Internet Subscription in Portugal

Internet Subscription in Portugal

Portugal is not your ordinary country and anyone planning a visit to this amazing destination probably knows about this. Just to mention, the legendary soccer player of our time Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese. A visitor in Portugal needs to get the best internet connection to watch this player doing his magic at the Premier League. If not to watch soccer, internationals in Portugal just like locals will need to have internet for the many reasons that it brings. To visit that social media platform you are fond of-be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok and the rest, internet connection is key. 

The need for internet connection and information about available offers become even more critical for those looking ahead to stay in Portugal longer. With the decision for longer residence in Portugal comes the need to rent an apartment and get an internet subscription. If you are single, it is also such an internet that will give the best chances at connecting and mingling with possible matches in Portugal. A combination of a good internet service and mobile phone subscription in Portugal gives expats just like locals in the country an all round heads-up. 

Shining the light on what Portugal offers to internationals 

Portugal has a rich history and culture as it is one of the oldest nations in the world. I recommend you visit various areas in Portugal, such as the world’s largest cork forest and the beaches. Lisbon is also a fantastic place to explore in Portugal as it has the oldest working bookstore globally. I cannot forget that Portugal is one of the best places globally to retire. Portugal’s tax incentives and low cost of living attract retirees from various regions globally to settle and enjoy their retirement period. 

All these privileges in Portugal make more sense if there is a super connection for communication. People can communicate about the sites and places they would like to visit. If you are a foreigner, you can also communicate with the people in Portugal about how you can access the region. Today the best way of communicating from different parts of the world is through the internet. You will need a reliable internet service to remain connected in Portugal.

Internet Services in Portugal

You can expect to have internet services in Portugal at any given time. Portugal is among the few countries in Europe with almost full internet scope within its borders. While in Portugal, you can access a high internet speed of 1 Gbit/s. However, you can have a standard service provider of around 350 Mbit/s. Portugal has fair internet rates that help many people using internet devices communicate or link with their families and friends. 

In Portugal, you will enjoy a remarkably better internet network as fibre is readily available across various parts of the country. The internet service in Portugal is highly competitive. This is good news for most service providers as they can grow their market shares. In this case, your internet connectivity in Portugal should not be a problem. 

Internet Service Providers

Internet connectivity is accessible throughout Portugal due to the availability of fibre optics. Its speed and coverage are better than most of the European countries. At least two providers guarantee rates of up to 1 GBPS or 1000 megabytes per second. The options and rates are reliant on the location. At times they are specific about the location of your apartment or house. You can have a high internet speed in a particular post or area code, but it may not necessarily be accessible on our property. Portugal relies on some major internet service providers like Vodafone, MEO, and NOS. You will be better off using these service providers. They offer SIM cards and mobile phone contracts with the best deals to help you save money. 

Vodafone in Portugal

Vodafone serves beyond Portugal’s borders in more than 22 countries worldwide. It has its headquarters in London. It is majorly famous in European countries. So if you are in Europe and need to connect with family and friends, Vodafone can work best for you. With an internet network availability of 2G, 3G, and 4G, Vodafone has good coverage. For this reason, you can easily access other networks across the world.

Vodafone operations in Portugal include the network operations centre, internet of things, and television hubs. These relatively affordable packages have high rates that make internet connectivity using Vodafone more interesting. 


Do you need the most innovative internet service provider? MEO is your best with 5G mobile broadband, pay TV, and telephony services. You can access all the latest movies and entertainment channels at affordable costs from the massive catalogue that MEO provides. 

MEO’s 5G will help you transform your day within Portugal. It has a new mobile network for enhancing fast uploads and downloads, sharing, and streaming. You can also communicate with your friends, colleagues, and family the fastest way possible. Maximum reliability and security are also guaranteed to limit cases of fraud and other internet hacks. 


In Portugal, NOS internet service provider has four data strategies that offer payment with loading plans, data add-ons, monthly internet packages, and Kangaroo Tariffs. Payments with loading plans provide combo bundles with data but not 5G. It also provides minutes and message data. You will not have a problem calling and texting using this operator. Here, you will have monthly internet packages with free calls and SMS, but the internet connectivity will not be 5G accessible. Also, if you are not a heavy internet user, NOS has services that cost €30 per month or €15 for 15 days. You can use this when you are out and about, away from home, with a router.