you get 4GB data and 50 minutes valid all over Europe and you can still convert those minutes into another 8.5 GB Data if you want to. Therefore, when making comparison about which sim-card to use, orange is still the best.

How to order for a new Sim Card in Belgium

As a residential customer or an end user, you can apply for a new multy format SIM card at one of the nearest orange shops. Your card will be activated in a few minutes or hours so you can get started with your device

Another way you can order for your simcard is by ordering for it online in your customer zone that is if you are a fleet manager. You order your device in just a few mouse clicks under the “device” tab in your working zone and it will arrive in two working days. This is much easier and it is also entirely free of charge.

Saving Contacts on Your Belgian Sim-Card

You just received your sim-card and now wondering how to save your contacts. The following guidelines will help you save your contacts on your sim-card.

  • Having a smart phone is an added advantage because you only save your contacts by synchronizing or copying the data on your mobile to another device be it a tablet or a computer.
  • There is also an option of Mr. sim which you can use to copy your contacts into a new SIM card.
  • You can also use online solutions provided for you to save data for example the Gmail account.
  • Lastly you can copy the contacts on your SIM card to your mobile or smartphone.

The Cost of Purchasing Sim Cards in Belgium

There is no standard prices or costs for purchasing sim cards in Belgium as it varies from one provider to another. The purpose for the sim cards also varies from one person to another.

 If you’re buying it for business use then it might be slightly higher than when you purchase it for private use like making calls. The choice on what sim card to purchase entirely depends on an individual and its important to ensure you meet all the costs.