Credit Cards in the Republic of Cyprus

Credit Cards in the Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus may not be such a popular destination to internationals but those who have been there knows the gem hidden in its great cities. Visitation to places like Paphos and the great Nicosia is nothing new for foreigners and residents, who love good wine and a walk along the island shores. With the current financial instability, money inadequacy is something normal in Cyprus. Walking head high with a debit card to make purchases only to realize zero money is embarrassing. Thus, the need to try credit cards.

A credit card refers to a plastic card issued by banks to enable the holder to borrow funds within a pre-set credit limit. The card can pay for goods and services. The amount of credit card limit depends on the ability to repay, which is determinable through, good credit scores and steady income.

Major Bank Issuers of Credit Cards in the Republic of Cyprus

A foreigner visiting Cyprus for the first time might be stuck on where to start in the search for credit cards. Below are recommendable banks that issue credit cards in the country.

Euro Bank

Euro Bank issues credit cards for personal and business use in Cyprus. The Euro bank Cyprus visa cards have contactless chip and pin technology that enhance the security and safety of card transactions. Visa Account Updater in Euro bank Visas, enables the secure electronic exchange of updates between the bank and the merchant. Visit, Euro bank Cyprus Banking Centre.

Alpha Bank

Alpha Bank is one of the leading banking and financial institutions in Greek. It has been operational since 1988. Alpha bank issues credit with bonus awards depending on the type. It has swift customer service agents, in all cities in Cyprus. They offer gold Alpha bank Visa, Silver Alpha bank Visa, Alpha bank Cashback MasterCard, and Eagan Visa. Enjoy using the Cashback Master card to make purchases in any shop, and dance to earning 0.5 percent of the value on every purchase.

Hellenic Bank

Hellenic Bank has a base in Cyprus but extensively operates branches in Greece and some parts of Russia. It offers Visas and MasterCard. Visa blue credit is one of the credit cards they issue. Why should you consider Visa blue credit cards? Moreover, the bank has an interest-free period if the cardholder settles the bill within a month. Come to think of purchase protection insurance and the free travel that visa blue cards offer.

How safe is it to use a credit card in the Republic of Cyprus?

Safety begins with you. Cases of card fraud and petty theft are rare here. Although anyone can freely use their plastic cards in Cyprus, personal precautions are vital in ugly scenarios. For instance, you should ensure that you keep your account number private. When using your card in public, you should ensure that no one sees your can number. You can even cover it using one of your hands when making payments.  

Even though mugging and card cloning cases are unusual in Cyprus, always keep your card in sight. Typically know where it is. You might drop it along the streets or lose the baggage carrying it. The hotel deposit boxes and room safes have been targets lately for petty thieves. You cannot imagine the shock of losing the card after picking up commodities at the shop, to realize that it is gone.

Consider using ATM or Visa within a bank. Have you heard of cases such as ATMs swallowing cards? They are common on bad days. It is easier to retrieve your card through the bank than back street ATMs. However, if you use the ATMs in the streets, ensure they have devices attached to the reader and a cash return slot for easy card retrievals.

The Acceptance of Credit Cards in the Republic of Cyprus

With the well-established banking systems in Cyprus, using credit cards is no big deal. Major towns and tourist sites in the country widely accept the use of Visa and MasterCard. However, American Express and Maestro use unpopular.

 Foreigners visiting Cyprus should be aware of deductions such as Merchant currency conversion fees, foreign transaction fees, and cash advance fees when using credit cards in the Republic of Cyprus. Always carry cash in case local shops and businesses never use credit cards.

The Benefits of Using Credit Cards in the Republic of Cyprus

Did you know that you could pay as you earn with credit cards? It means that you earn smart points in return by making domestic and international purchases using credit cards. The smart points accumulatively help in making purchases on commodities.

In the local regions of Cyprus, you can be limited in using credit cards such as visas. It is good to know that you can withdraw cash and repay in monthly installments by using the cash advance feature. The transaction is not free; it charges a cash advance fee.

Many Cypriots are anxious about the price of cinema tickets, especially in the Northern regions. Take it easy. By frequent use of the Credit card, you are increasing the chances of a fifty percent discount on cinema tickets. Explore the cinemas with less worry. Therefore, successful visits to Cyprus require enough cash alongside credit cards.

Moreover, in the Republic of Cyprus, credit cards are important when traveling. This is since the top hotels and rental firms do need a hold on debit or credit cards in making reservations. The procedure does take several days. Also, the cards may increase one’s purchasing power. This is possible since credit cards offer one with the required funds when needed.

Credit cards offer safety. Some of the providers do provide fraud alerts in serving as a safety net. For instance, when there is a potential fraud activity, you will be alerted through text messages, email, and phone calls. In case it is true that it is fraudulent, then it will be stopped. Also, since credit cards are not linked to savings or checking accounts, it is less risky for one to gain access to money in the accounts.