Housing and Rental in the Republic of Cyprus

Housing and Rental in the Republic of Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is well known for its fantastic climate that really goes down well with immigrants from tropical climates. So, it is not surprising that you could be interested to live in or already living there. You will not need a heating system in Cyprus because of its friendly climate. This is one of the reasons it stands out as a leading tourist destination. The beautiful views, historic sites, and outstanding culture make this unsuspecting island worth visiting. Housing plays a key role when in Cyprus. Whether a citizen or a foreigner you need a place to live. Thus, there is a need to get housing in the Republic of Cyprus.

To successfully rent or buy a property in Cyprus, consider the budget you are working with. It is the budget that will determine the type of property you will get. Or else, you can decide the type of property you want and then accumulate the amount to pay for the property.

If you are intending to settle down, Cyprus should top your list. It has everything anyone wishes for a home. It is not a surprise that houses a cheaper in Cyprus than in other European countries. What continues to attract more people is the country’s low-interest rates.

Buy or Rent a House in the Republic of Cyprus

When in Cyprus you may not be sure whether buying or renting is the best decision. This can be quite confusing for sure. However, it all depends on what you want and the availability of funds. Each of the two has its own advantages and disadvantages. Why not look at them and then make a decision?

Renting in the Republic of Cyprus

You may not know this but those living in Cyprus find renting a home the best decision. The reason is you will find a house to rent within your financial standards. When renting, you get to choose whether to rent for a short or a long period.

Renting works out excellently because as a tenant you will not bother about repairs. If anything breaks down, the landlord should sort it out. This includes maintenance also. Because the house is not yours when renting, you can decide to vacate and explore other areas.

Renting a house in Cyprus comes with its drawbacks. The property owner can decide to hike the rent or even put up the property for sale. You are also not free to bring your pets to live with you as you would desire. Some landlords limit the number of people living with you.

Buying a house in the Republic of Cyprus

If you fancy living in Cyprus permanently, buying a house is the best option. As long as you choose the best location, you will never regret the decision. Cyprus is a country with beautiful places that you can choose to call home.

Buying a house in Cyprus is a great investment. The downside is the cost. It is pretty expensive to purchase a house in this small country. The best part is you can take a payday loan to make a down payment for the house. With that, you will be on the safe side knowing you have possession of the home.

With your own home, you can make any changes you wish to. You can invite as many people as you wish without any restrictions. It is the freedom that comes withing owning a home that makes it all worth it.

Types of Rental Housing in the Republic of Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus provides several rental options. This makes it easier for the tenant to choose the renting option that works out best. Let us look at the different rent options

Short-term Rental Housing in the Republic of Cyprus

If you are on vacation in Cyprus, you may be looking for a villa or apartment for short period. This may be a few weeks or a few months. It is also a great option than staying in a hotel. You get to save and live in a more convenient place.

Start by going online to choose the kind of apartment you want. Then contact the landlord who will ask for a deposit and payment once you arrive. Don’t worry because you will receive your deposit when leaving.

Daily Rental

You may want to rent a house for a few days. This means you do not want to stay for long. The best way to handle this is to find a reliable real estate agency. The agency will give you the available houses and the rates. Normally charges for daily rent in Cyprus are between 30 to 50 euros. Comfortable housing will cost 80 euros per day or more.

Most of the time, renting a house via the daily rent option is online. You have to search remotely through the photos. You can also get ideas through reviews from previous guests. The landlord receives the deposit either when you arrive or you make payment online.

Long-term Rental Housing in the Republic of Cyprus

In Cyprus, long-term rental option mostly applies to its citizens or people planning to stay in Cyprus for a long period. This is a long-term rental contract between the landlord and the tenant. This option is an indication that you are not planning to leave anytime soon.

When choosing this option, the rental prices will depend on the area of your choice. The busiest cities come with pretty high rental prices. Nevertheless, you can still find an affordable house in a city you like. Work with a real estate agent to find a house that meets your taste but is still within your budget.

The process of renting a house in Cyprus is not complicated. Before you know it, you will be comfortably resting in your house. The landlord or the agency provides you with the contract. After that, you pay the deposit plus the monthly rent. To obtain a residence permit you have to provide the signed contract.