Heating and Electricity in Malta

Heating and Electricity in Malta

Malta is a popular destination for adventure seekers and merry makers. In fact,  newly wedded couples also envy the possibility of consummating their matrimony in this small yet beautiful island country. Honeymoon in Malta could just be what new lovers need to cheer up their spirit before setting up for the roller coaster of marriage life. While it remains a dream destination for many, nobody may tell you that winters in the country can be so cold which makes it a struggle to actually keep warm.

Just for laughs, even the heat of love among new couples in the country can not be enough to fend off the piercing winter cold. One way or the other, one needs to have a functional indoor heating to keep warm and comfortable. So whether you are living in Malta for the longest time or just checked into your hotel room, it would be necessary to learn about heating and electricity in Malta. These two utilities will make your stay in Malta much more stress free and highly memorable.  

Hints about house heating options during the winter season

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Malta being a great tourist destination in Europe famed for its Megalithic temples and breathtaking landscapes requires that everyone coming must always mark the season. Among other reasons that make people visit the archipelago is its rich and remarkable history. The country whose capital city is Valletta is also known for its special honey. And locals say that the name Malta means honey. 

Getting to know deeply about the seasons in Malta

One of the questions that people usually ask when planning a tour or official visit to a new country is about climatic conditions. People also ask about heating and electricity in case the temperatures are extremely cold. The climatic conditions of Malta are similar to that of the Mediterranean region. Meaning that it is cold and rainy during winter. 

Winters in Malta are generally mild unlike other countries far north, the temperature is relatively favorable compared to sub-zero temperatures in Nordic countries. But one must never just feel cozy and ignore the need for house heating and electricity. The island is small and affected by strong winds which keeps shifting the temperatures by the minute or second.  A mild temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius can be spiked by cold winds that bring humidity from the sea. The resultant cold can chill one to the bone.Apart from heating, electricity is needed to light homes, for entertainment among many other uses.

The Maltese are known for their love to bundle up, cozy up, and warm up. Their homes are set up to embrace winter. Warm air will envelop you from atop the route bus to the inside of every self-dignified building. Their cafeterias and restaurants have warm air conditioners. But how can one get connected to electricity? How can one get a heating system?

How to get Electricity Connection in Malta

There is no natural gas distribution network in Malta. Electricity and bottled gas are supplied by Enemalta.  To get connected, one needs to fill in the appropriate form for electricity supply. The form is available online (PDF). A completed form should be sent to the following address:


P.O. Box 63

Marsa MRS 1000

ARMS in full stands for Automated Revenue Management Services. It is the company that collects revenue for utility firms in the country.

Alternatively, the form can be taken to one of the two ARMS customer service centers,

Gattard House

National Road, Blata I-Bajda, Malta

ARMS Office 

Triq ta’ Wara s-Sur, Victoria, Gozo

Both offices are open to the public from Monday to Friday during official working hours

Electricity Rates in Malta

Tires for electricity vary depending on the number of users in a building. In addition, there are two tariffs for electricity including the domestic electricity tariff  and residential tariff. The former is considerably higher than the former.Residents of Malta are qualified for the lower and more beneficial ‘residential’ tariff if the electricity is changed into their name when leasing a property. They should ensure that when signing the tenancy agreement contract, the method of paying the electricity bills is stipulated.

Property owners in Malta are not obliged by law to switch the electricity meter to the name of the tenant. The switch can only be made with agreement from both parties. A deposit is payable (refundable when switching back) to change the residential electricity rate.

Various Alternatives for House Heating in Malta

As discussed before, house heating is the only way to stay out of cold temperatures during winter. Apart from electricity, several alternatives can be used to warm house air to an ambient level. These include wood-burning stoves, kerosene heaters, gas, aircon, roof insulation, underfloor heating, oil-fired central heating, and solar.

While choosing which source of heat to use, one should consider the pros and cons of each of the alternatives.