Internet Subscription in Romania

Internet Subscription in Romania

A visit or life in Romania can never be boring especially for those who know what treasures to look up for. Average visitors to Romania know way too well where and how to make real their adventurous escapades. If you are coming for the first time to Romania and have no idea on places to visit, just turn to the internet. Search the famous Bran castle near Brasov. It is at this castle where Dracula lived. By this alone, I guess you can begin to see how having an internet subscription in Romania will ease your life as a visitor or a long term resident in the country. 

A search on the internet will also tell you other exciting places worth visiting including the Turda salt mines, monasteries, and beautiful landscape sceneries from the Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea. All these factors make Romania famous. Also, if you are a lover of literature and particularly love poems, you might have heard of Evening Star, the world’s longest poem. This romantic Romanian piece written by Mihai Eminescu in 1845 has 98 stanzas. You can visit the Bucharest Great Library in Romania to access copies of the original script. I know various other places in Romania will amuse you because it is one of the countries with beautiful and refreshing places in history. 

A reliable internet in Romania counts for a lot

For visitors or foreigners having a fun and adventurous visit in Romania, I believe you may want to take pictures and share them with your family and friends in other places. If you are lucky to sweep a beautiful Romanian damsel off her feet and she agrees to join you on the trip, then you need an internet connection to post her and make friends envy you, probably to drool about her curvaceous and sporty gait.  You may also want to post them on Facebook or Instagram to have more likes and comments. In this light, you do not have to worry about connectivity. Romania will move you closer to your desires as it is one of the countries with the fastest secured internet connection. In short, the better internet connection in Romania makes life in that region more adventurous and enjoyable. 

General about Internet Service in Romania

Romania is one of the countries where you will enjoy an internet connection. It has the fastest established internet network speed. It also has the cheapest internet services with a 1 Gbit/s internet network peddled for about 8 euros monthly. While in Romania, you will get over 18.8 million networks to the internet. It will make your browsing and other internet access more accessible, like streaming movies from Netflix. Also, Romania holds the 10th position worldwide based on the standard Internet climax connection speed of 85 Mbit/s.

Romania is known for its modern communication facilities that can help you with ease of internet services. It will not be surprising that most people, even children, have internet access. The better part is that the country’s internet services are extensively competitive. It makes most of the service providers aim to escalate their market. You need not worry about innovative internet packages or coverage as they are taken care of for you. 

Internet Service Providers in Romania

Internet service in Romania is competitive. Most of the service providers have their connectivity and comprehensive coverage. Also, some have less expensive packages that can accommodate your internet needs. As much as Romania has various internet service providers, there are major ones. They are Orange, Vodafone, Digi Communications, and Telekom. These service operators provide contract and prepaid services. With internet service contracts, it will be easier for you to access most internet services like web hosting, domain registration, and email. You will be lucky enough to have other internet connections like fibre and cable. 


If you need a service provider with a 3G or 3G+ service of up to 43.2 Mbit/s speed, Orange is your network. Those in the cities are in a better place to enjoy this. However, the rural parts of the country also have Orange internet connectivity of up to 21.6 Mbit/s. The good news is that from 2014, Orange offers were upgraded. You can subscribe for 4G and 4G+ with access to up to 300 Mbit/s to browse, text, or make calls. 


Vodafone is the first GSM network in Romania. In the cities, you can also use 3G or 3G+ with a speed of 21.6 Mbit/s. Vodafone was the first provider to implement a 4G subscription, and now you can enjoy up to 150Mbit/s. Vodafone keeps getting interesting as it launched its new technology in 2014 called Supernet 4G. It is also referred to as 4G+, and you can have an internet speed of 300Mbit/s. With Vodafone, you will have the fastest internet of LTE services.  

Digi Communications

Digi Communications is also called RCS & RDS. It is used in Romania, Italy, Hungary, and Spain. While using Digi communications, you can subscribe to wired internet with free 3G service. Also, you can promote national roaming for data and voice as the operator has comprehensive coverage. However, for places where Digi communications are not accessible, you can consider the Vodafone provider. Digi communications also announced its most significant achievement in 2015 as it guaranteed its users 4G services in 25 cities in the country. 


Telekom also has better internet connectivity in Romania. But internet connectivity is better in the cities with 3G than in rural places that mainly access 2G. Telekom offers its starter packages in any of its stores. Here, you can get the recharged Telekom cards. However, not all Telekom shops avail prepaid cards. You can also get data and voice services. 

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