Internet Subscription in the Republic of Cyprus 

Internet Subscription in the Republic of Cyprus 

Are you moving to Cyprus or just visiting? You are in for the time of your life. As a modern European nation Cyprus offers visitors and natives raw beauty thanks to its landscapes. The Island is also rich in experiences that are likely to make your stay nothing if not divine. You are likely to get enchanted by it and who knows, you might decide to stay permanently. 

Whatever the case, you are going to need a good internet connection to stay connected. Otherwise, your photos of the beautiful scenery and selfies will go to waste. Others including your friends and family are going to share this experience with you even if just on social media. You’ll need to gather as much information as possible on internet subscription in Cyprus. Let’s explore your options to find the best internet provider. 

Overview of Internet Subscription in Cyprus

The first thing you need to know is that Cyprus currently ranks 35th in the world in terms of digital quality of life (DQL). The country is characterized by an excellent internet quality including mobile internet speed. Cyprus has an approximate mobile internet speed of 63.18 Mbps. 

Like other European countries, IT has great internet service providers. The difference is that the cost of living here is fairly lower than these other countries. So you can expect to spend a fairly lower amount for an internet subscription than what you might be used for. The largest and most popular internet provider in Cyprus is the Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA). 

CYTA is owned by the state so it controls nearly all telecommunication in Cyprus. Other providers also exist and work tirelessly to meet all your internet needs. It will be easy for you to get a good provider with great service. The providers offer several bundled solutions available to you. You can blend telephone, internet and TV. And don’t worry because you’ll find them very affordable. 

The prices and speed will however, differ depending on your internet needs. The internet providers in this country offer a variety of services.  You’ll find anything ranging from basic internet access to high speed fiber connections or wireless access. You will be able to access the internet in Cyprus through ADSL, Dial-up and Wireless connections. Wireless connections are available for both satellite and mobile internet. 

Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA)

Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA) is the leading service provider in Cyprus. Though the company continues to enjoy returns from millions of subscribers, it faces stiff competition from other providers. By visiting the CYTA website, you can compare the services and prices offers by different internet providers. 

CYTA also gives users access to home internet through installed landlines. All you’ll need to do is contact them through telephone. You can also visit any of their shops. The shops are located in different places countrywide. It won’t be long before you are connected to a high speed internet at a competitive Price. 

Other Internet Providers in Cyprus

Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA) continues to monopolize the telecommunication market in the country. However, other companies have emerged in the recent past. These companies include; PrimeTel, Cablenet, OTEnet Telecom and Omega Telecom

PrimeTel is the second largest after Cyprus Telecommunication Authority. All the internet providers offer different plans and coverage at different prices. Hence, it would be useful to compare before settling on one. All the companies charge registration fees to install their connection. However, as I know you are looking to save costs, you can look out for providers who have a free installation offer. These offers are mostly advertised on the providers’ websites or even on the local press. 

Internet Subscription in the Republic of Cyprus 

Cytanet, PrimeTel and MTN internet providers mostly offer broadband/ADSL Internet connectivity. You only need a phone line to access their services. However, they will also expect you to pay a monthly connection. In some cases you might even find yourself paying a fee for digital television. The good thing is that all the internet providers offer Digital television connection so you don’t have to worry about it. They use wireless modems to provide internet. 

Cablenet and Mobile Internet in Cyprus

The only internet provider that does not require a phone line to connect is Cablenet. Instead they use a coaxial cable.  Immediately after you subscribe, they will install cable giving you access to a variety of telephone, Internet and TV packages. The only downside is that they cover a smaller service area compared to Cytanet and PrimeTel.

The tricky part about staying connected on this island is that mobile internet is generally only available in cities and suburban areas. So if you are staying in a rural area you can expect to have limited 3G and 4G coverage. Your mobile data will likely jump back to GPRS, which is an inferior and much slower network. Cyta, MTN and PrimeTel are the main mobile internet providers in Cyprus. The other providers mostly piggy-back on their network.

Internet Cafés in Cyprus

There are many Internet Cafés in Cyprus. These would be effective for you if you are only in Cyprus for a short while. Most establishments will ask you to pay a fee upfront. The fee normally costs between €1 and €2.50. You can also access other services such as printing, photocopying, scanning and telephone services in the cafes.