Mobile Phone Subscription in Germany

Mobile Phone Subscription in Germany

As a newcomer to Germany a Mobile Subscription is possibly the first thing you will look for. In this article we will show you how and where you can get best Mobile Phone Subscription.

Mobile phone Service Providers in Germany

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There are many mobile phone service providers in Germany that anyone can freely choose from. We here provide a list of well known ones which require individual assessment to take. Remember, it’s all a free market of willing subscribers, willing service providers.

  • WeTell
  • O2
  • Vodafone
  • Telekom
  • Lebara
  • Blau
  • Freenetmobile
  • BILDconnect

But if you are bringing your phone to Germany, ensure that you have it unlocked before your arrival. If not then be ready to accept the fact that you will not be able to use it while in Germany. German mobile phone plans are somehow picky to accept foreign gadgets.

To so many, coming to Germany is a great ambition and dream that may never actualize. But, a good number of people get the luck to cross borders and start life in Germany for whatever reasons. It’s actually a nice experience to be part of the community that forms the largest economy in continental Europe. As many active residents as new immigrants to Germany face certain realities each day. Among the issues that people will experience in a day to day life in Germany is the need to know about heating and electricity supply, lenders, internet access and more.

Being the largest economy in Europe, employment opportunities are cutting across almost all sectors. The service, research, engineering, business, energy, education, and the most important of them all is the ICT are greatly stable. It is such a pleasure to learn that the German Deutschland has opened its wings to embrace international thronging the country for various reasons. 

Making initial Footsteps for a living in Germany

As an international coming into Germany for the first time, of course there is that desire that clogs your mind to want to communicate to people back home. You want to give them an update regarding your safe arrival into a totally new place as you chit chat about the discoveries you have made so far. But whether you are new here or not, a mobile phone would be just as important as the satisfaction gained from a special afternoon nap.

There is so much love to be shared as you try to socialise to perfectly fit in here in Germany. You never know, you may already stumble on a flower as you grace romance from love on the first sight. You want to communicate, chat, talk and share some love just before shutting your eyes for a peaceful night sleep. But how? You will need to have a mobile phone, subscribe and feel cosy.

How Does Mobile Phone Subscription Work in Germany?

Just like it is a norm in many other countries in the world, if you are an international or an expat living in Germany it is normal that you want to communicate. Friends, family, and associates will be eager to hear news from you as starting anew in a new place is never a piece of cake. Well, you will have no choice but buy yourself a prepaid SIM card or take out a contract “Handyvertrag”.

Getting over your mobile subscription plans in Germany

There are very many mobile operators who offer very flexible pay-as-you-go plans. With such an offer available, customers who top up their prepaid SIM cards regularly have the ability of receiving free texts, data and calls. 

Mobile Phone Plans Available for you in Germany 

While in Germany you should expect to have some mobile phone services which would take shape like the ones back home. However, this is not always the case as and here is clear cut on what is in store for you while in Germany. 

Prepaid/Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Plan

In order to log onto this mobile phone plan, you will have to purchase yourself a SIM card and activate it first. What it means for you further is that you will be required to top up your account to access the calling, texting, and mobile data services. 

With this system, as a mobile subscriber in Germany, you are not tied to any binding contract with any mobile phone operator. Once your airtime has been depleted, then the services all stop unless you were on some promotional offer. You can top up your credit by buying your subscription from a local store, supermarket, or possibly online. Germany being a technologically well vast state, mobile banking is at the top of its operation. Most people would top up online using mobile banking possibilities.

Post Paid Contract

If you have plans of staying in Germany for a very long time, then this would be the best mobile phone plan for you. Usually, you would commit to either a 12- or 24-months contract with your preferred mobile phone provider. Your bill will be sent to you in due course but may also incur some more charges. Some mobile phone service providers may require you to purchase a phone with them which forms part of your contract. This is what is commonly termed a “bundled contract”.

SIM Only Contract in Germany

What happens in this sort of plan is that you get to make an order for a SIM card to go with your already existing mobile phone. All you will need is to therefore sign a contract for a specified mobile plan. Your actual expenditure is billed to you after you have completed your use. In Germany such contracts are synonymous with more flexible conditions.

SIM Card Options for You in Germany 

The overall cost of mobile phone plans in Germany are split along the line of some key aspects. Monthly base fee, call cost per minute, a flat plan, SMS cost, the price of accessing data plan, and for some the price of the phone. You can either pay for this cost monthly or through a prepaid plan.

When purchasing a German SIM card, you must identify yourself using your official documents. You will have an ID or your passport, your German address which may in this case even be that of your home country. Just make sure it is the right one since a plausibility check will be run.

Factors to Consider when Making your Choice for a Mobile Phone Plan in Germany

Other than the cost of purchasing your mobile phone plan in Germany, you need to also look into some of the following things.

  • The speed of data
  • Network
  • The amount of data that comes with the plan of your choice
  • The availability of flat rates
  • The duration of your contract
  • Volume of data

Before you visit any shop, store, or supermarket to purchase your mobile plans, I would recommend that you check the website and compare prices and offers. Transparency in prices is a key factor.