Mobile Subscription in Romania 

Mobile Subscription in Romania 

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the story of Count Dracula or Transylvania but these are examples of things Romania is famous for. While visiting or living in Romania, you will have access to its legendary mountains and rich History. I would also recommend visiting the many castles in the country. You could also explore its amazing architecture, which is a perfect blend of old and new. Just in case I digressed, this piece is dedicated to everything about mobile phone subscription in Romania. Of course, someone may also be interested to know about Dating in Romania and many other interesting topics. 

However, before you get to experience all these, you are likely in a rush to connect with your friends and family back home. You also need a fast way to remain in touch with your new friends in Romania. International roaming can be quite costly if you are on a budget. You will need a reliable mobile service in Romania. 

Mobile Phone Services in Romania

While in Romania, you can expect to have access to some of the most advanced and modern communication amenities. What’s more, it’s relatively easy to subscribe to a mobile phone service in the country. It has some of the world’s highest rates of mobile phone penetration. So, don’t be surprised to find even young children with a device. 

The country relies on a GSM network to connect to mobile phone services so your phone will most likely work in the country. The good news for you is that Romania’s mobile service market is highly competitive. The providers are scrambling to increase their market share. So you can be sure that they have some innovative packages and plans for you. To some extent, you can also expect most of them to have good coverage. 

Mobile Phone Service Providers in Romania 

The mobile service industry in Romania is not only liberalized but also very competitive. The major providers have their own networks while the virtual ones piggy back on available networks. However, just because they are small and without their own networks does not mean that their services are low quality. You will find they have pretty much the same coverage as the larger companies. Besides, some of them have affordable packages that might best suit your needs. 

Though Romania has many mobile service providers, there are four major players in the market. They include; Orange, Vodafone, Telekom and Digi Mobil. All the providers offer prepaid and mobile contract services. However, prepaid SIM cards are the easiest and fastest to get. They are also ideal if you are not planning to stay in Romania for Long. 

The mobile phone contracts are more ideal for expats who use their phones frequently to text, call or browse. Also, if you are going to stay in Romania for long, you are better off with a phone contract. However, both options have packages that include calls, data and SMS in one plan. The contract packages are cheaper in the long run but less flexible. With a prepaid card, you can pay as you go so you will be limited to your budget or willingness to pay. 


Vodafone is an international provider that has its headquarters in London. Currently, it operates in more than 22 countries. It is a popular choice in most European countries so if you are planning to travel, this is the operator for you. They offer both prepaid and mobile contract service. With a subscription to the Vodafone network in Romania, you are assured of a good network coverage. You can make calls and browse from anywhere in the country without worrying about the connectivity.  

It is also a popular choice in Romania because of its relatively affordable rates and hybrid packages. Among its popular packages is the Vodafone România Flex. It is a flexible package that allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. It is also an ideal package for expats on a budget because it is very affordable. 


If you are looking for a provider with the best coverage then you should go for Orange. It is known in Romania as the provider with the best mobile network. It also has the fastest fixed network so you can also subscribe to their services for your home internet. 

Their prepaid SIM cards can be purchased from many newsstands or Orange shops for a relatively affordable fee or Online. At the moment, you can get the €5 SIM which comes pre-loaded with a €6 credit including 300 minutes of voice, unlimited domestic text and 4 GB of data. The card can be recharged from orange outlets or through electronic top-ups online.  


Telekom has good network coverage all over Romania. However, many rural areas can only access 2G and 4G networks with this provider. You can get the Telekom starter pack from any Telekom store. Here, you will get it for free but it won’t have any credit. So you could get it for €5 with the same credit. Similarly, the cards can be recharged in any store throughout the country. You should also know that not all Telekom stores will offer you the prepaid starter packs. However, you can ask the store employees to direct you to a store that does sell them. The Telekom voice and data prepaid SIM card is popularly known as Cartela Telekom.